Dolphins giving Tannehill opportunity to win starting job

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Based largely on the fact that he made just 19 college starts at quarterback, most draft prognosticators projected Ryan Tannehill as a developmental prospect coming out of Texas A&M.

But Tannehill played in a pro-style system for the Aggies. He is blessed with ideal physical tools, and has the rare rookie-year advantage of already knowing the NFL offense in which he’ll be playing. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin isn’t ruling out the possibility of starting Tannehill in Week One.

“I don’t remember a master plan that said, ‘Here’s when Ryan’s going to play,'” Philbin told’s Peter King late last month. “If there is one, I was never told about it. We’ll let them come to work, and the best man will win.”

Philbin reiterated that stance at the Dolphins’ current rookie camp. Tannehill’s competitors, David Garrard and Matt Moore, are behind the rookie in terms of mastery of coordinator Mike Sherman’s offense. They’ll eventually catch up, and the camp battle will play itself out in August.

“Those guys [Garrard and Moore] have been working hard since April 10,” Philbin said Friday, according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. “At some point that knowledge is going to even itself out, and the difference is going to be the decision-making, the accuracy, the playmaking ability.”

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  1. That’s an awful lot of tea-reading for a rookie mini-camp where the two projected potential starters aren’t even present. Please read your last quote again:

    “At some point that knowledge is going to even itself out, and the difference is going to be the decision-making, the accuracy, the playmaking ability.”

    The current level of playbook knowledge is irrelevant because they are confident any lead will be erased. The determining factors will be decision making, accuracy, and playmaking ability.

  2. If you take a guy top-10, and don’t give him a shot at starting, then why’d you take him top-10?

  3. A non-negative story about the Dolphins!? Florio must be off today…he will be furious when he finds out.

  4. Let the kid start from day 1 and get all the experience he can …. It’s not like the fins are going to make any noise this year anyway… The experience will be good for Tannehill in the long run

  5. traslation:
    He’s going to start this year because we spent the #8 pick on him.

  6. They really need to stop raising expectations for Tannehill, for their sake and his. You’ve got two decent QBs to get you through 2012. I don’t understand the race to get him into the game – why then did you sign Garrard?

  7. I’m one of the few people that like this kid. It will be interesting to look back and see which of the top ten quarterbacks does the best. Actually, add in last years crop of quarterbacks too. With all the rule changes, it is easier for these young quarterbacks to thrive. I mean, 26 teams threw for over 3,000 yards and 3 more were within 70 yards. That is nuts. Tannehill has every opportunity in the world to do well this year so we will see soon enough.

  8. At first I thought this would be a bad move because he needs time to develop his game but hell who does he have to look up to? Garrard is pass his prime, if he ever had one and moore is still unproven, yet to take it to the next level. Phins have nothing to lose starting tannehill from game 1, either he’s gonna get better the more he plays or get worse. Maybe they’ll take matt barkeley in next year draft if things doesn’t go well, maybe they’ll stick with tannehiil or possibly convert him back to WR, we’ll see.

  9. maxvv says:
    May 5, 2012 1:42 PM
    They really need to stop raising expectations for Tannehill, for their sake and his. You’ve got two decent QBs to get you through 2012. I don’t understand the race to get him into the game – why then did you sign Garrard?

    Expectations were already set when Miami drafted this guy at #8. Nothing has changed.

  10. You can bank on the phins having double digit wins this year no matter who the qb is.

  11. Tannehill will be given a chance to compete for the starting job? That’s much better than releasing him or locking him in a basement for a couple years. Waste my time with this nonsense.

  12. THIS is when a story isn’t a story.
    Rookies can play when thrown into the fire.
    I just hope Colt McCoy leaves us here in Cleveland and goes someplace he can prosper. He deserves better. Just having Richardson in the backfield will make Weeden look better. Colt had no receivers and a head case for a running back.
    Holmgren is not any better at management then when Seattle ripped that away from him when he screwed that up.

  13. Thanks for handing the JETS two free wins this year… lmao.

    You must have a short memory. Last game played the Dolphins mopped the floor with the pathetic jests. Dolphins OWN Wrecks Cryin Ryan.

  14. “Expectations were already set when Miami drafted this guy at #8. Nothing has changed.”


    “Let’s hope that someday we can retire this number” – Stephen Ross

    I’d say that qualifies as raising expectations.

