Jets get Stephen Hill’s contract done


Stephen Hill was one of the fastest players at the NFL Scouting Combine, and now he’s become one of the fastest players to get his contract signed.

Hill has agreed to a four-year, $5 million contract with the Jets, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports.

A wide receiver from Georgia Tech, Hill was taken by the Jets with the 43rd overall pick in the draft. The Jets were so high on Hill that they gave up their fifth- and seventh-round picks to move up four spots in the second round to select him.

There have now been two draft picks signed in the NFL, and both of them are second-round wide receivers. The other signing was Alshon Jeffery getting a deal done with the Bears.

In the days before the rookie wage scale, contract negotiations often dragged out for months. But the new Collective Bargaining Agreement gives teams and their draft picks very little wiggle room, so there should be plenty more rookie contracts that get done long in advance of the start of training camp.

25 responses to “Jets get Stephen Hill’s contract done

  1. What do you think the chances are that Santurdio already has a VooDoo doll of this kid?

  2. Only if rex and the jets could figure out how to play football and win a superbowl that fast!! All the jets are good for is showing up in the headlines everyday THATS IT!! PATHETIC

  3. exibitsman says:
    May 3, 2012 7:55 PM
    The Jets got a steal when drafted WR STEPHEN HILL GT. HE should. have been a top 10 pic.

    Time and time again there will be guys that show up at the combine and blow away everyone else without necessarily having consistent football stats. If he pans out, the Jets got a steal, if he doesn’t, 4 years/$5 million isn’t a bad trade off for a punt/kick returner.

  4. ampats, usually you’re just annoying and tired. but I must admit, I chuckled on that one. a little.

    Hill has a high level of potential. I like this pick a lot.

  5. Well that’s it, steal of the draft, fastest man in the NFL since Darrell Green, I think they’re going to the Super Bowl.

  6. As a Georgia Tech student and fan, I have seen all of Stephen Hill’s games. And we knew that when he was here that he could really jump, but 40 time was what surprised everyone. Not many guys at that size can run like that. He was a guy whose physical upside overshadowed his college production, and most of us were shocked he declared for the draft just because he was very average in college.

    Yes, he came out of the option offense, so his opportunities were limited, but he has extremely inconsistent hands (one play highlight reel one hander and on the next he drops a sure TD right at his chest). But a reason why he was able to get so wide open and have such a high YPC in college was because opposing defenses were game planning for the run game.

    If he can develop, he’ll be a great wide receiver. But I don’t think the Jets, with their offense in total chaos can effectively develop young wide receivers. Especially not with that awful QB situation. The Jets made a risky pick here (and even in the first round with Coples) and since everyone’s jobs seem to be on the line, I don’t really agree with that strategy for this team. If the rookie class doesn’t contribute much, it goes back to the Ryan and GM, who are the last people that would want a hotter seat.

    TL;DR: Hill is a boom or bust prospect, and I don’t agree with the Jets’ draft strategy

  7. sbellare3 makes a lot of good points. I have to admit that during the draft I was hoping the Vikings would trade up to get Hill. But having learned a bit more about him, outside of the combine footage, I was surprised by all the drops. Not sure that will get better moving up to the NFL. At least not right away. All the scouts were saying Hill is a project and needs a few years. I didn’t really think so at first, but I do now.

    I’m also happier with the Vikings pick in the 4th round of Greg Childs, who at 6’3″with 4.4 speed and a 40″ vertical jump, has all the physical ability of Hill, but without the drops and with a ton of experience and receptions at Arkansas. Had a knee injury that he just recovered from, which hurt his senior year, but is a risk and why he dropped to the 4th round.

  8. I love how everyone hates the JETS but love to talk about them… all this boom or bust talk is lame… every player ever drafted is a boom or bust…

  9. kingbeason52 says:
    May 3, 2012 7:53 PM
    Damn 4 years-5 mil? Looks like the owners won on the rookie wage scale..
    But you forget…If he does ‘boom’ he holds-out in his third year until they pay him like one of the top receivers. No one plays out their contacts anymore, Owners/Coaches cut them, or Players hold-out for a new contract

  10. He doesn’t have to be a stud day on day 1. All they need him to do is threaten and or occasionally go deep like he used to. Keep the saftey over top and out of the box. Work on his routes and drops in the meantime and hopefully he gets better with reps. Something he’s never had before.

  11. Wide receiver is the position that is most likely to be a bust, look at past high draft choices that were receivers, most don’t pan out at that position. Least likely to be a bust is offensive lineman, are usually at least serviceable when drafted high on a draft board. I say, Hill be a bust as a receiver and at most a spot receiver with 30 or 40 catches a year.

  12. I was giving it from an unbiased point of view. If you guys think he’s going to be Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson you’re in for a rude awakening. Sure the draft is a crapshoot but there are a lot safer picks that can be made than a guy who has never run any route besides a fly, fade, post, and and the occasional screen. Not to mention he was getting open cause he wasn’t even the focus on offense

  13. @ MDS, or anybody who knows:

    Do you know if these new slotted rookie contracts are fully guaranteed or not? Is it just a matter of trying to get as much as possible in the beginning of the contract? I’m trying to find out how much room the rookies actually have to negotiate. Can these contracts be completed almost immediately?

  14. I, too, am a GA Tech “person,” and had a chance to follow Stephen since before he signed to play with the Jackets. While it may be true he did drop a few passes he should have caught on occasion, more times than not he made catches no player wouldn’t have made, and in my opinion, the catches he missed were due to the fact that the passes thrown to him were not thrown in rhythm so he was changing his route, it was an absolute duck, or he had been spending so much of his time and energy running and blocking down field the rest of the game (and season) that he was sometimes just surprised when a ball was actually thrown to him at times on some plays, and accurately. I say this because just because Stephen was a Wide Receiver and wide open, oftentimes the QB would totally ignore him and throw to someone else. This would lead to lapses in concentration because Stephen was always looking to block first, especially down field. On the other side of the coin, as soon as Stephen decided to turn pro, he began working with former All-Pro Wide Receiver Terrence Mathis on running his new route trees so he would be prepared for the combine and his pro day and personal workouts. After Stephens pro day in Atlanta, and between his visits out of town, leading up to the draft, he was working out privately with Calvin Johnson and Demaryous Thomas, continuing to get ready for his first day “on the job”. Stephen is taking this opportunity seriously, and I, for one, don’t think he’s going to disappoint.

  15. ronmexico4life says:May 4, 2012 1:21 AM

    @ MDS, or anybody who knows:

    Do you know if these new slotted rookie contracts are fully guaranteed or not? Is it just a matter of trying to get as much as possible in the beginning of the contract? I’m trying to find out how much room the rookies actually have to negotiate. Can these contracts be completed almost immediately?

    I think I read that 2.5 million is guaranteed and that they are slotted but allow a little wiggle room on negotiation but dont quote me on that. You should see all of them signed pretty quick though.

  16. If Stephen makes 30-40 receptions his first year with the Jets, and he averages anything close to what he did in college (over 25 yards per catch in his career, almost 30 yards per reception last season), then I think they’ll be happy with the draft selection, especially if he blocks well in their running game as well.

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