Andrew Luck says he improved “leaps and bounds” during minicamp

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Andrew Luck has been playing quarterback for nearly his entire life, so how much progress can he really make during a three-day minicamp?

“Leaps and bounds,” Luck said when asked that question today, at the end of the Colts’ rookie camp. “The chance to get practice reps is huge, and to get on the field, get all of the reps and put something on film that you can go back to and have it start clicking. So leaps and bounds.”

Luck said there was noticeable improvement on the practice field between the first session on Friday and the last session on Sunday.

“The ability to come out here, you make a mistake that you watched on film, and the ability to come out and not do it again, I think, is something that has spread out through all of the guys here,” Luck said. “So it is fun to be around.”

NFL rules prohibit Luck from working with the team again until Stanford graduates on June 7, so Luck will miss all of the Colts’ organized team activities. His next opportunity to improve “leaps and bounds” will come at the Colts’ next minicamp, June 12-14.

30 responses to “Andrew Luck says he improved “leaps and bounds” during minicamp

  1. Ok, sure. In 2 days of tossing the ball around, you’ve improved leaps and bounds? Between him and RG3, I’m not sure who I will laugh at more when they both fail.

  2. We’ll see how he “leaps and bounds” when he’s an all-out blitz coming in his face. 😉

  3. In Luck we trust!!!! Colts only had one bad season in 12 years, we will be back on track next season, ALL HAIL TO THE COLTS! !!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just like Q Coples comment about already knowing the Jets D…Every year rookies say they have digested the teams playbooks in days and even look good in pre season games…I’ll reserve my judgment for the rooks when the true test arrives, the regular season and playoffs…

  5. I know this is bad , but WTH… Colts don’t deserve Luck. The way they treated Payton. Letting a legend walk for the next best unproven thing. Irsay is an idiot and a narcissist. Who needs talent and skill when all you have to do is suck and fall into the #1 pick.

  6. @steelerhypocrite…You’ll be hiding under a different username when Luck is all pro every year

  7. I wish him well.

    I don’t think he is quite ready for Canton yet.

    Give me a break.

  8. So… who does the best this year? Luck, Griffin, Tannehill or Weeden? I am going with Tannehill. Just remember, Warren Moon said it first just like I said Newton would explode!

  9. I’m sure Patrick Willis, James Harrison, Reggie Lewis and Vince Wilfork have all filed for retirement because in three day Andrew has grown in “leaps and bounds”. LOL

  10. @peytonsneck is a racist clown. Here is his comment on Griffin. Then look at his previous comment on Luck. _________________________________
    peytonsneck18 says: Mar 1, 2012 5:46 PM

    OVERATED QB!!! Will never win a superbowl or even get to one!! Mark my words

    peytonsneck18 says: Feb 26, 2012 1:34 PM

    Can folks leave race out of it!!!! I’m a Colts fan and we all know how infatuated Irsay is with Luck. RG3 to Browns and rest of drafts falls in place. And folks please put your crystals ball down and hang up on from the physhic hotline cause nobody will know if Luck a bust til several years in the NFL. Give it a rest folks!

  11. rabidskinsfan says:

    “Luck sucks! I can’t wait until Luck proves everyone that he will be an even bigger bust that JaMarcus Russell!”

    Yeah, because that’s going to happen….Sure you’re not thinking of your own QB, RGIII?

  12. steelerhypocrite says:

    “…Between him and RG3, I’m not sure who I will laugh at more when they both fail.”

    You’re going to be waiting a looooooong time to start laughing.

  13. I am so happy Mr. Ed didnt come out last year. Cam Newton will be a Hall of Famer and Mr. Stanford just another NFL bust!

  14. U clowns Luck isn’t saying he’s gona dominate now, patriots fans when was last time yal won a SB? Yea since yal was exposed for cheating, redskins fans how many winning seasons have yal had in past 20+ years? U say maybe 4? Gtfo here!!!!

  15. @peytonsneck18 – funny how you can talk smack about RGIII yet you get all sensitive when we talk about Luck. Regarding your Skins winning seasons comments in the last 20 years, no one is denying that, yes we’ve sucked for the last 20 years. But u still didn’t answer the question regarding how relevant were the Colts prior to Manning? They weren’t; you would have to go back to the Baltimore days!

  16. Colts were smart to look out for their future, they’ve gotten old and need ro rebuild, and Irsay was tired of his team being dependent on one player. In Luck we trust!

  17. @tonyromo/ownstheredskins…luck sucks huh?…thats a real grown up thought…please tell me your 7 year old son hacked your account

  18. Wow. Some of you are really haters … Just looking for something to criticize. Luck is now in a totally different offensive system in term of the verbiage … And with almost entirely new teammates. Leaps and bounds means leading hese plays and getting in sync with his teammates. It’s not like he was saying he finally learned how to throw a pass or even that he was learning entirely new concepts. If he had said there wasn’t much new to learn, the same people would be jumping all over him about that. Luck is genuine and humble and enthusiastic … Get used to it.

  19. Wait, I thought he had no room for “leaps and bound” improvement. I thought he was too good and “NFL ready”for that.

  20. You expected him to learn an entire NFL play book with completely new terminology in less than a week and be able to translate it to tbe field … and have his timing perfect his first time with 2 dozen new teammates? No one, and certainly not Andrew Luck, has said he didn’t have a lot to learn in transitioning to the NFL. Where is this nastiness coming from?

  21. Redskins fans are just pure HATERS! ! they want /wish Luck will fail because they sold their souls for a future bust in RG3 and OUT! !! Misery loves company

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