Pagano calls Luck “a natural leader” at first minicamp


The Indianapolis Colts’ rookies have taken the field for the first time as minicamp opened today, and coach Chuck Pagano liked what he saw from No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck.

He’s unflappable,” Pagano said, via the Indianapolis Star. “He’s a natural leader.”

Luck said he’s glad to join a bunch of other rookies who are just picking up on the playbook and life in the NFL.

“It’s nice to get back and practice football,” Luck said. “It’s nice to know I’m not the only one swimming in information.”

Luck and his Stanford teammate, tight end Coby Fleener, whom the Colts picked in the second round of the NFL draft, are prohibited from participating in any other team activities after this weekend’s minicamp until Stanford’s graduation on June 7. But Luck said he’s planning to organize workouts on his own with some of his teammates, including Colts receivers Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie.

That’s the kind of leadership the Colts will need from Luck.

79 responses to “Pagano calls Luck “a natural leader” at first minicamp

  1. So if Luck is “unflappable”, Ryan Leaf (by comparison) was then thusly duly “flappable”

  2. I wish you all the best Luck, but you’re in for a real ball busting game out the gates. Opening weekend in Soldier Field. Ask Matt Ryan how that worked out last year. Matt Ryan had dealt the bears a few losses too.

  3. No doubt he has the tools to be successful. All depends how quickly the Colts provide him the supporting case – OL, skill positions.

  4. “His instinctive leadership qualities, his desire, his competitiveness, those things are going to take him a long ways.” ~ Jeff Fisher, regarding his new quarterback Vince Young, Summer of 2006.

  5. I wish Luck the best, but let him earn his stripes…unflappable? What? The toilet started to overflow at the facility and he stayed calm while procuring a plunger and motivated teammates to stop the flood of water before it reached Irsay’s office?

  6. Coby Fleener already graduated. He can take part in all practices. He was a redshirt senior … Actually going for his masters degree.

  7. Pagano will be a failure as a coach just like he was in Baltimore. 6 rings

  8. whatnojets says: May 4, 2012 12:45 PM

    Guess he’s not know for “good looks”!
    A cross between Maning and Elway!

    I would rather have an Ugly QB in Luck then your pretty boy Sanchez and Tebow’s Savior-like good looks any day….

    So just look pretty and shut up!

  9. RG3 has too many radio shows to promote himself before he can set up workouts with his teammates.

  10. andreaallennyc says:
    May 4, 2012 1:01 PM
    Coby Fleener already graduated. He can take part in all practices. He was a redshirt senior … Actually going for his masters degree.

    Such a BS rule. Luck only has one class to finish this quarter. They should take that into consideration and let him make the decision whether or not to participate in team activities, instead of blindly following the rule.

  11. benacci says:
    May 4, 2012 1:12 PM
    whatnojets says: May 4, 2012 12:45 PM

    Guess he’s not know for “good looks”!
    A cross between Maning and Elway!

    I would rather have an Ugly QB in Luck then your pretty boy Sanchez and Tebow’s Savior-like good looks any day….

    So just look pretty and shut up!


    What did you say, little girl?

    Go play with your dolls, and don’t intefere in grown-ups conversation.

  12. The Colts will now Suck With Luck. Great kid, probably a future star, but One player does not a good team make.

  13. The colts did nothing to improve their defense nor their offensive line, good luck Luck…..unless he plays linebacker and also can block for himself, he is in deep do-do…..

  14. Andy is unflappable. Those large, unsightly, protuberances on the side of his head are merely evolutionary vestiges, from our long lost avian ancestors.

  15. @wvphil7

    Correct, the Colts did very little/nothing to improve their defense with the draft. They did the smart thing…give Luck some weapons. Sending him out there with no weapons and no line can be a killer to his confidence. This team is in full-blown rebuild mode. One draft is not going to fix it. They obviously went into this draft with a gameplan to help Luck and, on paper, succeeded. This defense needs more help than just 2 or 3 draftpicks.

  16. so unfair that the Colts get to go from Manning to Luck directly. No two or three or…. 13 year gap between great quarterbacks. It really gets me when I hear a Colts fan complaining about their “situation”… they have no idea how fortunate they are.

  17. Uh oh. What future superstar’s career began with a forced proclamation like this?

  18. Well, actually Luck has two classes this quarter to complete his degree, not one. He’ll also finish learning the play book, work out with Wayne and Collie in Florida and at Stanford, respectively, and finish his classes on June 7. Then he’ll be in Indy for all practices starting June 8 and fly back to graduate with his class. It’s a good rule and I think it should stay. Luck will be fine even with missing some of the practices; he’ll get up to speed quickly.

