Competing CTE group hopes to study Seau’s brain

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As the family of Junior Seau considers whether to make his brain available for research regarding the existence of Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy, the decision-making process also will include choosing between two separate CTE research groups.

The Sports Legacy Institute at Boston University has made a request, as has the Brain Injury Research Institute, founded by Dr. Bennet Omalu and Dr. Julian Bailes.

Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru of ESPN report that Dr. Omalu, the chief medical officer for San Joaquin County, participated in Seau’s autopsy.  Still, until Seau’s family authorizes that the brain be studied, neither the Sports Legacy Institute nor the Brain Injury Research Institute will be able to take action.

9 responses to “Competing CTE group hopes to study Seau’s brain

  1. No matter what any brain researcher, or plaintiff’s attorney may contend, studying Mr. Seau’s brain will never determine whether any concussion related brain injury caused him to commit suicide. Blaming his death on concussions would only serve to fill the pockets of opportunistic players and their lawyers.

    He was almost certainly depressed, and he likely had a very fragile sense of self worth, able to identify himself only as a football player.

    As crass as it may seem, suicide is a cowardly act, and the media and society in general should stop glorifying the it, as he was no martyr. I have pity for the children he abandoned, not him.

  2. Hopefully you can find a line where you’re not just totally exploiting his death for profit because he was one of the finest human beings being to ever walk this planet and i would really hate to see his death be cheapened by the media.

  3. a CTE group studying his brain. do you think they’ll find CTE ? here’s where politics takes over. high profile football commits suicide, it’s CTE. now we need tax money to study this.

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