Cowboys staying in contact with in-limbo Jenkins

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While it’s believed Mike Jenkins remains on the trade block and could stay there into training camp, the Cowboys have at least kept open lines of communication with the contract-year cornerback amid heavy speculation that Jenkins’ time in Dallas is up.

Specifically, Cowboys first-year secondary coach Jerome Henderson reached out to Jenkins after Dallas traded up to draft Morris Claiborne, who is Jenkins’ replacement in the starting lineup.

I’ll keep that conversation between Mike and I,” said Henderson, per Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas. “It was a personal conversation and it was me speaking to him, both as a coach and also just a guy who’s played in the league and been through some things. … We had a real good conversation.”

Jenkins separated his right shoulder on numerous occasions last season, showing toughness and guts while starting 12 of 16 games.

“Mike Jenkins gave me everything he can,” acknowledged defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. “He had a blown shoulder. He had everything going on. He played his heart out.”

Ryan also made it sound like he doesn’t expect Jenkins back.

“We’ve obviously got two fantastic players to help us,” said Ryan, presumably referring to Claiborne and free-agent addition Brandon Carr. “And that’s exactly what they’re going to do.”

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  1. What!?
    You mean a team is in contact with a player that still plays for their team?
    Now THAT’S newsworthy!

  2. How ironic. Jenkins’ problem was that he couldn’t stay in contact with wide receivers.

  3. With Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne starting at Conerback, and Orlando Scandrick coming in to cover the Slot Receiver; the Cowboys should see if Mike Jenkins can make a successful transition to Free Safety. If successful, that could go a long way in curing their secondary woes.. which would have a positive affect on Defensive Line pressure.. coverage sacks. Just a thought.

  4. Not sure how the last quote sounds anything like Rob saying he won’t be back. In fact, bet that Jenkins will be back with the team. Jenkins was available during the draft when Jerry wanted to get a 2nd round pick back. Jenkins wont be going anywhere unless someone offers up a solid draft pick.

  5. Jenkins would he a great third corner, especially got a $1M. He’s better than Scandrick although he’s played alright in the slot too. Too bad Scandrick makes five times as much. There’s no way a 4th string corner gets $6M/yr…

  6. People who are Cowboys fans and understand the economics behind it know that Jenkins won’t be back next year. He’s going to demand too much money probably around Brandon Carr money. His agent is drew Rosenhaus so it’s definitely going to happen. My guess is he will play this year and someone will give him good money elsewhere. End of story.

  7. Jenkins should be in Dallas rehabbing his injury but he thinks he can do what he wants. Now that we have 2 quality starters his attitude may change. Dallas should keep him. He’s a good corner, not great and injuries happen.

  8. As a former #1 pick playing for a new contract, the Cowboys would be crazy to trade Jenkins for anything less than a #2. Look, he’s a solid corner, and he did make the Pro Bowl year before last. Maybe you wait until the trade deadline and see if his value increases as injuries mount. I also agree with the guy that suggested to try him at FS. What do you have to lose?

  9. Who knows Claiborne may turn out to be a slow learner or a bust Carr might get lazy after getting payed .you never know looking at the paper now cowboys think they have the best cb’s in the league but start season it might all be on paper.

  10. This is one of those good/bad situations. You’d always rather have a surplus than a deficit, but when everyone knows you have a surplus the trade value plummets. I think a 2nd round pick is unrealistic (now that Al Davis is dead) but I agree with grhopper that the Cowboys might as well hold on a little bit and see if any team has injury problems and gets desperate.

  11. aaav6 says:May 5, 2012 10:31 PM

    Jenkins is one of the best CBs in the league. Tough as nails, 26 years old, and will play hurt!!

    Ugh, were you watching the same games I was watching??????

  12. He plays out the year and then walks next off season. We get a comp pick for it so unless someone is atleast offering a 3rd or a player at a position of need….might as well let him play it out.

  13. If jj is smart hell keep Jenkins since scandrick disappears for stretches. Signing scandrick last year was a big mistake.

  14. Jenkins doesnt tackle well enough to transition to safety. Also his skillset is far better suited for CB. He could play some some centerfield in dime looks. But he is def not a FS.

  15. Jenkins, I’m sure is a wonderful guy, great human being and cool dude. But his fate was sealed when he whiffed on that tackle against the Giants 3 years ago–he just let Ahmad Bradshaw run right past him for a TD and only weakly reached at the runner. I haven’t forgotten that because that’s a key indicator of a “warrior’s heart” and that is something every NFL player must have at his core–as a basic element to be a great player in this league. I hate to say it but Jenkins didn’t appear to have it. I think the Cowboys knew it every since that time that he was not a long-term answer in that secondary. But what could you do when you had just given the guy a multi-million dollar rookie contract? Wait for the first chance to trade him with dignity and respect so that they can get a decent return in trade.

  16. Why would you not keep him for depth in case of injury or if Claiborne or Carr don’t play well in the system? Not to mention three good corners are needed when you’ve got to face the Giants receiving corp twice, the Eagles twice, and a Redskins corps that may be potent this year as well.

  17. Mj21 shop him , keep him ,I don’t care . Claiborne @ Carr TIME. 21 got walked on by NFC east rb’s . Trade him and get Atleast 2pick , keep him and have depth .

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