  19. I think these comments are really bizarre … Not sure what you are talking about or if you are just joking with someone. Or do you really think Andrew Luck is unattractive? If so, wow, I know a lot of women who consider him really attractive … And no one who considers him below average. Among women I know, Elway is generally considered attractive and Manning a bit weird looking, not ugly, but not particularly attractive. Not sure why this is being discussed, but had to weigh in because I found the comments so strange.

  20. whatnojets, you have the mental capabilities of a 7 year old. You really should be embarrassed.

  21. @whodey1218

    Why would you post on here for one, and why do you want to make other Bengal fans look bad? Keep your idiotic comments for the Stealer and Raven posts… Stay Classy for the rest of us, please…

    Just sayin’

    Good Luck, Luck

  22. What else is Pagano supposed to say? “Oh God, he can’t even open a door by himself, we are ruined! Every man for himself! Go now, and die in what way seems best to you!”

  23. yeah dont understand why men would comment on another mans look, in the closet are u? hes gonna be a hell of a football player, hes the future of qb in the nfl, only teams that suck and dont have a franchise type qb is the ones who are throwing stones at him

  24. @rgwhodey

    Sorry man I do not want to make Bengal fans look bad, I was just upset because, I think the colts lost all those games last year on purpose so they could have the number 1 overall pick, and grab Luck. Not have to build a team like the other 31 teams in the nfl have to Andrew Luck best of luck to you and have a wonderful career until of course it has anything to do with the Bengals. WHO DEY!!!

  25. Pagano calls Luck “a natural leader” at first minicamp

    And Mike Shanahan calls griffin a “natural follower” at first minicamp

  26. You can already see the difference in character and leadership between Luck and RGIII.

  27. Anyone who thinks that the Colts tanked the season to get Luck is either an idiot or a hater, or both. Look back at their schedule last season…how many games did they lose by a TD or less. Also, do you really think benching Painter is a smart thing to do if your objective is to lose games? If you take Manning out of the lineup in any of the past 3-4 seasons, they would have had awful records. He kept their defense in a large majority of games over the past 10 years.

  28. What does Chuck know about quarterbacks? This team is going to suck for a long time.

    Where is peytonsneck to chime in on his “beloved” colts? Irsay is going to run this piece of crap franchise into the ground.

  29. woooow a redskins want to talk about a crap franchise? u guys are always bottom feeders in yr division, u even had a indiana boy as yr qb, rex grossman, now you guys sold yr soul for a qb named (IR)G3, let me see, u had mcnasty, danny warfuell, rex gross-man, and a bunch of other scrubs whos not even worth mentioning cause they arent worth the waste of me typing, but the colts are a crap franchise? how about shanarat, how has he worked out for u guys so far? OVERATED!!, elway and TD won him those rings, not his coaching alone, and u guys dont even have full faith in IRG3, cause u drafted Couisins, please!!! go hail somewhere else and take yr sting hail to the redskins hater coalition with u, this is colts land!! and enjoy our sloppy 2nds pierre GAR-drop, u waay over paid for that bum like u always do!!!

  30. Pagano could have said any number of things that were positive or neutral … He looks good, he’s everything we expected, whatever. If you have been following Luck at all, you’ll know he keyed in on two of Luck’s greatest strengths, he is unflappable and a natural leader … And I’m sure Luck showed that today. Those who don’t know him, might realize he’s unflappable, but many don’t realize what a natural and strong leader he is. Pagano obviously spoke the truth and was thrilled. Andrew Luck does that to people.

  31. whatnojets says:
    May 4, 2012 1:25 PM
    benacci says:
    May 4, 2012 1:12 PM
    whatnojets says: May 4, 2012 12:45 PM

    Guess he’s not know for “good looks”!
    A cross between Maning and Elway!

    I would rather have an Ugly QB in Luck then your pretty boy Sanchez and Tebow’s Savior-like good looks any day….

    So just look pretty and shut up!


    What did you say, little girl?

    Go play with your dolls, and don’t intefere in grown-ups conversation

    and thats the best reply you can come up with. so sad.

  32. Andrew Luck is an over rated lurch. The Skins have 3 Lombardi trophies to the one in Cindy. Indianapolis is a crap city in a racist state. The colts are going to need a hell of a lot more than suck to be good in the future. Peyton was a once in a lifetime qb. Luck is a dime a dozen qb who will be out of the league and on to a bright future in architecture. No o-line= season ending injury for suck (luck). Can’t wait for the skins to hail onto victory this year!!!!!

