49ers announce 17 undrafted rookie signings

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The San Francisco 49ers don’t open rookie minicamp until the end of next week, but they took time out Friday to announce the addition of 17 undrafted rookie signings.

The Niners’ UDFA class for 2012:

Northern Illinois fullback Cameron Bell, Clemson linebacker Kourtnei Brown, Wisconsin defensive tackle Patrick Butrym, Michigan State tight end Garrett Celek, Washington State guard David Gonzales, Southern Illinois running back Jewel Hampton, Purdue linebacker Joe Holland, Stanford defensive tackle Matthew Masifilo, Kentucky cornerback Anthony Mosley, Harvard tackle Kevin Murphy, Northwestern guard/tackle Al Netter, Stanford receiver/returner Chris Owusu, Northern Illinois receiver Nathan Palmer, UNLV cornerback Deante’ Purvis, Cal kicker Giorgio Tavecchio, Stanford safety Michael Thomas, and Florida A&M receiver Brian Tyms.

The Owusu signing had been previously confirmed and was covered by Florio at this link.

Hampton (pictured) enters a crowded running back picture in San Francisco, but looked to be headed for stardom at Iowa before tearing both of his ACLs. Hampton transferred to Southern Illinois and led the Missouri Valley Conference in 2011 rushing yardage and rushing scores.

At 5-foot-9, 215, Hampton ran a 4.57 forty-yard dash at the Salukis’ March 29 Pro Day.

14 responses to “49ers announce 17 undrafted rookie signings

  1. 3 Stanfordites huh?

    I’m all for picking up talent but let’s not try to make Stanford the farm school for the 49ers.

    Also, WHY THE HELL ANOTHER RB? It’s too crowded as it is. Is Hampton happy with the practice squad?

  2. Lots of once promising players who sustained injuries. Let’s hope the Niners can land at least one who can contribute.

  3. @finer9erfan – If your statement were true, I think they would have actually drafted a Stanford player this year or last. Your statement lacks thought.

    HarBaalke are all about the best player winning out, so the more the merrier. I really like the Owusu signing; he will knock Williams and others off the team.

    I honestly believe that Jacobs will have a hard time making this team, unless AD doesn’t step up. Hope he does.

  4. I see Harbaugh learned from having Doug Baldwin escape to a division rival not to neglect going after players from his former job.

  5. @nineroutsider – I find you a funny and odd man. Owusu is a huge ? Owusu suffered 3 concussions. Not sure about you but I don’t want him fielding kick returns. Look what happened the last time someone with a concussion issue fielded punt returns for our team.

  6. @nineroutsider – Ohh and btw I think your statement lacks less thought than yours. Can you please tell me how many current rookies are on the roster from Stanford:
    Chris Owusu
    Konrad Reuland
    Chase Beeler
    Derek Hall
    Matthew Masifilo
    Michael Thomas

    6.7% of the current 90 man roster is of Stanford players and none existed previously.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  7. Everyone needs to remember that the team is already complete. These players coming in will be scouted for practice squad or if they stand out possibly a roster spot, but it’s not really a necessity. If we hit on one of these players it’s great of not it’s not a big deal

  8. @finer9erfan – I think Owusu deserved to be drafted so in that way I like the signing. I know he has medical issues, but it is worth a shot. At the very least, he is grade A practice squad material. Ginn is our returner and Kyle’s concussion issues had no bearing on his returning…he simply made some awful mistakes and shouldn’t have been out there especially after the diving catch in the first half of the NFCCG. I was yelling at my TV to get him out after that and to use Hunter although he was raw as well.

    Considering that last year’s rooster featured 10 undrafted FA’s, I will give HarBaalke the benefit of the doubt.

  9. @finer9erfan – No need to get defensive with another 9er fan, just pointing out that it’s not all bad that coach is working with players he knows – it’s not like he reached for them in the draft. He built a good team over there and he can mine some gems I’m all for it.

    Also, without researching, I believe Konrad Reuland & Chase Beeler were on the team (or practice squad…they went back and fourth) last year.

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