Alameda Ta’amu becomes first Steelers draft pick to sign

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The Steelers got the final day of their rookie minicamp off to a good start by announcing their first contract with a member of the 2012 draft class.

Nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu, a fourth-round pick, has agreed to terms on a four-year deal with the team. The Steelers traded up to select Ta’amu with the 109th overall pick in the draft.

Ta’amu has been referred to by some as the best nose tackle available in the draft and Ta’amu could have a chance to start right out of the gate. Casey Hampton is coming off another knee surgery thanks to a torn ACL at the end of last season, leaving his status for the 2012 season in some doubt. At 6’3″ and right around 350 pounds, Ta’amu definitely has the size you look for in the position. Steve McClendon is also in the mix at nose tackle for Pittsburgh.

The Steelers have eight more draft picks to get under contract.

16 responses to “Alameda Ta’amu becomes first Steelers draft pick to sign

  1. I can’t even tell you how sick this makes me. My Chiefs could have taken this stud instead of the turd Poe they chose. Just makes me sick.

  2. Where’s his pregnant belly? He’ll never replace Big-Snack Hampton without a nice, big, pregnant bowling-ball belly.

  3. Just watched his Youtube highlights – this guy is a BEAST. Motor running high every play. He’s the only guy on the Washington D-line pushing into the offensive backfield on nearly every play, and most of the time he’s deep in the backfield. Highly disruptive. He’s taking on two blockers on a lot of plays and pushing them both backward.

    Very similar to the way Hampton played at UT.

  4. Facemask is ugly though. Needs to change the little girl looking look.

  5. Hello, Alameda. Welcome to the NFL. Can’t remember when I’ve been this excited about a draft class. Looking forward to getting a look at these guys in preseason action. Sounds as though this may be a near seamless transition from Big Snack to Ta’amu.

  6. Deb, I agree about the draft class. They really seem to have filled serious needs with the talent they got on paper. Looking forward to seeing how training camp plays out, and if the 2 big OL and maybe even this guy will be good enough to start the season and start getting experience.


  7. I’m not a Steelers fan but I have to say Ta’amu was a great pick. We may not hear much about him this year but I’ll bet two years from now we’ll all be calling him the steal of the 2012 draft.

  8. zanderbough says:

    Sad to see a Husky land with the Stealers
    Really? Because as a Bama fan, I’m only concerned for the Tide players who wound up with dysfunctional clubs that haven’t had a winning season in years. I may hate the Pats, but couldn”t be happier that Dont’a Hightower landed with the defending AFC champs. Wish Ozzie would quit making our guys Ravens, but at least he’ll take good care of them and they can be proud of their team. A real Husky fan would be happy to see Ta’amu with a contending team where players take paycuts to stay with the organization because they’re well-treated.

  9. Aside from ’74, this draft shapes up to me to be the baddest most beastly infusion of talent ever.

    (1) DeCastro = perfect Steeler filling the most pressing need
    (2) Adams = nimble feet, needs to get his “act” together, but with the Steeler coaches, front office and locker room leadership – there’s reason for optimism
    (3) Spence = needs to put on a little weight and groom, but Lloyd played at 226
    (4) Ta’Amu = LOVE this pick, thought we take him in the second or third, but Colbert is smarter than I, so just thrilled we made an aggressive move to take the highest value target on the board
    (5) Rainey = could be a difference-making player, and get value in the 5th.

  10. Finally, an answer to the Ratbirds Haloti Ngata (6’4″, 330lbs)! He even sounds to be Polynesian!

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