    Hail to the Redskins.

    Sorry to all of you colts fans who don’t harass Skins fans in every article, but that dummy peytonsneck comments on every Skins article there is. So I am simply returning the favor. Good luck with suck


    Hail to the Redskins!!!!!!!!!

  33. whatnojets says: May 4, 2012 12:45 PM

    Guess he’s not know for “good looks”!
    A cross between Maning and Elway!


    Say what? Are you checking out the young QB’s Jetboy? Which ones do you think are cute? LOL, I don’t EVER recall looking at an NFL QB and assessing whether they are good looking. I guess all those chemicals in the water have caught up with New Jersey fans.

  34. Joe Namath was a great leader right out of the box also.

    After his first practice he said, Come on guys I’ll buy the first few rounds at the strip club.

  35. @peytonsneck
    People like my comments 3 times more than yours. I would think it is most likely because your thoughts are indecipherable. If I were you (and thank GOD I am not), I would pay attention in English class on Monday.

    Good luck popping those pimples.


  36. Lmao somebody from a raged ass city like DC is gonna have the nerve to talk about indy??? Im not even Gona respond to that, host a superbowl in DC or anything, and racist state? The wizards logo looks like a klansman ballin , and the Wizards or Bullets, or whatever the crappy team name is now, sucks!! Host a event and get good responses from folks then talk, everybody says u gotta run for yr life there everyday, yeah that’s a city I want to raise my family in, enjoy IRG3 and GAR-drop, u probably have dial up internet

  37. silverhornet says:
    May 4, 2012 3:01 PM
    so unfair that the Colts get to go from Manning to Luck directly. No two or three or…. 13 year gap between great quarterbacks. It really gets me when I hear a Colts fan complaining about their “situation”… they have no idea how fortunate they are.

     You are correct about some of the Colts fans. I am a Colt fan that understand how fortunate we are. I have been a Colts fan since 1975. Until Peyton came along a majority of the years were very bad. To have 1 bad year and then have the hope for the future that we have with Luck as QB is incredibly fortunate.

    I think a lot of the Colts fan you speak of are the ones that became fans in about 1999.

  38. And this isn’t a popularity contest with likes unlike redskins fans, we have jobs instead of smoking meth all day like redskins fans and mayor Barry

  39. redskins fans, dont be upset that u guys got the bust of this years draft and are having buyers remorse over IRG3, cause hes out there signing autographs and doing crappy commercials, and partying all day and night in DC now, instead of getting into shanarats terrible playbook and learning those crappy plays that has made you guys the most medicre team the past 20 season, i think u guys have had 4 winning seasons in 20 years am i correct? and even tried to get steve spurrier to come to nfl and save yr sinking franchise and he flopped and couldnt save yal either, and whats up with the big hairy burley trannies that u guys have in yr stadium that dresses in womens clothes and have pig noses, tradition my ass, real men dont wear dresses!!!, remember skins fans, imma take yr gay saying and add some real class to it, ALL HAIL TO THE COLTS!!!!!! there, now bow down u clowns!!!

  40. @pimplepopper
    Raged city? I think you meant ragged. You are referring to this Nation’s Capital. You have probably never been out of Indiana.

    I will give you a history lesson in that crap state you live in.
    Indiana’s own Governor was a member of the Klan, D.C. Stephenson was a grand dragon and ran the klan in the state of Indiana for many years. He made somewhere between 2 and 5 million from being a leader in the klan and recruiting people from your state to be in the klan. This was in the 1920’s. Most of the people who live in that God for-saken state most likely had a family member or two who were in the klan.

    Luck is going to suck. Just because you host a tournament in the house that Peyton built doesn’t make your state cool. We have a thousand monuments, historical site, and non-racist citizens. Suck on it. While you are doing that learn how to spell as well. You sir, are the dumbest person I have ever read.



    Giving yourself a thumbs up only shows how small minded you are.

  41. Luck has the 1 thing that separates the great qb’s from the rg3s, humility. Reggie and Austin obviously learned a great lesson from one if not the greatest in my opinion! Work at your craft all that work together is still paying off! Luck has b in his veins. I believe his words were for all I knew every father was an NFL qb his father used to take Archie Mannings kids for ice cream? His hero was Peyton he knows he can’t fill those cleats. Mr. Luck you be the best you can be, study hard, listen to Reggie and Austin. While Rg3 runs his mouth about hurt feelings and talks the game on the radio! You speak with action and humility. That’s my QB!!!! You can have the track star!

