Rob Ryan drops 35 pounds


Earlier this year, Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan followed in the footsteps of his fraternal twin, Rex, undergoing lap-bad surgery to promote weight loss.

So far, it has worked.

Rob Ryan said Friday that he has lost 35 pounds having the stomach-shrinking device installed.  “[T]hat’s a good thing,” Ryan said, via Calvin Watkins of  “It’s only been a couple months so [the doctor] is real happy with me.  Hell, I’ll keep working.”

Ryan said the goal was to ensure a long life.  “I did it for health, not for beauty,” Ryan said.  “I did get a sweet cut, though.  I am trying to look like a Cowboy.”

He already talks like a cowboy; he may as well look like one.  Either way, congrats and good luck, Rob.

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  1. Lap-Bad or Lap-Ban surgery?

    It probably is lab bad as Charlie Weiss almost died from the same procedure 5 years ago.

  2. 35 pounds is nothing when you weigh as much as the Ryan brothers. The best part is that he will stretch his stomach back to its normal size in no time just like his brother did, and he will put the 35 pounds back on.

  3. Theres actually a lot wrong with healthy diet and exercise. Most diet ideas today are totally asinine and proven to be pathogenic over time, most notably the Food Pyramid which is so far backwards its a crying shame it is ingrained in the minds of men and women today.

  4. The Doctor is happy with you and you’ll keep working? You’ve gotta be kidding me, YOU did nothing. There’s a band around your stomach which causes you to vomit every time you order 6 double cheeseburgers and 3 large fries from the McDonalds drive thru. Given the extraordinary caloric intake you had before surgery in order to be so fat, it is no surprise you’ve lost 35 lbs. But at least you only look like you’re expecting one now instead of twins.

  5. The man has an out of control weight issue. Takes steps to help him along the way to get it under control and still folks in this thread are putting him down.

    And folks wonder why there are fat people that are shutins and don’t get the help they need.

  6. Believe me, I can’t stand a Ryan as much as the next guy. But in his defense, I see people asking why don’t he just diet & exercise? Well take it from a short dumpy frucker like me..its not that simple! I inherited my short dumpiness from my daddy, & have grown to accept, that unless I almost starve my self, and eat NOTHING except healthy stuff, I’m gonna be this way! Whatever works for him I congratulate him! Now shut the hell up Rob, you big mouth creedent!

  7. Love the little slip of the tongue: “lap-bad surgery”. Haha!

    Seriously, it’s one thing to have the surgery; the hard part is the discipline to lose the weight…and keep it off. So often the bad habits return and the weight creeps back on. He needs to take advantage of the weight and exercise facilities the ‘Boys have. We’ll see if he does better than his brother.

  8. Not a fan, but going to skip the catty comment. Even someone I don’t like should be commended for healthy living.

    Dang, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  9. I wonder when Rob had the lap-bad (nd)? surgery? I would have to believe that it occurred at the start of the Cowboys off season in early January.

    To drop 35 pounds in 5 months can not be good. Think about it, that is 4 weeks over 5 months so 20 weeks. Over one pound a week on a conservative measure is not good.

  10. As a cowboys fan I don’t care if he loses 35 lbs or gains 35 lbs. I just want to see his D improve. Rob has to prove him self to me, right now he’s all bark and no bite. After getting good cb’s this offseason he has no excuse for his D not making big strides. Put up or shut up big boy.

  11. A guy with daily access to one of the best exercise facilities around and a professional training staff and he needs to take the lazy man’s route and have the lap band procedure. Dear God man, mix in a salad from time to time and exercise. It’s an amazing thing… put in some work, burn more calories than you shove in your face and you lose weight. Rocket science it isn’t.

  12. I heard that he lost all of the weight by using his sister-in-law’s “toe sucking”diet.

  13. Before, it looked like he was about to have sextuplets. Now he looks like he will just have quadruplets. Must be hell trying to do a situp, only being able to lift the head and needing to be raised off the floor by a crane. The article does not say if he changed his diet. He was using the Buffet Diet (pronounced buff-fey, for all those scoring a four or less on a Wonderlic). Really, if you were his wife, would you want to climb that or have that on top of you? Kids could place a board across his stomach and use it as a teeter-totter.

  14. Hutch119 says:

    What’s wrong with a healthy diet and exercise?

    Cut him some slack. As a pro football coach, where is he supposed to get access to resources like a nutritionist or gym equipment?

  15. It’s called lap-band not lap-bad. Wouldn’t it have been less evasive to just have his jaw wired shut or to wear a muzzle ? Sad when they need a serious medical procedure prevent pigs from shoveling massive amounts of food into their faces.

  16. Congrats, now go win something and maybe people will take you seriously.

  17. I consider pretty much anyone without some kind of illness or health condition that gets this surgery a complete punk. Stop eating crap, go for a walk and take the stairs once in a while. Today’s society is a joke with all the quick fixes; nobody wants to do the work anymore. Pathetic.

  18. Anyone who saw him in their war room knows he is still huge. I highly doubt he lost any.

  19. cleverbob says:May 5, 2012 6:37 AM

    Cut him some slack. As a pro football coach, where is he supposed to get access to resources like a nutritionist or gym equipment?
    Post of the Day!

  20. “I did get a sweet cut, though. I am trying to look like a Cowboy.”

    And you do look like a Cow, Boy.

  21. What is needed by players, coaches, and fans is a better health ethic…mental and otherwise.

  22. Thats because it is surgically forced starvation…diet and exercise…in extreme cases this is acceptable, but, it seems as if they have taken the easy way out….believe me, if he doesnt change his habits, he will regain the weight…he has, at his disposal, world class trainers, nutritionists and doctors yet he chose surgery..tell you lots about the mental make up of the ryan brothers when it comes to get their eating under control….they have none…

  23. Either way, congrats and good luck, Rob.

    Say what!?!? This guy is an NFL coach with world class facilities. Good luck with your fat reduction surgery. Probably still cant do a sit up. Dont he look like the guy from Austin Powers movie. “Get in my belly, blah blah blah.” Food and slober dripping down his mouth.

  24. Getting healthy is always a good thing. I just wish he’d cut that hair!!!.. Other then that..C’mon Ryan!! Lets get the defense rolling this season!

  25. hutch119 says: May 4, 2012 11:20 PM

    What’s wrong with a healthy diet and exercise?

    Hey dude, there´s medical evidence that diet and exercise for a guy with any grade of OBESITY will almost fail every time because people will lose only 5% of their weight at most, so the best choice is bariatric surgery that helps this people lose tons of weight and improve all their glycemic (“sugar”), hypertension, lipid and metabolic levels and like that prevent a lot of heart attacks, strokes, etc.

  26. The Ryan family is all fat . Especially that bounty Putin on my players Buddy . As for Rob , fix my defense Now ! I want my sixth ring , sick of Steelers fan throwing that number in my face .

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