Report: Terrell Suggs tears Achilles tendon

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From former Redskins G.M. Vinny Cerrato, now of 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, comes the latest stunner in one of the most stunning offseasons in NFL history.

Per Cerrato, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has torn an Achilles tendon.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Ravens have not yet received a conclusive diagnosis.  Still, for now, it doesn’t look good.

And it won’t look good for the Ravens if they have to proceed without the 2011 defensive player of the year.

It’s also a stark reminder that, no matter how good a team looks on paper, it can all fall apart, quickly.

Making matters worse for the Ravens is the timing.  If this had happened a week ago, they could have adjusted their draft plans accordingly.

UPDATE 10:13 a.m. ET:  “We are in contact with Terrell,” the Ravens said in a statement.  “He will see a specialist early next week, and we’ll know more at that time.”

116 responses to “Report: Terrell Suggs tears Achilles tendon

  1. Tough break Raven fans. That is a huge loss and could change the landscape this season in the AFCN.

  2. “Making matters worse for the Ravens is the timing. If this had happened a week ago, they could have adjusted their draft plans accordingly.”

    Their first pick was Courtney Upshaw so I doubt it.

  3. Kould this be
    A sort of cosmic
    Revenge on John Harbaugh for
    Mistakenly besmirching the Pats
    And their glorious reign of supremacy? 🙂

  4. Horrible news for the Ravens, Suggs was such a class act. Maybe Harbaugh should have kept his mouth shut about the Saints and Patriots title losses and focus on finding a kicker who can make a chip shot and a WR who can catch….Karma is a ______________.

  5. “Making matters worse for the Ravens is the timing. If this had happened a week ago, they could have adjusted their draft plans accordingly.”

    Yeah, had they known a little earlier, maybe they could have used their first overall pick on a 3-4 OLB/DE hybrid that rushes the passer.

  6. He’s the best player on the Ravens. Lewis and Reed are still playing at a high level, but this might be their last year and they aren’t what they were. Without Suggs they can still be good, but I don’t know if they can be great. Flacco will have to step up.

    The Steelers are semi rebuilding too. Looks like the Bengals have a good shot at the playoffs again.

  7. Adjust their draft plans accordingly? Like draft, say, Courtney Upshaw, who plays the same position as Suggs?

  8. Horrible news for the Ravens, Suggs was such a class act. Maybe Harbaugh should have kept his mouth shut about the Saints and Patriots title losses and focus on finding a kicker who can make a chip shot and a WR who can catch….Karma is a ______________.


    Class act?this was a sarcastic comment right?Ask the chick he beat up
    and tried to pour bleach into her eyes how much of a class act he is.

  9. to see talent gone for the year..but this is a classic case of what happens to someone who has sold their soul for a couple minutes of glory..the Saints mess is also a common situation..gotta look at the big picture..

  10. You guys are really knocking this guy for playing basketball in the off-season? Do you want him on the couch watching tv all off-season?

    He wasn’t riding a motorcycle without a helmet, drunk driving or jumping off bridges.

    These guys tear their Achilles from packing as much muscle on their bodies as they can, until something gives out.

    Its a shame for an older guy like suggs who was still dominant, but dont blame off-season basketball.

  11. Tough break for the Ravens if this is serious (and it sure sounds that way)
    As a Pats fan I “sports hate” Suggs but I acknowledge he is a hell of a player

  12. jhart615 says:
    May 3, 2012 10:03 AM
    Apparently he was playing basketball…I’m sorry but you can’t be so careless. Big blow to the Ravens.


    I wouldn’t call that being careless. I have a feeling he tore it in a similar way to how Welker tore his in the middle of the game against Houston a couple years ago. He cut one way, and then suddenly cut back another way abruptly, but wrecked his knee in the process. It sucks, but it happens.

  13. Pretty insensitive slew of comments, by and large. Suggs was doing nothing wrong except staying in shape. An injury, especially of this season ending magnitude, is not revenge for Harbaugh’s comments, nor evidence of bad karma but rather, a very unfortunate and landscape changing event.

  14. I don’t usually comment on these boards. However, Suggs was the one who said “we don’t need God on our sidelines” when he was commenting on Tebow-mania. I thought that that was a dangerous thing to say then.

  15. fusion3450 says:May 3, 2012 10:02 AM

    wanna put this one on my saints too?


    Maybe… did the Williams put a bounty on him the basketball game?

  16. @rolltide510 they lost jarret johnson too bro so they have two linebacker needs now

  17. I am sure he will still be running his mouth all season, to bad he didn’t break his jaw and have to have it wired shut

  18. Hang in there T-Sizzle!! I love your style, very Steeler-like!

    You will be back next year.

