Art Schlichter to spend the next decade in prison

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Art Schlichter, the former Colts quarterback who has spent his life going in and out of prisons for various crimes related to his compulsive gambling, has been given his longest prison sentence yet.

A federal judge sentenced Schlichter to more than 10 years in prison for his scheme to sell phony tickets to sporting events. The 52-year-old Schlichter was accused in 2011 of taking money for Super Bowl tickets that he didn’t actually have to sell (and unlike the NFL, he did it out of malice, not incompetence), and he later pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

Schlichter has always maintained that his uncontrollable gambling addiction was to blame for the crimes he committed, and that he gambled away all the money he has swindled from people through the years, starting during his days as a star at Ohio State.

The fourth overall pick of the 1982 NFL draft, Schlichter bet on football in violation of league rules during his rookie season with the Baltimore Colts, was suspended for all of the 1983 season, and played in only 13 games in his NFL career.

23 responses to “Art Schlichter to spend the next decade in prison

  1. interesting that he could beat that addiction. Then again there are alot of drug addicts, alcoholism, porn addicts… hell… i feel withdrawl pains after the SB !

    Sure wish he’d bet that though

  2. wow.. my spelling is terrible ! interesting he could NOT beat that addiction.

    Sure wish he’d beat that though
    really !

  3. According to my father-in-law, Dan Cole “the Common Man” on kfan in minny used to have “Art Schlicter” call in on one day a week to make picks on the upcoming games. It was hilarious because it was years before people realized it wasn’t the real Art Schlicter.

  4. “Schlichter has spent his life going in and out of prisons”

    Meanwhile, convicts have spend most of their time going in and out of Schlichter.

  5. There has to be some better way. Now taxpayers have to take care of him for the next decade at the cost of several hundred thousand dollars. He hasn’t actually physically hurt anyone. But there has to be something better than locking up non-violent offenders. Perhaps 10 yrs of public service under strict supervision. Cleaning bedpans at nursing homes perhaps. Shoveling snow. Something.
    The NFL should make him speak at the rookie meetings every year.

  6. A judge in Ohio? Isn’t that the same state that has a consent law for girls 16 and above?

    If that’s the same state, the goo ‘ol Art will be out of the can in about a year or so!!!

  7. Opps!!! that was a Federal Judge……He’ll rot in jail for few years before he sees daylight again!

  8. To seanx40, so Bernie Madoff should walk free too? How many people that have been swindled are physically hurt, who knows but in some cases they lose everything and commit suicide. Throw the book at him.

  9. Who would be dumb enough to give Art Schlichter money for Super Bowl tickets?

  10. “He hasn’t actually physically hurt anyone. But there has to be something better than locking up non-violent offenders.”

    Sclichter estimated that he had stolen around $1.5 million total by 2007. Add the million from this ticket debacle and you’re 25% of the way to eight digits in fraud. His crimes may not involve violence, but they are hardly victimless. He belongs behind bars.

  11. What a waste of a life. Could have had a decent 10 year NFL career. Made several million, retired, without having to work another day,. Maybe do color after retirment. He had it in and blew it

  12. The Schlichters went to my high school. I always wanted to get his nephew in the situation where he’d say ”wanna bet?”. Just so I could say “Hell no, look where it got Art!”. Haha Miami Trace represent!!

  13. First the Colts draft this guy, then trade away John Elway, then draft Jeff George, and lucked out on a 50-50 shot between Manning and Leaf.

    Colts got lucky by choosing Manning because they made bad QB decisions before him. And almost made another in 1998.

  14. I knew Art pretty good and can tell you he is actually a nice person who realizes he is out of control when it comes to gambling. When he was 1 year from being released from prison, a female started writing him and telling him she had worked for one of his attorneys. She offered to buy him a house and make his life perfect. He said he didn’t want this because he had hurt so many people and she would end up hurt too. The lady from Wendy’s also had stars in her eyes. Art told me that at one point he screwed over his dad and his new wife. When his dad found out and called Art in prison, he told him he loved him and hung up. He was found dead the next day in his pool. Art said his dad was dead because of him. He couldn’t help himself. Prison doesn’t give treatment, just warehouses people.

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