  42. It must be terribly painful for colts fans to know there is someone as dumb as peytonsneck out there cheering for the same team as they are. Peytonsneck I truly hope you are unable to have children once you have pubic hair. I will wait until 8 o’clock to read anymore articles because I know this is your bath time right before your mother reads you a book for bed time. God help all the teachers in Indiana who have to try and teach this moron to read and write.

  43. i heard IRG3 was already arrested trying to pick up one of them crackhead tranny hookers u guys have walking all around DC all the time

  44. Also whodey, you sound like your not happy with your current QB. Don’t worry he’ll get tired of losing and Bolt out of cincy just like Palmer did.

  45. Well, I read and I see the Haterade is flowing freely.
    How about waiting a few years and THEN we can read and believe or not that A. Luck is “a natural leader”
    As of now there isn’t even a jury that can be “out”
    on RG3 or AL.
    History is the jury and there ain’t none of that history stuff for either in the NFL yet.

  46. Your Texans defense don’t scare anybody u couldn’t beat our 3rd stringrounder qb last year n defense, haha clown Texans, u guys finally win the division one year n finally make the playoffs, now u think yr bad? ?? Haha

  47. No I was out with your mom’s, ill bring her home before u wake up to eat yr cereal and watch yr Saturday morning cartoons

  48. Do you have a problem with Pagano commenting that Andrew Luck is a natural leader based on how he handled himself with these rookies. I think it’s absolutely fine for him to say and feel good about that. Luck has had many years of showing that he is a natural leader. Why would you think people would have to wait for a few years? This is not an NFL thing, where we have to wait to see if he can handle, say, the speed of the NFL. What’s your problem with someone complimenting Luck on something that people have known about him since before HS?

  49. Yeaaaaaah buddy! We’ll see Mr. Peytonsneck. I’ll let the game this year decide for itself. Have fun being the new bottom feeders in the South.

  50. Shanahan calls IRG3 “A very mediocre qb that will be lucky to have half the career of Akili smith, says he has David Carr like sight om reading defenses, and the looks of former boxer Leon Spinks , redskins would like to know if they can return IRG3 for cade mcnown, ALL FAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!

  51. Don’t be too sure that we will be bottom feeders, just because the Texans has been for YEARS!!! Remember u guys have a injury proned qb and wr, and schaub foot injury won’t be a sure thing to ever come back 100%and and u guys lost Mario and u lost a key Guy on ur O-line, so watch out for the colts, my friend!!!!

  52. Haha, the skins 3 SB wins…. Their last SB win was what? I know 30 years ago. Ever since then your skins have been the bottom feeders of their division. 30 years!!

  53. I was listening to the radio today, and there was a blurb where Clyde Christensen told reporters, “I don’t think Andrew Luck will amount to much of an NFL quarterback. He can not communicate at the line because he sounds like Herman Munster. He can’t think as quickly as RG3 reacts, and there is no way on earth he will be 1/3 the quarterback Peyton Manning was. We should have taken RG3. The Redskins really know what they are doing. I think Irsay wants to move out of this crap hole state, maybe on to LA. I personally don’t know how we will win more than one single game this year.”

    That is one of your coaches trashing your crap team.


  54. That’s totally ridiculous … No one in the universe holds that opinion, certainly not CC. What’s the point of this nonsense? Do you think this is clever or something? You’re just making yourself look like an idiot.

  55. anyone who thinks Andrew Luck won’t be good either A) never saw him play; or B) is possibly a genius, but more likely a moron. there hasn’t been a consensus slam-dunk #1 pick like Andrew Luck in 14 years. so, sure, it’s possible that every draft expert is wrong, but that’s not the way to bet.

    tonyromoisterrible — obviously, your a ‘Skins fan, which is a lot to overcome, so we’ll give you a break … RG3 will almost-certainly be good, but if you really believe Andrew Luck won’t be, then you never saw him play. (or you’re an idiot)

  56. The exchange between tonyromo and peytonsneck is shameful. You guys sound like two 10 year olds. Totally embarrassing.

  57. I have no doubt that he will get up to speed quickly enough. Sucks that different players are held to different standards because the schools can’t get their act together and be on the same schedule (and yes, I know this is America and all that).

  58. Seems to me Stanford is doing pretty well as things are … In both academics and athletics. Not sure they would be doing the smart thing if they were to readjust their entire academic calendar to better sync with the NFL.
    But you were probably joking … by the way, the quarter system causes
    much more trouble for the baseball players, they miss a lot of the summer leagues, etc.

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