    You went so far up in my book when you called out
    that big mouth obnoxious sportscaster, worst in the world, how does he keep his job, Skip Bayless on his BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will miss you this year when we play T!

    Come back strong.


  19. Sizzle is a great player,but they’ve survived without him. Brady Quinn took his knee out and they still played well. This means(if it is season ending)that Kruger moves to ROLB and Kindle,McAdoo,and Upshaw battle it out for LOLB. I’d be alot more worried if Ngata had gotten injured.

  20. Last time I saw Suggs he was being planted by Rob Gronkowski like tulip around the 30 yard line in Foxboro last January. I guess he germinated.

  21. blackandyellow71 says:May 3, 2012 10:00 AM

    Couldn’t of happened to a classier guy
    Couldn’t *have* happened… And what could be classier than gloating about injuries?

  22. As a Pats fan, I hate this guy and his big mouth, but I respect the hell out of him as a player. It’s gonna suck to not have him there week 3, because it takes a little fun out the game.

    That being said, karma sucks, and sometimes people should just shut their big fat stupid mouths!

  23. It is a blow no doubt.

    Next man up. At least it happens now when there is time to maneuver for additional personnel.

    @jhart – guys work out in many methods to stay in shape and have done it for years. They don’t live in plastic bubbles. Careless is smashing a fire extinguisher with your hand in anger, or driving a motorcycle recklesly with no helmet.

    Remember the days of Bo Jackson and Deion playing baseball. I guess those careless acts too.

  24. I can’t say I’ll miss him wreaking havoc in the Steelers backfield on Sundays; however, you never like to see someone injured.

    And for those saying he shouldn’t be playing basketball; these guys are human beings and have to stay active to stay in shape. They can’t sit at home all off-season avoiding injury and waiting for the season to start anew.

    Best of luck filling that HUGE hole in what is probably the swan song season for Lewis and Reed (if he decides to quit whining about making $7M+ and play football).


  25. As a Steeler fan, I always want the Ravens to be at full strength when we play them, Suggs is a beast even though I hate his ugly, bleach throwin guts… that being said, you guys are nuts if you think Upshaw is going to be able to fill in for him, he wasnt’ even the best LB on his college team, let alone able to step in in for the NFL Defensive player of the year.. Keep dreamin!

  26. From someone who’s not even a Vikings fan, Jared Allen deserved the DPY award a lot more than Suggs last year. You can pull out a stat sheet if you want. The simple fact is Suggs compiled all his stats in about 2 games. Allen was a stud all year long in every category.

  27. Feel bad for Suggs if this is true. Great player that will be missed while he recovers.

    I won’t feel bad for the Crows fans on here that never miss an opportunity to bash the Skins and troll around like the Crows are on the Steelers level. The Crows aren’t the Steelers, Ozzie Newsome is human, and karma is a *****.

  28. Here are some facts: great player, definitely NOT a class act (about half the class of Ray Lewis), big mouth, woman beater. Other than that a great guy. His coach may have put some bad karma on the whole team with his comments about Patriots.

  29. Props to everyone who beat me to the punch with the ball so hard comments.

    In all seriousness…this is horrible piece of news for the Ravens. Suggs is an absolute beast.

  30. And really this injury happened because Suggs said we don’t need God on our sidelines. That’s why this happened? I quit. I’m done.

  31. I hope he can salvage a season. One of my favorite non-Steelers, Raven week is always more fun when T-Sizzle gets his motor runnin’.

  32. Check this out

    bet this won’t be reported here:

    Ed Werder was just on SportsCenter. He is at the Saints facility today. He said a Saints source he spoke to said “The leagues findings are exaggerated. In contrast to the leagues contention the Saints bounty program existed for 3 years… It was limited to playoff games in the Superdome against Arizona and Minnesota.” The source then went to say, “This whole thing is one big joke. Except for the 2 games in 2009, the rest is a joke. No one has stood up and told the truth.”

    I hope that now with all the punishments dished out, the Saints start speaking up. I know the organization has taken the silent approach, but with the suspensions given, the players need to tell their side of the story. I really look forward to the players union challenging Goodell’s “facts” and “evidence” that all of the stuff we’re accused of happened.

  33. 1.) Upshaw and Suggs play two different positions. So the Ravens could have adjusted their draft plans accordingly. Upshaw replaced Jarret Johnson (who has been one of the better run-stopping and edge establishing OLB’s in football the last few years.

    2.) I know some people have said Freeney, but I see Osi Umenyiora as the more ‘logical’ fit. The Ravens HAVE to do something. And I would be shocked if one of those two players aren’t Ravens in the near future.

