Coples says he already knows the majority of the Jets’ playbook

Getty Images

After his first practice at rookie minicamp, Jets first-round draft pick Quinton Coples told reporters he had had the playbook for a week, was given 10 DVDs of the Jets’ defensive game film from last season, and felt like he already knew most of what he would need to know.

“The defensive scheme, the majority of it is based off of what we got today,” Coples said, “so I grasped the majority of the defensive playbook today.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan laughed, however, when he was told that Coples thinks he has the playbook down.

“We love the fact that he thinks he has it down. This is one practice and he has like four defenses in and our library is a little more extensive than that,” Ryan said. “And the great thing is we will hold him to it now. So in the meeting that will be our first question, we will come up with something for him.”

Ryan said he loved the athleticism he saw from Coples on the practice field. Ryan will probably like Coples even better when Coples really does know the playbook.