Speedy son of Darrell Green gets a shot with the Panthers

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When we passed along the names of a dozen undrafted free agents who signed with the Panthers, we mentioned that Southern University wide receiver Jared Green was on the list. We didn’t mention that Jared is the son of Hall of Fame former Redskins cornerback Darrell Green.

Jared may not be quite as fast as his dad was in his prime — there are Olympic sprinters who aren’t as fast as Darrell Green was in his prime — but he told the Charlotte Observer he ran a 4.38-second 40-yard dash, and he and his dad have been working out together recently. At age 52, Darrell Green can still move.

“My dad ran that hill back in the ’80s and ’90s, so basically he took me back to his old stomping grounds,” Jared Green said. “He’d be right there running next to me. He’s still fast.”

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Green is a “good vertical threat, and he catches the ball well on the run.” He’ll have an uphill battle to make the Panthers’ roster, but he has the speed that runs in the family.

18 responses to “Speedy son of Darrell Green gets a shot with the Panthers

  1. Darrell Green from where? Texas A&I University. Way to go Darrell. Some small guy from a school you never heard of making it a HOF career. Who’s next?

  2. He’ll have an uphill battle to make the Panthers’ roster, but he has the speed that runs in the family.

    Sounds like he has been preparing for just that…

  3. One of my first memories as a Redskins fan was watching Darrell Green chase down that WR from before and strip the ball out.

    GL to his son. Deserves a shot.

  4. If he doesn’t make it in Carolina he’s for a home up here in DC just like his old man

  5. His dad had olympic speed, great cover skills and dedication to his craft. Jared clearly has speed, so if he can bring his dad’s dedication he will find a niche in the NFL.

  6. What the…? I do NOT understand why some things get nuked here. Let’s see if it survives this time…I’ll explain before hand this time that this was a reference to Darrel Green’s secret to his speed…

    Eat tootsie rolls kid they make ya run faster! 🙂

  7. For all those giving oranjellojones the thumbs down, Darrel Green used to stuff tootsie rolls into his socks when he was on the field.

    No word yet on what kind of candy Jared Green uses.

  8. I love how there was no mention how he was mediocre at UVA, left the program via text message to the head coach, and threw the program under the bus. Oh and by the way I went to Texas A&M so I have no dog in this fight. It was common knowledge during the draft process that the kid was selfish and egotistical so I have my doubts that he lasts longer than training camp. He was buried on the depth chart at UVA and finished 5th at Southern (what conference are they even in?) in receptions for the 2011 season. Not NFL material.

  9. Lots of undrafted players were undrafted for a reason, and occasionally one becomes a Hall of Famer. We’ll see how things play out in camp. One thing he has in his favor – playing in Louisiana will serve him well when he gets to that volcano-hot misery that Spartanburg can be in July and August.

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