  34. It’s a blow to the Ravens, but they’re still a rock solid team from the GM on down. They’ll find a way.

  35. That sucks. Sizzle is a monster but the Ravens will have time to adjust if he is in fact done for the yr or a good bit of it anyway. The Ravens D won’t be the same but it will still be better than the majority of defenses. As a Steeler fan I love the rivalry and look forward to seeing Suggs twice sometimes 3 times a yr, he seems to have his best games against the Steelers. Here’s to a speedy recovery, get better soon.
    -Go Steelers

  36. Heavy steroid use causes the body to break down after awhile. Seeing as how he’s been juicing since High School this comes as no surprise.

  37. @squared80
    That’s why you have to look beyond the stat sheet. ‘Sacks’ isn’t a true indicator of QB pressure. Anyone who watched Suggs knows he deserved the D-MVP award.

  38. First off, pts fans shut your mouths. Do you really think God or whoever you believe controls karma, would come to the aid of a team that cheats led by a coach who is a confirmed adulterer?

    Second, you raven fans who think this would not have changed the ravens draft are nuts. Yeah, they drafted Upshaw but they got him in rd 2 because he is not an explosive pass rusher. He’s more like jarrett Johnson who he was drafted to replace.

    It was a mistake anyway for the ravens to only grab 1 pass rusher. Even with Upshaw and Suggs, they would have no depth.

    For all the credit everyone gives Ozzie, he let the ravens depth erode. They have no depth anywhere except RB.

  39. Too bad, I was looking forward to hearing Suggs talk trash all week leading up to the Pats game, then not hearing his name called once during the game, as usual. Would have been a nice confidence-builder for Solder.

  40. Now the Ravens defense has 40 year old Ray Lewis and no T-Sizzle. I agree it’s best when Pittsburgh and Balt have thier full A-squads in the match ups. Pittsburgh suffered through O-line problems all last season. Can’t wait to see the Steelers and Todd Haley unleash the new running game now.

  41. As a Steeler fan who enjoys the rivalry with the Ravens, frankly sorry to see this happen. Suggs is a beast against us every game. I want us to beat the best, so if he can’t play it will be a big loss for Ravens. But injuries happen and good teams deal with them, as the Ravens will I am sure. Steelers lost OL and DL past few years for most of the season.

    Also, can’t fault Suggs for playing basketball during the off-season. These guys can’t live in a bubble. He wasn’t skydiving after all. Things happen.

  42. Ravens receive: Osi Umenyiora
    Giants receive: Ravens 2nd and 6th round picks in 2013

    Osi, while not a linebacker, would give the Ravens flexibility sticking with their 3-4 defense.

    Giants would be able to stockpile picks so Reese can get us one for the thumb!

    Fair trade…

  43. Huge lifelong Steelers fan here, but this really does suck. The Steelers/Ravens games are always the highlight of the season for me, and Suggs is always a force to be reckoned with. Honestly it may improve our chances of beating the Ratbirds this year, but I’d much rather face the best the Ravens have to offer so that when we win it feels well-earned. Plus, to be honest, Suggs is just an interesting character and one hell of a player.

    Here’s to wishing him a speedy and full recovery!

  44. From a huge Patriots fan, this is terrible news. Hate to see it happen. Always look forward to Baltimore games in part to be able to see a great player like Suggs. Good luck for a fast recovery.

  45. Seems I remember a certain Ravens player in an interview about Tebow and God saying something to the effect of not needing “no God to help” play football and so forth . . .

    See what he meant to say was . . .

    Maybe he should call Tebow and apologize and ask him to pray for him. According to Brian Dawkins, Tebow can bring the snot and the healing!

  46. Mr. Suggs, take a seat, here’s a coke…over there on that TV is the Steelers-Ravens game. Ben & company are driving down the field, no one there to stop em’!!!

  47. Osi for the Ravens’ 2013 1st rder. Before anyone smirks, the Ravens’ 1st rder will likely be something in the mid 20s anyway. Osi is only 30 and is good for 12 sacks and 6 FF without breaking a sweat (likely more with Ray Lew & Co. around him and in a division where QBs aren’t as mobile as the NFC East). He also makes less than 4M.

    The Ravens were one play away from the SB last year. Without a replacement for Suggs, they are just another good team that can’t consistently get to the passer. This is the one time where a team should roll the dice and go for the gold. Who knows, Balt locks up Osi to an extension, gets Suggs back next year, Upshaw with a year under his belt and you have a GREAT pass rush for the next 5 years.

  48. Steelers have an offensive line now. He would be a non factor anyways. I could of had a beast of a game if I was rushing jonathon scott last year. So his good games against steelers wasnt very impressive at all considering steelers O-line!

