Cameron Wake agrees to extension with Dolphins

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Linebacker Cameron Wake has been angling for a new contract since the start of the offseason and he’s finally landed one.

Wake, who was set to make $615,000 in the final year of the deal he signed when he jumped from the CFL to the Dolphins, has agreed to terms on a new four-year deal according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Schefter’s report has the total value of the deal at $49 million with $20 million guaranteed, although there are no further reports about structure or whether or not the deal is guaranteed for both skill and injury.

Wake had been engaged in a bit of drama with the Dolphins as he tried to secure this new deal. He skipped the start of offseason workouts, returned after a conversation with coach Joe Philbin and then stopped showing up again a short time later. We’d expect him back with the team full-time now and likely with a smile on his face to boot.

With Wake in the fold, the Dolphins have one less expiring contract to weigh on their minds. Tackle Jake Long, wide receiver Brian Hartline, defensive end Randy Starks and cornerback Sean Smith are all entering the final years of their deals.

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  1. Excellent work, and well-deserved. Another diamond in the rough from Jeff Ireland. Now I feel like I should watch Aladdin after saying that.

  2. Great move….miami will not worry about long until november. They need to make sure he stays healthy all year first. Even with this deal miami will have alot of cash next summer. That is why they didn’t go crazy on free agents this year folks.

  3. It is great to see this get done. I am not a Dolphins fan, but the production he has given that team deserved this, and it was the right thing to do. If Jeff Ireland wants to repair his image with potential free agents in the league, taking care of your own is a good move in the right direction. Well done, Dolphins Front Office, on rewarding one of the few bright spots on this team.

  4. Maddogcraig77…….his numbers went down because he had a breakout year two years ago and he was double teamed all last season. Teams got away with this because miami had no other pass rushers. If olivier vernon pans out wake could easily rack up 20 sacks. He was rated by pro football weekly as the top olb last year with only 8 sacks.

  5. You guys can stand on a few rankings and hype that this guy is great and all but i just don’t see it. He goes up against Right tackles and can’t beat them if they are above average agility-wise.
    Not worth that kind of money but when you have that many holes you can’t let anyone good walk

  6. The reason most people don’t regard Wake as one of the league’s best pass rushers is because the NFL doesn’t record hits, hurries and holding penalties drawn.

  7. Speaking of holding penalties, the first Monday night game with the Pats he was being held most of the game with the suck ass flag thrower watching and doing nothing, he will be a force if the new guy holds his own. Bill p.s. I also think he was held by most teams we played. With our run stopping defense most team will be passing the ball and that will help get more sacks.

  8. bchapman2011 – i agree he had a tougher time getting to the qb because the lack of another pressure guy – but i seen him get handled much easier one-on-one this past year – i just didn’t see the fire i saw the year before – and, losing 7 straight doesn’t help much for one’s drive either – i like the guy – heck with the lack of DB production – we need cameron to snack on a little brady ass this year

  9. This is well deserved. Wake has been a stand person on and off the field. He has had a long journey and busted his tail to get where he is today. I look forward to watching him wreck havoc on Tom Brady for the next 4 years and I’m looking forward to watching him get at Sanchize one last time before he gets benched in favor of Tebow.

  10. Cameron Wake has averaged more Sacks per season Than Marrio Williams ( 9.3 for Wake 8.8 for Williams). In Fact all his stats are equal to or better than Williams except Forced fumbles which are only a mere .3 average apart.

    Sacks – 9.3
    Passes Defensed – 2.6
    Tackles – 40.6
    Forced Fumbles – 1.3

    Mario WIlliams
    Sacks – 8.8
    Passes Defensed – 1.6
    Tackles – 40.1
    Forced Fumbles – 1.8

  11. I still can’t buy a Dolphins jersey, because a 4 year contract only means he’s happy this year. Cut in a cost cutting move next year. Never know.

  12. This was a great move now they need to get another great pass rusher.They should watch the Eagles they’ll be getting rid of a really good pass rusher because they have too many of them.

  13. It is actually harder to record a sack when going against right tackles. While LT are usually the more talented pass blockers on the team, The quarterback can see you coming from the right side. It is really impressive that he has been able to record that many sacks from that side. Just look at the other great pass rushers. Off the top of my head, Lamar Woodley and Robert Mathis are the only other great pass rushers that come from the right side.

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