Brandon Weeden feels ready for the starting job

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The Browns won’t have their rookies in for a minicamp for another week, but quarterback Brandon Weeden isn’t letting his distance from the team keep him from thinking about the year to come.

Weeden repeated what he said before the draft about how being 28 makes him more mature than other players and Weeden thinks that will help him transition to the NFL. While Weeden never went so far as laying claim to the starting quarterback job, he did say that he’s up to the task.

“I feel like I’m ready,” Weeden said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I have a long way to go, but I feel like I’ve taken the right steps to get to where I can play at that level. If I’m asked to be the guy day one, I’m going to do everything on my part to put our team in position to win games and score points. I’m really anxious to get going and the season will be here before you know it.”

The Browns haven’t given much indication about how playing time will shake out when the whole team gathers for work, but they didn’t use a first round pick on Weeden so that he could carry a clipboard. Whether it is because of Weeden’s ability, Colt McCoy’s father or some other combination of factors, Weeden’s going to be starting for the Browns sooner rather than later.

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  1. I wish people would get off of the comments McCoy’s dad made as being the deciding factor to the team moving on. I promise you if he had been playing at a high level he’d still be starting no matter what daddy said. Weeden is going to start because Colt has struggled….not because of something his father said.

  2. Great to have confidence but bro practice one game perhaps a scrimmage first? Lol

  3. I think it is great that “Make A Wish” was able to get that special person the opportunity to hold up the jersey with Weeden.

  4. Weedon will certainly start opening day. McCoy is a solid back up at best. Weak arm, happy feet in pocket, couldn’t throw deep or deliver the ball with precision. Colt is a great kid,but limited in the NFL. The truth is he could not start on any other team in the league. Zero.

  5. And as a Steeler fan, I’m jeolous that the “Ravens’ will have first crack (no pun intended) at him. Harrison and Lewis have GOT to be licking their chops !

    I can NOT wait for the games to begin !

    (Reminder: Colt was about ranked about #18 in all the NFL in completions last year and about #8 in the AFC, not bad considering his second year with the worst Receivers in the league (data- most drops, least yards).

    Yeah.. another rookie !

    Cleveland. 1-6 by the break, I give them the Bills as a win

  6. I can’t wait to see this guy actually try and react to an NFL defense, especially ones like in Balt. and Pitt. They don’t really teach that in the chuck it up for Justin offense.

    Good luck, Cleveland.

  7. Colt was not the problem. Can’t believe Browns fans would think so. He had NO weapons. I watched all of his throws in the Patriots game, and he threw a good deep pass to Cribbs, but Cribbs played the ball terribly and instead of a 40 yard TD, it was an incompletion. Cribbs doesn’t even belong out there as a receiver. The sad thing is, Colt reminds me a lot of Andy Dalton. He just needed weapons, but instead you guys draft another QB. Lame. His stats weren’t bad at all for a QB throwing to scrubs.

  8. Hey Steelers fan, just worry about keeping your aging roster out of jail, away from the college bars and off Goodell’s suspension list.

    Yinz have enough to worry about…

  9. Dude is going to tear it up. Watch some film on him before you talk trash cause he is going to make you eat your words. He gets rid of the ball super fast and has a laser rocket arm. I know the browns didn’t pick up any big name receiver but they got one of the fastest in the draft that produced at Miami. And them not jumping on a big time receiver kinda tips their hand about what they think about McCoy. Also with Richardson there receivers are going to have better chances of getting open cause the dbs are going to peeking in the backfield to make sure T-Rich isn’t coming around the corner with a full head of steam.

  10. Colt’s stats are not reflective of his overall performance. His completions per throws stats were built up on numerous checkdowns. And, despite what some may say, his accuracy was terrible on the long throws. His deep throws often looked like the ball was in a holding pattern at Hopkins Airport.
    No. Colt is not being replaced because he got shafted. He’s being replaced because he simply does not have the prototypical attributes for an NFL starter. And, the lack thereof resulted in the clear view that McCoy cannot make up for those shortcomings.
    Selecting Weeden was the right thing to do. I believe that he has a better opportunity to be successful in the tough AFC North.
    GO BROWNS!!!

