Redskins sign a pair of seventh-round picks

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The new CBA apparently will be accelerating the season for signing draft picks.

The Redskins have announced that a pair of seventh-round selections have agreed to terms:  cornerback Richard Crawford and safety Jordan Bernstine.

Crawford played at SMU, and Bernstine played at Iowa.

The development could mean that the Redskins hope to get all of their picks under contract sooner rather than later.  Given that the process has become much simpler, why wait?  It gives the players peace of mind for offseason workouts, even if signing bonuses are deferred until their teams’ cash flow increases with the start of the season.

6 responses to “Redskins sign a pair of seventh-round picks

  1. Nice photo of the dude missing a tackle…should fit right in with Washington.

  2. Why wait? Sergio Kindle.

    If a player hurts himself before training camp you’re not on the hook for the salary.

  3. steelerhypocrite says:
    May 4, 2012 3:22 PM
    Nice photo of the dude missing a tackle…should fit right in with Washington.
    We will post a pic of you with a dunce cap on in the corner of the room. You’d feel right at home.

  4. hey steeler fan at least the redskins did not embarrassed themselves by losing to TEBOW.

  5. skumo, your right but i will take it a step further, teams arent on the hook until after week one, they contracts are guaranteed. this is why you see teams cut a vet on a saturday before a week one game only to sign them the day after the game.


    before i even clicked on the article to read i said i bet there is some moron posting something stupid about this article… win. always one in every blog…

    so whats the over/under on big ben raping a young girl again? i bet raping two in one year is a low payout as well.

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