Carroll stresses competition with Flynn, Jackson


One of Pete Carroll’s hallmarks as a coach is that he wants every player on his team to compete for his job. And Carroll says that’s particularly true at the quarterback position this season in Seattle, where Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson are fighting to start.

When reporters asked Carroll who’s winning between Flynn and Jackson after the team’s workout on Friday, Carroll said the leader will be whoever is competing harder.

Who said ‘competition’ the most?” Carroll asked. “Whoever said that word the most when they were up here getting interviewed, he’s ahead right now.”

According to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times, Jackson said some variation of “compete” 10 times while talking to the media, while Flynn only said it five times. So by that standard, Jackson is ahead.

I’m just here to compete and may the best man win,” Jackson said.

Flynn said he’s getting accustomed to a very different situation than he was in as Aaron Rodgers’ backup with the Packers, where he knew he wasn’t going to win the starting job.

“In Green Bay I kind of had the luxury of kind of sitting back and learning, and being able to take my time in the progression of becoming a better quarterback,” Flynn said. “But I come in here, and now I get to compete and get the opportunity. And that’s what I came here for, and that’s what I’m excited about.”

And both quarterbacks knowing that competition is key is what Carroll is excited about.

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  1. If that’s the standard, then T-Jac would have been a Super Bowl QB in Minnesota every year. His problem isn’t saying the word compete, his problem is the competition.

  2. Whatever happened to that Mike Williams guy who had a big year in 2010 and signed a big contract. Haven’t heard much from him since.

    Also it doesn’t matter who wins the starting QB spot. Tom Cable won’t be able to protect him.

  3. If I ever run into Carroll I am going to say the word competition until he signs me to a long term deal

  4. Williams battled injuries through most of the season last year. Add to that the fact that Jackson won’t throw to a receiver unless he has a 5-yard cushion, and that tells you what happened with Williams last season.

  5. Flynn should easily beat out Jackson but it seems like they are second guessing his signing with all the competition they are having at the position.

    Flynn is a good young arm, but I guess they are taking precautions since other guys like Cassell and Kolb who had little playing time have been disappointments.

  6. How is tavaris Jackson still in the NFL he has to be one of the all-time worst QB in NFL history’s. give it up dude your never going to be a great QB Like Aron Roger’s and Eli Manning’s

  7. I will be holding a press conference today @ 3pm where I will simply say the words compete, competition, competing, and other variations of that word 750 times.

    I figure it will take about 10 minutes, after which I will take questions, as long as they can be answered competitively.

    My agent will be available afterwards to field contract offers.

  8. You don’t draft a QB in the third round as the Seahawks did with Russell Wilson to be their 3rd string QB, so this is all just a dog and pony show until the end of Training camp where T-Jack will either be traded or cut in the final cut down.

    Then, Wilson is only one play (or 2-3 bad games) away from taking over as starter from Matt Flynn.

    The kid is just too smart, and too good of a player, and simply makes no mistakes to sit on the bench for very long.

    He could easily be the starter by mid-season !!

  9. joetoronto says:May 5, 2012 11:04 AM

    More bullcrap from Pete Carroll.

    It never ends.

    More hatred and negativity from joetoronto.

    It never ends.

  10. Pete Carroll is our coach!!!….. Rah!!! Rah!!! Rah!!!…. Jump up and down and wave our PomPoms!!!…. Rah!!! Rah!!! Rah!!!

  11. Tarvaris is the incumbent and he will keep the job. With a full offseason and the strength in his arm back, he’ll ratchet it up a couple notches from last season when he finished the year by leading the Hawks to 5 wins in their last 8 games. In any event, with Flynn and Tarvaris, the Hawks have about the best 1-2 punch at QB in the league.

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