  11. Lets count the number of times PFT repeats Tony Grossi’s bitter, unsubstantiated theory that the Brown’s are so petty they demoted Colt because his dad spoke out shall we?

    This marks 2.

    You guys do realize Grossi is a joke in Cleveland right? He’s better at tweeting than he is at reporting.

  12. to all the people who say colt wasnt bad and should be starting…..if he is soooo good would u guys trade him for ur starting qb….i did not think so…….he is a career backup and there is nothing wrong with that ….i would love to be a backup….millions a yr to practice football and hold a clipboard ….not a bad gig at all….

  13. @bigdawgy, you overlook McCoy’s college career and rebuff McCoy’s stats and chide his passing ability, yet praise the stats of Weeden and his college play.

    Would you not be the wiser to wait and see if Weeden is capable of playing in a pro game, and how his howitzer-arm performs in the “cold and wind” blowing off Lake Erie in November and December?

    And Weeden has a RT and an elite RB along with some half-way decent WRs to help him; McCoy didn’t even have the courtesy of an OC or HC that had any expertise or experience running a team.

  14. I swear on all that is holy, I am being as serious as I can right now. Even if it sounds like I’m insulting Cleveland or its fans, I truly don’t mean it that way. But something is definitely wrong there. I’m a Denver fan, & speaking of Brady Quinn, he has never gotten his fair shake in the NFL, and should absolutely not be judged by his performance in Cleveland. I truly think that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rogers would fail in Cleveland! And I believe in Weeden, but its sad that he is gonna get thrown in fire in Cleveland! Cleveland is just an awful team right now, they need a lot more than a mature QB. It needs to start with the dismissal of Holmgren, who I rather liked as a coach, but is very overrated. Colt McCoy needs another chance on a decent team with direction. I’m sorry, but Cleveland is a place that noone should be judged for their play, its a place where noone can succeed.

  15. 1st down, run left. 2nd down, run right. 3rd and 8, throw a 6 yard pass. 4th down, punt.

    If he can learn that, and it’s complicated, then he can master Brad Childress’ offense.

  16. At this point it doesn’t matter who the QB is. With a new RT T-Rich will carry this team to the playoffs. Don’t forget they had a top 10 defense last year.

  17. With all due respect Denver fan, your opinion on Brady Quinn is contradictory.

    He was with YOUR team and didn’t get a chance, either. And that was with Kyle Orton and Tebow (a rookie).

    And as for Colt McCoy needing another chance, that was all Quinn needed as well according to your assessment.

    Well Quinn was traded to the Broncos. How did that work out?

  18. “This will end up like the Brady Quinn era. Sadly, it’s never a happy ending for any Browns QB!! BuhahahA”

    Thanks for bringing absolutely nothing of intelligence to the discussion.

    We are all a little dumber for having read it.

  19. @muckfodell
    I am agreeing with you BQ got to play a little in Cle, then traded to the Broncos, who never gave him a chance…so I think he needs a chance on a decent team b4 he is written off… that my opinion regarding Quinn.
    ..As for McCoy, he too needs to go to a team that is decent, and get to play. When I say they need a chance, I mean they need to get an actual chance to start, not just compete in practice for the job. Tebow apparently sucked in practice, but was given the starting job for the most part of the season. My opinions aren’t contradictory as you claim, they are simple:
    1- Cleveland is a place where most QBs will fail, despite their talent.
    2- Colt McCoy wasn’t great in Cleveland nor was Brady Quinn, but that was due in part to my opinion #1.
    3- Quinn was traded to the Broncos, & never got a decent chance there either.
    4- McCoy deserves a chance to play elswhere, on a team that is not Cleveland… in what way did I contradict myself?

  20. @jjbadd

    I get your point about McCoy maybe getting a shot elsewhere because he was only with the Browns, with an aborted off season and limited weapons around him.

    I was addressing the contradictory opinion to Brady Quinn. My point is that if Quinn can’t beat out either Orton or Tebow with his second team, then I don’t believe it is an issue of opportunity. It is more an issue of talent.

    I think the McCoy situation is different because he has only been with one team, although I believe he will end up as a backup as well.

    He has a lot of heart and leadership ability, but in the NFL size, a strong arm mean something.

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