Offensive linemen make early cameo with Eli


I thought that Eli Manning’s monologue would include a visit from big brother Peyton Manning, or perhaps even from Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez.

I thought wrong.  (There’s a shock.)

Instead, several members of the Giants offensive line (including David Diehl) were shown in attendance during the monologue, with Eli telling a joke about how they always have his back — and that they were in the room when his daughter was born.  (Eli’s wife also was shown reacting to Eli explaining that they were present for the birth.)

Eli also had a few funny lines during a question-and-answer session about his adopted hometown of New York.  On the best place to get Italian food in Manhattan, Eli said, “Well, there’s a great place called the Olive Garden.”

Asked for a recommendation on a Broadway show:  “Cats.  You gotta see Cats.  It’s cats who can sing!”

It was a better start than expected, but not as good as Peyton.

But Eli still has the two Super Bowl rings.

17 responses to “Offensive linemen make early cameo with Eli

  1. Nothing beats the skit with Peyton drilling the little kids with a football!!

  2. Eli’s “Big Brother” was pretty good!

    “Take that Peyton”

    “My name’s not Peyton”

    “WHATEVER” – slams Andy Sanberg in the trunk of a car…..

    I was rollin on that one!

  3. “Are you Eli Manning?”

    “No. I’m your worst [expletive] nightmare!”

    When he went to give that kid’s older brother a swirly, I lost it.

  4. The skit where eli was being stalked by that game show host was pretty fun.

    What is this?

    Although you could tell at some points that he was reading from the prompter.

  5. Let’s face it…Eli bombed….he’s too dumb and too stiff to read Q cards. WHAT A DOPE!!!

  6. I pretty much thought the whole show sucked. Writing was not very good tonight, but Eli was pretty stiff no matter how bad the writing was.

  7. If you include the deprecation of the quality of snl in a mathematical equation, Eli’s cameo would have the same value as Peyton’s.

  8. nygdefenserules says:
    May 6, 2012 12:11 AM
    Eli’s “Big Brother” was pretty good!

    “Take that Peyton”

    “My name’s not Peyton”

    “WHATEVER” – slams Andy Sanberg in the trunk of a car…..

    I was rollin on that one!


    Yeah, my girlfriend and I were rolling around on the coach laughing at that sketch. By far the best one on the show. His maniacal laughter at the end was pretty damn funny. Eli really got into that one. He was kinda stiff on the rest of it, but he really got into that one. I wonder why…

  9. A few good skits, a few bad ones. Flubbed a few words, obvious teleprompter reading on some, all observations spot on. But he isn’t an actor, he’s a QB. I’d like to see how Michael Vick, Tim Tebow, or Tony Romo would do on that stage. About as good as Eli (if not worse)…not as good as Peyton. But Eli has twice the rings.

    And yeah, the “Big Brother” skit is priceless. So is the banana shot at Favre. They just should have had him wearing Crocs.

  10. Eli Manning is an excellent QB, but he is not an entertainer. Next January SNL will probably invite former President Obama to host the show. He is an excellent entertainer but not very excellent at his current employ.

  11. trevor123698 says:
    May 6, 2012 2:10 PM
    If he seriously eats at the Olive Garden I find that to be sad, and also somewhat amazing

    I’m guessing it was a joke. Like they used to have on SNL.

  12. It was awesome, Good for Eli.

    Now you know what he was doing on Sunday morning after the show? Preparing to win another Super Bowl, that’s just the type of person he is and its perfect for New York.

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