Tony Sparano: Tebow will play anywhere from “one to 20” snaps a game

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Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano met with the media for the first time since taking the job earlier this year on Thursday.

As you would probably imagine, the roles of the team’s two quarterbacks were a big part of the discussion. Sparano didn’t say much to deviate from the party line about Mark Sanchez — “one hell of a player” — and Tim Tebow. When asked to outline Tebow’s role, Sparano kept things a bit vague while sticking to the script laid down by Rex Ryan.

“I won’t give you the vision on what I think his role will be in the offense,” Sparano said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I would just say that… I believe what Coach says. He can play anywhere from one to 20 snaps… somewhere like that. What coach said is 100 percent correct. As far as how we’ll use Tim or what we’ll do with Tim in that way, we’re going to keep that to us right now.”

Sparano said that it was a coincidence that they drafted three players who played on option offenses in college, something General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said as well over the weekend. The former Dolphins coach thinks Tebow gives the Wildcat a different element than it had when Sparano ran it in Miami and there was also talk of Tebow’s ability to do a lot of different jobs.

Sparano doesn’t anticipate any problems managing the situation nor does he think Tebow’s presence will do anything to stunt Sanchez’s growth which makes him just like the rest of the Jets coaches and executives. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see whether or not they are proven right.

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  1. I just hope someone tells Tebow he will never be more than a side show, he will never be a starting QB in the NFL again because there are guys who know how to throw the ball. He can run 15 times and throw his wobbly duck go route the other 5 plays. I don’t care what kin of person he is….I care what tyPe of football player he is and a gimmick player is not a true QB. He has had the same god
    Awful throwing motion his whole life, it’s not going to change. When you can’t make every throw on the route chart you are not an NFL QB.

  2. Love the Tebow stories. Josh,when he gets married you can reference this story title. With a change,,,//////////Tebow’s bride: Tebow will last anywhere from “one to 20” strokes

  3. Tebow may indeed flourish in dumb Tony’s dumbed down offense….every day I thank he’s gone.

  4. Sanchez – MVP 2012
    Tebow – Minister Of The Year 2012
    Holmes – Noble Prize Winner 2012 – category- Bitching

  5. this is beautiful

    Coach Sunglasses and Jabba the Jet on the same team running the T-Bone offense

    man when this goes down in flames its gonna be spectacular

  6. “Sparano comes to the podium”.

    Fist pumps….

    The Jets will be the #1 field goal team in the league

    Fist pumps….

    Closes meeting..

  7. I can not wait until week 8 or so when Tebow is playing and Rexy’s circus is going up in flames. The highlight music will be nothing but Yakkity Saks on the 4 letter network.

  8. Only for Tebow could we have stories about a particular player’s snap count in May.

  9. beeronthefridge says:
    May 3, 2012 5:35 PM

    Jets are going to watch the Superbowl on TV again.


    I fixed your post. You’re welcome

  10. I’m just excited that the Jets expect their offense to actually see 20 snaps a game. Some of them might even be consecutive!

  11. beeronthefridge says: May 3, 2012 5:35 PM

    Jets are going to the Superbowl!
    – – – – – – – – – –
    Not without tickets!

  12. Tebow is not a QB… he was dead last in completions, YPG, and sack YPG…. he’s terrible regardless of his groupies….

    I dunno what he’s gonna do on those snaps… but it’s not gonna be playing football….

  13. chill. 1-20 snaps. let’s say average of 10 snaps a game…6-7 of those will be on the punt team. it’s really not that much.

  14. unbreakable02215 says: May 3, 2012 5:18 PM

    Sparano will be named Interim Jets coach before
    the season ends this year.

    Rex Ryan has two AFC title game appearances in his three years with the JETS and hasn’t had one losing season.

    But Sparano will replace him by mid-season? You’re quite the idiot aren’t you?

  15. Here is the snap and the kick and its good! the Jets
    are up 3-0

    Sparano:Yeah, yeah fist pump eat it Belichick!

    Belichick: Tom do your thing.

    Final score 45-6

  16. Tim Tebow is the best thing that’s happened to New Jersey since “the situation”.

  17. Did he watch Tebow’s performances against the Patriots. If the Jets want to win the AFC East, Sparano better not put Tebow in for 20 snaps against the Patriots.

  18. If Mark Sanchez ever wants to be top tier player in the NFL he must insist on a trade right now. He needs to be in the right (non-circus) environment with the right coaches who can help him improve his game. It’s insulting to him to pull him out of the game when it’s 3rd and 1 in the fouth quarter when the game is on the line. No player improves his play by being taken out when the pressure is on. It’s demeaning and counter-productive to show a lack of trust in your quarterback.

    Sanchez will regress, not progress, under Rex Ryan. I’m not a Sanchez fan, but I do think he has some ability and can become at least as good as other second tier quarterbacks just below guys like Brees, Brady, Manning, etc. He needs to get out now.

  19. What would Vilma pay to knock Tebow out of a game? More than Favre / Warner money? Less? If I knock Tebow out of the game and ‘Tebow’ while Tebow’s being carted off the field, is there an escalator bonus? What Would Vilma Do?

  20. You can doubt tebow as a starting QB but there is no denying that he is very effective in short yardage and redzone situations.

    This was a good move for the jets. If Sanchez raises his game then great, but if he’s mediocre once again then tebow can come off the bench to change things up.