  15. The Dolphins would never say it, but they also know the local ticket buying community is going to be much more excited at the beginning of the season to see a shiny, new, young QB behind center (……as visions of Dan Marino dance through their heads…….). Those Moore and Garrard jerseys are not exactly selling like hot cakes.

    The fan base needs something to be passionate about (other than hatred for Ross & Ireland) and Ross is probably getting tired of paying for his own tickets to avoid local blackouts.

    And if all that fails, the guy with the hottest wife will start 🙂

  16. The Dolphins are a pathetic franchise. This guy is going to be such a bust. There’s a reason that nobody wants to wreck their careers by signing with them. Unless you just want to hang out with LeBron, like Reggie Bush did.

  17. Garrard is a good QB if you don’t ever ask him to throw the ball to a moving receiver.

    He is at his best when he has a great defense and 2 awesome runningbacks.

    Tannehill is a project by everyone’s estimation. The NFL is QB crazy and hungry and everyone is willing to gamble that first rounder on the next big thing.

    No tellin whether we got the next Aaron Rodgers or whether we got Drew Stanton.

  18. Ummm…when a team drafts someone (at any position) in the top ten don’t we assume that he will be given “the opportunity to win the starting job”

  19. such insight, what sources, great reporting, to bad I read all that stuff in the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel,Palm Beach Post YESTERDAY
    ….I heard Junoir Seau’s family is going to donate his brain for study? info please.

  20. Puppet Master Stephen Ross will see to it that Tannehill “wins” the starting job. Even if Tannehill is the worst QB.

  21. They have a franchise left tackle already but the morons took away his number 1 receiver. They are probably praying that the Packers cut Donald Driver but I don’t even think that will be good enough to save Tannehill. He’s much better off losing a quarterback battle and letting Garrard or Moore get swept by the Bills, Patriots, and Jets.

  22. @cutlerinception69: I’d say 99% of the players who refused to sign with the ‘Phins were disgruntled that Ireland (shock!) didn’t think they were worth what they were asking him to sign them for and that he preferred to draft players instead of overpaying FAs.

  23. I’m all for throwing Ryan to the wolves PROVIDED the o-line is working like a well-oiled machine. I’ve seen too many talented young QBs mentally destroyed by being thrown out there behind a terrible line when the game is still moving a little faster than they are.

  24. Jets fans should not troll any teams posts, a very whiney group from the head coach down.

    I think the dolphins will end up in that 7-9 or 9-7 range. They are switching schemes, which is a good thing in regard to their offense maybe not such a great thing with the defense.

    I think you will see the young TE Clay excel in the WC offense. I also expect Davone Bess to have 70 receptions as he is their best receiver still standing. They will pickup a WC offense vet receiver after roster cuts I’m sure as well.

    I don’t think they will be that bad, there are zero expectations.

  25. Im a Eagles fan and even though Matt Moore played pretty good last year , I just cannot see the Dolphins using the 8th overall pick to ride the bench his first year . It’s not like the Rodgers situation , Moore & Garrard are not icons in Miami . I honestly think Ryan Tannehill will have a better rookie season than Luck & Griffin (im not saying he’ll be better, even though i believe he may end up becoming an
    elite QB in the N.F.L) because R.T already knows 65-70 % of the Dolphins playbok & he’s not only a great athlete , he’s always studying game film. The 3

    guy’s i was praying for the Eagles to move up for , in order. #1 Fletcher Cox , #2 Luke Kuechly , #3 Ryan Tannehill . Miami will be getting a top 7-10 pro-bowler in a few years , congrats Dolphin fans dudes destined for a productive pro bowl QB .

  26. And we may never know if he’s any good until they get him some one to throw to. If I were defensing the Fish I’d play 5 lineman 4 LB’s & 2 Safeties.

  27. Amazing how everybody is already making predictions with training camp two months away. I believe Coach Philbin will let the process play out. We have the nucleus for a strong O-line. Let’s see what happens before jumping to conclusions….

  28. You mean to say that a team is going to allow a player they selected in the first round to compete for a starting job? This is wildly unprecedented. Bold move, Miami.

  29. realnflmaster says: May 5, 2012 1:33 PM

    Thanks for handing the JETS two free wins this year. Pencil in our record as 2-0 to begin the season.
    Really? Silly thing for a NYJ fan to say considering in 09 your team also had a rookie high first round QB considered a reach because he started only 16 games in college, a brand new coaching staff, and your team got to the AFCC that year.

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