Dolphins sign up 16 college free agents

Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland was thrilled with the team’s 2012 draft picks, and on Friday the organization announced its undrafted free agent class.

The Dolphins’ 2012 UDFAs:

Pittsburgh defensive tackle Chase Alecxih, BYU center Terence Brown, Oregon State linebacker Cam Collins, Temple guard Derek Dennis (pictured), Texas A&M receiver Jeff Fuller, Notre Dame running back Jonas Gray, Maryland defensive back Trenton Hughes, Arizona State linebacker Shelly Lyons, Arkansas State safety Kelcie McCray, Penn State receiver Derek Moye, Boise State defensive end Jarrell Root, UMass guard Josh Samuda, Syracuse defensive back Kevyn Scott, Utah defensive end Derrick Shelby, Missouri defensive end Jacquies Smith, and Portland State tackle Dustin Waldron.

Fuller and Gray are the most well-known players on the list. They played at big schools and were productive. Derek Dennis, the guard from Temple, might be a sleeper to crack the Dolphins’ roster at a position of need.

A 6-foot-4, 315-pound power blocker, Dennis paved lanes for three-time first-team All-MAC running back Bernard Pierce at Temple. Dennis made 37 career starts in college, seeing action at both tackle and guard spots. The Dolphins will hold an open competition at guard in training camp.

(Photo credit: Temple University Athletics.)

16 responses to “Dolphins sign up 16 college free agents

  1. Curious that the Dolphins defended the drafting of Tannehill by saying his A&M receivers dropped 70 balls, and then they sign his #2 A&M target. Apparently all those OTHER guys were the ones with the dropsies.

  2. I’m hoping Jonas Gray comes back from his knee injury. He’d finally lived up to his promise then got hurt. No reason Gray can’t latch on somewhere if he gets back to form.

  3. A competent writer would’ve mentioned that Fuller played for Dolphins OC Mike Sherman at Texas A&M, where he caught passes from new Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill

  4. winninitall says:
    May 4, 2012 3:31 PM
    Not even the 16 undrafted players wanted to sign with the Fins. They just didn’t have anywhere else to go
    It is going to be so funny when Miami starts winning again (which will be sooner than later) and all these trash talkers go into hiding.
    That includes some members of the national media.

  5. Call me crazy but a competant poster on this article would have surmised that since Jeff Fuller is from Texas A&M and played Football there that he he played for the new Dolphins OC, Mike Sherman and that he caught passes from the New Dolphins QB, Ryan Tannehill. If that didn’t do the trick then clicking on Jeff Fuller’s name and reading the profile that you are directed to should have done the trick. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  6. Some prospects…. WR Fuller is interesting, i personally don’t want another 6’4- 225lbs WR that drops alot of balls, but here ya go :

    “Similar to Bess, Fuller had several weaknesses listed on his scouting report. They were often more negative than positive.”

    “Fuller has two huge factors favoring his chances of making this team. First, he has ideal size as a possession receiver at 6’4” and 225 pounds, which allowed him to dominate his competition in college. Second, he already has chemistry with Tannehill since they played together for four years at Texas A&M and was his “go-to” receiver.”
    ~mattpatrick5 of

    Jonas Gray has potential as a short yardage type….. They’re really putting the pressure on Bush and Thomas this year.

    Dennis could slip in and make the team at guard as you could see Incognito/Jerry/etc. being moved. There’s a new philosophy on OL in MIA. Anyone they bring in now is going to be in complete contrast to was was left here. No more road graders.

    Jake Long When healthy is the clear cut best left tackle in the game, and fits any philosophy, so lets not go there. They’re clearly going to resign him next year after these contracts expire :
    bush,moore,garrard,starks,clemons,smith,fasano,hartline,bess. Atleast 6 of those 9 guys arent getting another big contract here.

    But they have to worry about the most important one of all… Cameron Wake may attempt to holdout, he scheduled to make 550 k this year.

  7. Kelcie McCray has the best chance at making the Team. Fuller is interesting, but while Idiots and the Media are saying “we have no Receivers”, the fact is we have too many and 2 TE’s and 2 vets WR’s will be cut, possibly 3 to keep anyone on the UFA list. Cunnngham will be a Starter, but look for Gates and R.Wallace to have breakout years. Bess and Egnew will lead the Team in receptions. Bye-Bye the days of the Diva #1 WR… The Committee is In!

  8. Derek Moye is a very underrated player from penn st. He had terrible qbs throwing to him the last couple years. He’s 6’4 with a body style of Randy Moss (Not as much talent as Moss obviously), great hands. Dont be surprised to see this guy make the roster

  9. I’m hoping that Coach Philbin unearths a gem at WR with the UFA’s We are desperately short. Maybe Moye can play with that chip on his shoulder of being undrafted. Phins Up

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