Mackenzy Bernadeau battling a hip injury

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The Cowboys are focused on their rookies this weekend, but they have a nagging issue with a veteran that needs some attention as well.

Guard Mackenzy Bernadeau has been unable to fully participate in the team’s workouts because of a hip injury. According to a report on the team’s website, Bernadeau’s status for organized team activities later this month and the June mandatory minicamp is in doubt because of the injury. The team doesn’t seem overly concerned although there’s also no certainty about when Bernadeau might be ready to go full speed.

“He’s been working well,” offensive line coach Bill Callahan said. “Unfortunately he is on the shelf a little bit, he’s been hurt somewhat, and he’s been out. But he’s getting himself rehabbed. He’s going to be prepared, I think, to go into OTAs. We’ll have to follow that closely.”

The Cowboys are banking on Bernadeau as their right guard this season after giving him a four-year, $11 million contract this offseason. They didn’t draft any guards, so if Bernadeau can’t go they will likely have to turn back to Bill Nagy. Nagy wasn’t particularly impressive before a season-ending injury early last season and the Cowboys’ offense struggled greatly thanks to poor play in the interior of the offensive line.

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  1. Come on Mackenzy Bernadeau’s parents, it’s spelled “MacKenzie” (or McKenzie if you’re Irish)

    Please don’t butcher a perfectly good last name and try to pass it off as a first name.

  2. If this is a pre-existing condition, they should never have signed him. Injuring the hip can definitely affect other parts of this body, because of overcompensation. Next will be his lower back.

  3. He went to Bently and played tackle, i was a DE for Assumption college i put him on his ass in 2007 shocked to see him still in the league

  4. Bill Nagy was a rookie last year and was actually playing pretty well before getting hurt


    Yea, the article struck me a little odd when they said he wasn’t playing well too. He was a 7th round rookie starting in week 5 before he was injured. He wasn’t all pro, but he was doing ok for a rookie.

  5. I liked Nagy’s grit, and nastiness. I have a feeling he’s going to break camp as the starting Center. Anything is better than Costa.

  6. First off… Nessportsfan…. You are a f^cking moron….kid clearly isn’t Irish and who cares how his name is spelt… And harto89… You were AWEFUL…. Like beyond terrible… Assumption sucks… You suct…. Who cares if you caught him off guard in a terrible blocking scheme… He’s in the nfl…. Where are you?? I was a much better d lineman than you… Suck my d piece

  7. Bernadeau your starter? This is why the Cowboys will never win a championship again without with a Johnson or a Parcells making football decisions. Bernadeau is not a starter. As a Panthers fan, I know this guy is barely decent back up.

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