    Tebow forces opponents to waste practice time defending option plays.

    Will he hurt sanchez’s confidence? Who cares? At this point it’s make or break time for Sanchez. If he can’t keep tebow on the bench the it’s time to draft a new QB of the future and let Sanchez go to Oakland and sit behind Matt leinart.

  21. He’ll have a lot more snaps than that, once Sanchez starts screwing up as he usually does, the Jets will put Tebow in and look to unload Sanchez. It comes down to who is the lesser of the evils between the two losers.

  22. My 98 year old Gammy will play between zero and three thousand snaps for the Buffalo Bills.

  23. I saw it last year as a Broncos fan…& I’m actually excited for the are gonna have every “expert” in the world telling you how horrible Tebow is..the whole time he’ll be winning games and praising God! its gonna be interesting & I truly wish Tebow all the best!

  24. It boggles my mind why they would back up an “okay” QB with the worst QB in the league right now. He got to the playoffs last year due to the defense, not amazing work by the QB. That showed in New England when he got owned. Rex’s head is way too big. This will do him in. This is the nail in the coffin….he won’t finish the season.

  25. Get your popcorn ready Jets fans. There’s going to be a lot of field goal fist pumps from Sparano this season. You guys ran Schotty out of town because you can’t accept the fact that your supposed franchise QB is a bust & nothing more than a back up. Just wait until you get your dose of the patented Sparano 3rd & 8 I-Formation dive plays inside your opponent’s 35 yard line. This guy is going to make Brian Schottenheimer look like Vince Lombardi.

  26. Imaagine the ink if this kid could really play QB…good grief. Having a screaming horde of fundies screaming “let him play he’s a great guy and believes Jesus rode a dinosaur so he is so awesome…this phenom thing cannot end soon enough. I want them all to go back to churches on Sunday and stop taking all the tables at wild wings…

  27. jjared1101 says:
    May 3, 2012 8:38 PM
    1 snap for a regular game.

    20 if they decide to bench Sanchez at half time.
    Let’s be realistic here, it is Tebow and the Jets we are talking about.

    1 snap for a regular game.
    20 if they decide to bench Sanchez after the 1st quarter.

  28. Tony goes into 2012 with Sanchez as the starting QB. After two ugly incompletions, Tony claps with one hand on the game sheet and mouths the words “Let’s go” to Sanchez as he comes of the field. Tony signals to #15 and the crowd goes wild. Tony calls a 3rd down ultra-wildcat check-down flea flicker fake on a Tebow keeper who rumbles 24 yards for a TD and the rest is history.

  29. As much as I love to mock the Jets, picking up Sparano in the offseason was a major upgrade and I’d consider him among the best qualified to find a way to use both Sanchez and Tebow, who as anyone knows can be very difficult to defend against at times.

    But then I remember Rex Ryan is the head coach and can’t imagine he won’t find a way to screw it up.

    But I get why Jets fans are excited. It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure… Get your popcorn.

  30. Why all the hate?
    Tebow had a good record as a starter last year with the Broncos, who had a solid defense & a good running game. The Broncos faltered at New England when they put too much on Tebow, after their defense & run game faded.
    Sanchez had a good record as a starter in 2 good years (2009 & 2010) for the Jets, when they had a solid defense & a good running game. The Jets faltered last year, when they moved away from the run & put too much on Sanchez.
    Tebow & Sanchez were both long reaches as 1st round draft picks for their teams, who each actually used extra picks to move up to draft them.
    Sanchez & Tebow have alot more in common than any of you realize, with 3 HUGE differences:
    The 2009 & 2010 Jets had success DESPITE Sanchez’ play.
    The 2011 Broncos had success BECAUSE of Tebow’s play.
    Tebow is a high character natural leader who credits others when his team wins, but claims responsibility when his team loses. He also towed the company line after the Broncos courted, then signed P. Manning.
    Sanchez, who has been criticized for pursuing underage girls, had such hurt feelings after the Jets unsuccessfully courted P. Manning, the Jets had to give him more money, after which he claimed the extra money given made him ‘The Boss’.
    Anyone hoping Sanchez plays more than Tebow might want to be careful what they wish for.

  31. @grikes
    Can’t wait to watch the Bills smack the jets on opening day! Save your comments .. Can wait to watch Stevie J own Revis and watch that joke of an offense crumble. Tebows gonna regret coming to the East.. We all know the Pats are at the top but look around Buffalo improved by adding a pass rush.. And the Dolphins got better by getting rid of Sparano. The bottom line is … Yets 5-11

  32. Sure, Tebow will get up to only 20 snaps a game until either week 3 or 4 (depending when Sanchez actually gets his period). That’s when Tebow will be named the Jets starter. unfortunately for Mark, tampon technology has not progressed enough to play 60 minutes of NFL without leakage.

  33. rg3savedc says:
    May 3, 2012 6:31 PM


    Seems like a lot of energy to waste for someone who really has no effect on your life!

  34. @jluns275… you are right that Sanchez and Tebow have a lot in common. They both are really bad NFL quarterbacks. They both won’t be winning the divsion, they both won’t be winning the AFCCG, they both won’t be winning the Super Bowl. Lots in common for sure!

    Revis must want out of NY badly. Maybe he will hold out again.

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