Catching up on the latest concussion plaintiffs

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The tragic death of Junior Seau, regardless of whether his passing has any connection to brain trauma, will do nothing to stem the tide of former players filing suit against the NFL for concussions, regardless of whether they are truly impaired (and many are) or whether they are simply following Sean Salisbury’s “strength in numbers” recommendation.

Courtesy of, here are the latest developments in the burgeoning suits from former players, which went unnoticed in light of the draft and other developments.

A lawsuit has been filed in Mississippi by a group of players, including Robert Brazile, Fred Smoot (pictured), Marcus Dupree, and Dexter McCleon.

And in Texas, players like Hall of Famers Bob Lilly, Randy Wright, and Rayfield Wright, Super Bowl V MVP Chuck Howley, Lee Roy Jordan, Walt Garrison, and Preston Pearson have filed suit.

The unofficial count of plaintiffs has now exceeded 1,500.  More undoubtedly will join.

9 responses to “Catching up on the latest concussion plaintiffs

  1. another reason I think the hipocracy of the NFLPA is why there was shockingly so much support for the owners during the lockout. Wanting violent hits to stay in the game but also wanting to seemingly reserve the right to later sue the NFL for concussion related problems.

  2. Had all of these players been told of the concussion risks, before they signed NFL Contracts, I believe virtually every one of them would have opted to ” stay & play”, for the money which, every one of them knew,they would never make outside of football.

    I also believe that if, many of these suites go through the courts, win, and result in large settlements against the NFL, these high dollar court cases could bankrupt the League and end Pro Football as we know it and do this for two reasons.1.Insurance Companies would never Underwrite any coverage for the NFL, at any cost, because of the high risk and 2.The negative fallout from these settlements would stop the flow of viable replacement player candidates from the High School through the College ranks.

  3. Man, this is coming to a head. People are saying Junior Seau shot himself in the chest to save his brain for medical study. Could we be witnessing the beginning of the end for the NFL? At the very least, I predict cauldron size helmets stuffed with 6 inches of padding…. cool.

  4. Am I the only person that thinks the concussion suits are absurd? Did they not realize there’s a risk with the game? Of course they did. Its not as if the nfl had knowledge of long term concussion effects and witheld it. The world didn’t know. Regardless…any players that weren’t willing to accept the consequences of getting paid a lot of money to play a game…could have retired at any time and put to use the degrees they got while milking a football scholarship. So now that the nfl is taking over the world like Pinky and the Brain…these reitred guys want a slice of the pie. Period. Not saying there aren’t effects of concussions…just saying the suit is rediculous.

  5. They wont win, they knew the risks. Seau didnt shoot himself to get his brain examined. Easy way to fix though. Make them all sign waivers if they want to play stateing that they know the risks and want to play anyway. No waiver no play.

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