Chargers to host celebration of Junior Seau’s life on May 11

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The San Diego Chargers plan to remember one of the greatest players to ever play on the field at Qualcomm Stadium by honoring him there.

On Friday, May 11, the Chargers will celebrate the life of linebacker Junior Seau at their home stadium.  The event begins at 6:30 p.m. PT, and both admission and parking are free.

During the event, special guest speakers will share their memories and stories of Junior Seau.

The parking lot will open at 2:00 p.m. PT, and the gates to the stadium will open at 4:30 p.m. PT.  A large crowd is expected, so anyone who plans to attend is encouraged to arrive early.

19 responses to “Chargers to host celebration of Junior Seau’s life on May 11

  1. Wicked sad. It sucks sometimes but you gotta live for the living. You might be able to do more. I hope the best for those that were close to him, and that whatever the problem was can be solved, injury or depression related, unfortunately without the guy.

  2. This may not be popular, but isn’t this the same Charger team that cut him when they didn’t think he was useful anymore?

  3. Packer pride: your post is 100% accurate. How do you celebrate the life of one who didn’t want to live and left behind three kids

  4. “How do you celebrate someone’s life who didn’t even want to be here? I feel for his poor kids. There the ones who have it bad in all this”

    A person’s life is about more than the circumstances under which that life ended. Seau left behind a lot of good memories for his fans, his fellow players and the public in general and all of that should not be disregarded just because he made a desperate, irreversable mistake at the end of his life.

  5. Check out the memorial vids on youtube of Junior through the years. Sic. You’ll love them.

  6. Seanlachappell—–
    Your comments are ludicrous the article only provokes one to see the violence and consider the possibility of injury, depression and death. We watch our stars and cheer them on, but then we mourn their loss. No inference of malice or harm was inferred. It is sad, it is violent and it can be deadly. But so can construction, fishing, truck driving etc. Every truck on the road has a Jane Manfield bar on it why? Because her death by running under a tractor trailer brought enough attention to research, solve and prevent thousands more by a simple solution. Don’t be an idiot when someone poses an opinion. That’s how lives are changed and saved. Be it concussions or depression or both. In loving memory and hopefully like Jane Mansfield, his death will not be in vain if it saves so much as one life

  7. Further thought goes to his family. They are left behind with unanswered questions and a hole that will never be filled. There were serious issues in this mans life that led him to give up hope and choose to leave it all behind. May God Bless those that are left behind and give them the strength, courage and hope to carry on without him. God Bless you all

  8. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Chargers fan, Raiders fan, Rams fan, or USC fan, anybody whose a football fan should come out and support this special day for Junior Seau. Loving the Raiders I remembered when SD drafted Seau. This guy was a beast that we had to play against each year. Heart of a Lion. Rest in Peace Junior Seau.

  9. It is proper for the Bolts to honor one of their greatest this special way in the face of such a tragedy. I hope the Pats come up with at least something like a moment of silence for him once the games begin again. He wasn’t with us a long time like he was with the Chargers, but he gave his all on every play and Pats’ fans took a shine to him immediately.

  10. I hope jersey number 55 will join numbers 14 and 19 in Chargers’ lore, never to be worn again.

    Regarding the suggestion that Junior Seau “didn’t even want to be here,” that’s not necessarily true. As one who has suffered from clinical depression in the past, I can relate to the relentless onslaught of despair that Seau likely faced but couldn’t shake. At some point, thoughts of death creep in as an inviting and permanent remedy to the emotional pain that just won’t depart.

    Yeah, Vincent van Gogh allegedly didn’t even want to be here as well. I guess that means Don McLean had better trash that brilliant song of his, and people should protest the veneration of “Starry Night” and related works in art museums throughout the world, right?

  11. People loved Junior Seau. His family, his friends, his teammates, the fans- many of whom weren’t even fans of the Chargers, Dolphins, or Patriots ……. they simply loved the way Jumior Seau played the game, and loved the vitality for life that he once showed.

    And they want to celebrate THAT Junior Seau.

    What the hell is wrong with THAT?

    It’s sad what Junior did, and very disappointing to many, many people; but there isn’t enough goodness in this world, and the Chargers are doing a wonderful thing here.

  12. Seems like no site brings out the negative comments and trolling quite like PFT.

    Regardless of how it ended for Junior, the guy was San Diego’s son, an outstanding college and pro player, a true member of the community, and an active philanthropist that touched a lot of lives at every stop during his career, and post-football.

    He did not have to be the great guy he was… but he was anyway. It’s amazing to me here in San Diego how many people I’ve talked to that hung out with him, knew him, surfed with him.

    There will be many people there on Friday, and many players, as well. I’ll be one of them, with a Patriots 55 on my back. If that makes me a fan-boy or celebratory of a “quitter” in the eyes of some, I really could not care less.


  13. Junior Seau was a selfish coward. He committed the most cowardly act one can do. He doesn’t deserve to be honored. What he did during his career means nothing; I’ll always remember him as a coward. Instead of battling his demons & sharing that Barlow with others, possibly saving lives along the way, Seau’s actions tell other that when you’re sad, it’s okay to kill yourself. The Chargers bolstered that idea by holding a sham memorial service. It’s not okay to kill yourself & there is no excuse for it. A moment of silence before their first home game would be appropriate, but this coward doesn’t deserve to be memorialized in light of the hurt, pain & devastation he left in his wake when he killed himself. He thought of only himself when he pulled the trigger & the chargers should not honor that.

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