Eli passed on hosting SNL after first Super Bowl title


On Saturday night, Giants quarterback Eli Manning will host Saturday Night Live, five years after his brother, Peyton, did the honors.

If the producers of SNL had their way, Eli would have done it four years ago.

He was invited to host after the Giants shocked the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, according to SportsBusiness Daily.   “I do want to do the show at one point,” Eli told producers at the time, “I just maybe want to do it maybe after my next championship.”

We’ve got a feeling that Eli’s two championships will be compared to Peyton’s one championship on Saturday night, possibly as part of a cameo from Peyton.

And while we have absolutely no inside information in this regard, we also wouldn’t rule out a surprise appearance from Tim Tebow and/or Mark Sanchez.  Or maybe Rex Ryan.

14 responses to “Eli passed on hosting SNL after first Super Bowl title

  1. Eli can make personal appearances now that they have that drooling problem taken care of. Good for you Eli, don’t let those handicaps hold you down, be a mentor.

  2. sgtr0c says:
    May 4, 2012 10:45 PM
    I won’t be there
    Aw, darn. You’ll be so missed.

  3. “Eli can make personal appearances now that they have that drooling problem taken care of.”

    Two Super Bowl MVPs, more money than he can count, respected by his teammates and fellow players, two NFL QB records, and a happy family. You’ve got what? 52 years of futility waiting to see Philly win a Championship and the “pride” of living in or around a city that was last relevant in the late 1700s. I bet Eli’s jealous.

  4. As a hardcore Giants fan…I must admit that I still cannot believe we won SB 42…yet alone 46. The Dave Brown/Kent Graham years seem so long ago! Thank you Eli! A little piece of me will be happy forever with these last two championships.

  5. Either Eli, or his manager (or both) are thinking this through quite well. Eli SHO” doesn’t need the money for this appearance; and it can (or should) only be viewed professionally as an opportunity to make an unintended mistake. I wouldn’t have seen it in either case.

  6. SNL has too much “hipsters” on the show… Eli will do alright, but the current cast just doesn’t relate the way Chevy/Murray/Farrell all did.

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