  49. Osi is not worth a 1st or a 2nd. Maybe a 3rd and a 7th is all Osi is worth.

  50. Tom Brady’s knee says “how does THAT feel?”

    maybe next year when he comes back, someone can take a dive for Suggs’ ankle, and give him a taste of what he gave Brady.

  51. Ya know this really is an unfortunate situation. I appreciate the waty Suggs plays especially against the Steelers. He has an excellent motor and tremendous amount of skill. Shame he wont be able to display that this year. That being said, if this were a Steeler LB who this happened to the majority of these comments would be Raven fans making condescending remarks and insults about our players, fans, and city alike. This is also unfortunate. I wish to see Suggs healthy and back at it asap for the sake of competition. No suggs, and might as well eliminate Ngata, bc Pouncey and Decastro will handle him. Good luck this season Baltimore this does not bode well for you.

  52. Oh boy! What a blow to the Ravens. The AFC North will not be making much noise this(coming)season. Wish 55 a quick recovery

  53. Wont be much of difference on Week 1 with us because Witworth 77 takes care of him(55) very well but for other teams,,,it will make a big difference not having him there

  54. Awful news for Ravens fans, I feel bad for you guys.

    Seriously though, it seems like every year someone from The NFL or MLB gets seriously injured playing pick up Basketball.

  55. Sorry Ravens fans. That’s a bummer. Achilles (and all tendons) take a long time to heal, and are prone to re-injury once you do it once, if not healed correctly (speaking from personal experience.) His best option will be to sit out the entire season and properly rehab, as his style of play is pretty tough on the achilles. Let it heal, Suggs… don’t rush back.

  56. TSizzleBallSoHard says:
    May 3, 2012 11:53 AM
    Osi is not worth a 1st or a 2nd. Maybe a 3rd and a 7th is all Osi is worth.
    How do you figure? Kolb was traded for a 2nd and DRC. Palmer fetched a 1. Osi is better than all three of these players combined.

  57. Karma for trying to deliberately re-injure Brady and then whining and crying and blaming Brady for it for years after.

  58. As a Steelers fan I feel bad about not being able to beat the Ravens at full strength just as I’m sure those Ravens wins over the Steelers with Dennis Dixon or Charlie Batch at QB in 2009 and 2010 felt a little hollow.

  59. jakek2 says: May 3, 2012 12:17 PM

    TSizzleBallSoHard says:
    May 3, 2012 11:53 AM
    Osi is not worth a 1st or a 2nd. Maybe a 3rd and a 7th is all Osi is worth.
    How do you figure? Kolb was traded for a 2nd and DRC. Palmer fetched a 1. Osi is better than all three of these players combined.
    Kolb and Palmer are QB’s…

    Giants will be lucky to be a 3rd rd pick.

    If I had to guess, I would say a 2013 4th and a conditional 2014 5th that could max out as a 3rd.

  60. Lots of classless comments on here talking about karma. Pot meet kettle.

    I can understand the steelers talking smack, and I at least respect their team (hate most of their fans though), but New England? Really? Your team cheats, is soft, and had one good year since 2007. I can’t wait to see you guys go none and done in the playoffs again. Nothing respectable about New England, its teams, or it’s people.

  61. S__t happens. You never like to see a player get injured, especially a good player. With that said, the sympathy given the player does not extend to the team. If anything, opponents look forward to trying to exploit the team’s new weakness. That’s what happened to the Steelers when Troy Polamalu missed most of the 2009 season. At least the Ravens have some time to prepare for a season without Terrell Suggs, which should make the adjustment a little bit easier.

  62. For the record, those who call Terrell Suggs “stupid” for playing a pick-up game of basketball need to check themselves. Freak accidents happen all the time, and often during activities that aren’t especially dangerous. It’s not like he was street-luging in Arizona.

  63. I don’t recall ever applauding an injury, much less a serious one. But in this case I make an exception.

  64. Upshaw isn’t a true pass rusher. He was drafted to replace J. Johnson. He’s great at setting the edge and defends well in open space. His talent doesn’t lie in the sack department. Kruger will have to step up this year. I have faith in Kruger. He has 5 1/2 sacks last season in limited playing time. Kindle will not be a factor Raven fans so it’s time to move on.

  65. I see the comment about pick up games. And I have to agree. If your a star player and you train for football. NOT BASKETBALL…then stay off the court. It;s one thing running around with some buddies..and goofin off shooting some hoops. But we all know that when you start compeating..YOU go hard. And once you turn it up. You can’t just stop!! And if your not Conditioned for Basketball!!! Then your not trained and conditioned for that kinda of sport! Stick to swimming!!! lol

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