Yahoo! “U” investigation linked Vilma to bounties

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Notwithstanding the denial from Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma regarding his role in the team’s bounty program, it’s not the first time Vilma’s name has been connected to the concept of a bounty.

As Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reported in connection with his investigation into the activities of former University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, Vilma received money for applying hits to quarterbacks while playing for the Hurricanes.

Shapiro claimed he had a $5,000 bounty on Florida State quarterback Chris Rix from 2002 through 2004.  “We pounded the [expletive] out of that kid,” Shapiro said regarding Rix.  “Watch the tape of those games.  You’ll see so many big hits on him.  Guys were all going after that $5,000 in cash.  [Jon] Vilma tried to kill him — just crushed him — a couple of times trying to get that $5,000.  And he almost got it, too.”

Though Vilma never got the $5,000, he reportedly received $1,000 for a hit and personal foul penalty on Rix in  October 2002 and $1,000 for a hit on Rix in January 2004.

Vilma didn’t respond to Robinson’s request for comment.  To date, Vilma has never responded to the allegation that he received money for hits applied to Rix.

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  1. you mean a pro athlete may be lying about something to protect himself from being suspended for a year and losing millions of dollars? I’m shocked. and certainly not a U player.

  2. If true, that’s sickening. He deserves his punishment of a full year suspension with no pay, and hopefully it sets the example that intentionally trying to injure another player, whether or not a bounty was involved, won’t be tolerated.

    Injuries happen enough through incidental contact, which is by accident. They are right to try and eliminate injuries caused by someone intentionally trying to injure another player.

    They also need to work closely with High School and College teams to get the message through to them, that this sort of behavior is unacceptable.

  3. I really believe the NFL has more on this than we think. I know we all say where is the evidence and the NFLPA wants evidence… I have no evidence to prove it, but I just have a feeling. Where there’s smoke…

  4. dequan81 says:
    May 3, 2012 4:36 PM
    I really believe the NFL has more on this than we think. I know we all say where is the evidence and the NFLPA wants evidence… I have no evidence to prove it, but I just have a feeling. Where there’s smoke…
    Since only four players were suspended, I figure that there were smoking guns on those four and probably just hearsay evidence on the others. The players got away from this pretty clean.

    It’s no surprise that the U also had bounty systems. They have been the most consistent when it comes to sleaze in all of college sports. They make UNLV look like BYU.

  5. The Commissioner is running a zillion dollar corporation. I do not think he just drew Vilma’s name out of a hat and laid the wood to him for giggles. The harder people look at Vilma, the more stuff is going to turn up, and the worse it is going to get for him. The cover-up always hurts you more than the crime. Do like Williams, take your hits, zip your trap and wait for the storm to blow over. This guy is going to be toast by the time this is over and done with.

  6. Where were the refs? I remember watching Bret Farve getting smacked around and no penalties being called. The refs are there to call the rules, the Saint might have bounties, but I guess they did them within the rules of the game.

    Suspensions should be applied, but Vilma should not be held as accountable the same way has his bosses.

  7. Might as well ban vilma for life too. He is a scumbag, just like greg williams and sean payton.

  8. Nonsense and hear come all the U bashers

    Fact is, this is professional football and most of them come from big time programs where this has all happened before and it’s just not talked about

    With the Saints here we have a smoking gun and while I think suspensions are merritted, I think Vilma’s was overly harsh…but at the same time I’m glad this is being brought out in the public because hopefully the culture will change and helmet and padding technology gets better

    And when I say culture, baseball used to have a culture of quite a few head hunters and this would lead to a lot of on field scuffles and other hi-jinks. So if the NFL through education, punishment and a careful eye can dissuade this type of behavior from the teams, the better the sport is

  9. Chris Rix lost FIVE games to Miami. Trust me, nobody from Miami wanted to see him hurt. The longer he was in the game the better it was for the U!

  10. franky5fingers – The heading means the investigation of the University of Miami, known often as “The U” or “U” as reported by Yahoo!, which was actually a very well written and researched article breaking the original news of Miami’s mishaps. It did not mean “Yahoo! U”.

  11. I really don’t hink Vilma knows he did anything wrong – this is how its been done his entire life. Another great day for the UMiami alumni association.

    Which happens more often – Tim Tebow in the “news” for no reason or Hurricanes in trouble with the law?

  12. Vilma “misremembers” receiving any cash bounties.

    Roidger Clemens

  13. Is it just me or is Vilma just average to a little above average LB? Why all the fuss?

  14. My bias and hatred says;
    “Typical of the U”

    But my mind asks;
    ” Why didnt they block better? And/or why didn’t Rix’s big men take out Vilma, cleanly or otherwise?”

  15. How dare anyone question Vilma and the other high character Saints payers and coaches! Especialy in light of all this fabricated bounty business by the NFL. Looks like they made it all up. C’mon Man!

  16. I need more proof. Theres no proof of this ever happening. Williams and paytln admitted it, but they lied. I want proof. That evil goodell wont release evidence cuz he has none. I need proof, not admissions, proof.


  17. Notice how yahoo has to do all the investigative work now. ESPN is too directly linked to the NFL and big college programs to investigate anything.

    That’s why espn downplayed the confirmed fact that Cam Newton accepted money to play for auburn. Oh, my bad, the investigation said his father got money and cam knew nothing about it so it’s all good.

  18. so the yahoo story said it? if that is all there is….good luck….that was the most irresponsible piece of journalism I think ever in sports.

    one source. A felon liar who is mad at Miami.

    hope the NFL has more than that…..

    raise your hand if you think this is the first time ever happening in the NFL???….no takers?

  19. Packhawk— Congratulatilns! You just won’t the Most Ignorant Person Alive award. General Manager, Head Coach and Asst Coach ALL admit guilt (by lying) so they can be fined and suspended for doing nothing. With that ass-umpteen YOU should also confess to a murder in your local area and be like your scumbag heroes.

  20. upperdecker19 says:
    Vilma “misremembers” receiving any cash bounties.

    Roidger Clemens


    Unfortunately, now Roidger’s butt-boy, Pettite is “misremembering” whether he remembered correctly what he remembered Roid-Roger say…

    Kiss the HOF goodbye Roidger! You, Sosa, Manny, Papi, Gayrod, Palmero and McGuire can all make you’re own little butt-club…

    What a day for Boston, fans:
    First T-Jizzle Split his juiced up achilles and now Mariano Rivera broke his knee in half.

    Too bad the Red Sox suck anyway..

  21. When you’re not in the league or a part of a unit/team it’s easy to say a player deserves something you ppl on here is sicken and a bunch of nobodies

  22. HaHa! The PFT sheep are out in herds today! Are we really taking the words of Nevin Shapiro as gospel….really?

    I am not taking up for Vilma or anyone, but football players especially defensive players(coaches too) say things they don’t mean in literal terms. I myself have screamed I would break a guys neck if he came my way again. In no way did I plan or even wanted to break the dudes neck.

  23. Oh – the draft is over and off center stage so lets start writting two or three articles a day about the Saints again. Man you guys are sickening, can’t you find something to do other than “Saints Bashing every day – this stuff gets old.

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