Bills trying out 2010 Combine freak Dorin Dickerson

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Former Pitt tight end/receiver Dorin Dickerson generated pre-draft buzz when he ripped up the 2010 NFL Combine, running a 4.4-flat forty-yard dash with a 42-inch vertical at 226 pounds. But Dickerson has made no on-field contributions since, bouncing between practice squads and having yet to record a reception.

The Buffalo Bills are going to kick his tires.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Dickerson is scheduled to try out for the Bills. It sounds like he’s been invited to Buffalo’s rookie minicamp next week on a workout-only basis.

G.M. Buddy Nix’s Bills have been willing to take fliers on “test freak” types in the past. Former Arizona basketball player Fendi Onobun is currently on Buffalo’s roster at tight end, and the Bills used a seventh-round pick last year on Bethel defensive tackle Michael Jasper after he ran a forty time in the 5.5s at nearly 400 pounds.

Jasper has since been converted to offensive guard and is now listed at 375.

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  1. Sounds like Jasper could hit 455# without to much trouble. Probably time him with a calander at that point.

  2. Drafting athletes is always better than drafting actual football players. Just ask the Raiders. OK, maybe don’t ask the Raiders, but look at teams like the Packers and Steelers. They draft actual football players and what has it gotten them lately? Sure, they win a few Super Bowls but how do they look running in shorts or getting off a bus?

  3. @chiadam: Your RAIDERS reference is trite and outdated. Mr. Davis has passed and Big Reg is in charge now. Haters, such as yourself, need to come up with some new material. Mr. Davis was a football man who created one of the most recognizable sport franchises in the history of sport franchises. That is a FACT that can not be disputed. The RAIDERS are back on course and will hurt some feelings this year in the AFC.

  4. He’s about on a par with Jets draft pick Hill. The Bills have been adept at finding guys where no one else could. Doesn’t hurt to look.

  5. It’s funny how when you click on the link in this story from the 2010 coverage of the combine, the guy who “tore it up” is unemployed and the two TEs who couldn’t participate due to bad backs, are “tearing it up” for the Pats.

  6. Fendi Onubun, another great selection from the Devaney era here in St Louis. Its amazing how the Ram’s draft this year looks so much better now that they draft ACTUAL football players.

  7. He sounds like a big WR more than a TE. But that is what modern TE’s are now anyway.

  8. He’s a non-roster “camp body” for the rookie mini-camp that is coming up.

    With their 9 draft picks and UDFAs and having cut D.Florence, the Bills have 88 players on their 90-man roster. Even counting their UDFA signings, however, they do not have enough rookies for their rookie mini-camp. So, they are allowed to bring in a certain number of non-roster players for the rookie mini-camp on a “try-out” basis.

    So, why not bring in a couple of “workout warriors” as “try-outs” to see what they can do?

    Wannstedt knows Dickerson and may think that he can do more than he showed previously or may have improved while on those practice squads. It doesn’t hurt to have a look.

    As for the Bills bringing in athletes, while the likes of the Steelers are bringing in “football players”, one of the “try-outs” the Bills are bringing in, in addition to Dickerson, is Alex Tanney, who the Steelers invited to “try-out” at their rookie mini-camp. And, as for Onobun: it seems that there have been a couple of former basketball players who have done quite well in the NFL after being given some time to learn how to play football. So, again, why not see what he can do? It’s not like he’s taking a spot on the 53-man roster except as an emergency injury fill-in late in the season unless he can prove he can play.

  9. The bills should move him to RB to take. advantage of his superior speed and athletic ability’s. plus the bill’s only have the ageing Fred Jackson a.d 2010 draft bust DJ spillner.

  10. exibitsman says: May 6, 2012 4:47 AM

    “The bills should move him to RB to take. advantage of his superior speed and athletic ability’s. plus the bill’s only have the ageing Fred Jackson a.d 2010 draft bust DJ spillner.”


    Did you see CJ Spiller’s performance last year when Jacksone went down; how is he a bust?

  11. If your a fan of football every thing about football is news. As far as the bills giving these guys looks like Tanney and Dickinson I think it says allot. They will constantly try to improve there team. Even if they sift through 100 players and find one that can make there team a little better than its well worth it and a sign of a good organization. Keep turning over those rocks buffalo. Go Bills.

  12. exibitsman says:
    May 6, 2012 4:47 AM
    The bills should move him to RB to take. advantage of his superior speed and athletic ability’s. plus the bill’s only have the ageing Fred Jackson a.d 2010 draft bust DJ spillner.

    Did you watch CJ Spiller play last year after Fred Jackson was put on injured reserve? Apparently not since you are calling him a bust, but here…
    Does this sound like a bust? -107 rushes for 561 yards, 5.2 yard average, 4 RUSHTD’s, 39 receptions for 269 yards, 6.8 yard average and 2 RECTD’s. I have to add the fact that he only started a few games -6-
    In the NFL a 5.2 yard average is not a bust.

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