Colts insist they aren’t rebuilding

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As the Colts try to rebuild a franchise that went 2-14 in 2011 and that lost its franchise quarterback prematurely and that cut or didn’t re-sign various other key contributors, the team insists that it’s not rebuilding.

Too old to be rebuilding,” Reggie Wayne said recently, via Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.  “The only thing I’m rebuilding is the cars in my garage.”

New quarterback Andrew Luck agrees, with a less entertaining description.

“I don’t think anybody is viewing it as a rebuilding season,” Luck said, via Chappell.  “There are great players on this team, guys that have made the playoffs for x-amount of years in a row and then maybe missed out last year.  I know they are hungry.  I just hope that I can help them achieve that goal.”

Meanwhile, coach Chuck Pagano is trying to convince the new players that they can become the next wave of great players.

“We said, ‘You wouldn’t be sitting in this room if someone didn’t see something in you . . . somebody in here is going to be the next Dallas Clark, and somebody is going to be the next Joe Addai,'” Pagano said.

As long as Luck isn’t the next Curtis Painter, the Colts should be fine.  Still, even Manning was 3-13 as a rookie, and he had Marshall Faulk and Marvin Harrison.

58 responses to “Colts insist they aren’t rebuilding

  1. My Colts will be alright!!! In Luck we Trust!!! ALL HAIL TO THE COLTS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr Anderson thought the Matrix was real until Morpheus showed up. So which pill shall you choose?

  3. “There are great players on this team, guys that have made the playoffs for x-amount of years in a row and then maybe missed out last year.”

    Andrew, there is no maybe. The Colts did not make the playoffs last year. That is a fact.

  4. No, not rebuilding. Just adding a new coach, new offensive and defensive schemes, new offensive weapons, and new just about everything else. Saying the Colts are not rebuilding from scratch is like saying hurricane Katrina was a renovation project.

  5. Anytime you have a new coaching staff, quarterback,new defensive philosophy, you are definitely a rebuilding team and they will find that out very early next year.

  6. Pagano would have been much smarter to say it IS a rebuilding year, so when he ends the season 3-13, he won’t look like a jackass 🙂

  7. tnazvol says: May 6, 2012 9:17 AM

    Why are a bunch of grown men afraid of a word?
    My guess it’s because football involves a lot of mental gymnastics at times and the people in charge don’t want a losing mindset to seep in because they’re “just rebuilding”. We’ve all seen how teams that lose a bunch for awhile have that “losing culture” that sets in. It’s tough to change it. So it’s best not to let it creep in to begin with.
    I believe this team will be better than it was before…much better and tougher.

  8. Any time your QB goes from a first ballot HOF to a rookie, it is called “Rebuilding”. Sorry Colts. But, in that division they could be contenders again by next year.

  9. We’ll see how it goes. I thought the niners season was lost last year with the lockout, short off season, new coaching staff but what they did was eye opening.
    Maybe Pagano can do a ‘Harbaugh’?

  10. So they are just staying “status quo”? LMAO

    They may end up worse than last year. Nothing is the same.

    And Luck will take some time to develop. By a lot of popcorn Indy fans, it could be a few more years.

  11. Yeah OK. They were 2-14 and last in the league last year. They just drafted their heir apparent at QB and cut a bunch of vets. Let’s call a spade a spade….they are REBUILDING.

  12. I don’t believe the Colts are claiming they weren’t rebuilding; I think they’re implying that they’ve rebuilt. Everyone looks at 2-14 and thinks the Colts were horrible, but even with bad injury luck, their defense was statistically better than that of the Pats or the Saints and a lot of games were decided by one score or less. If the Colts had a backup QB that was closer to, say, Matt Cassel than, well, Curtis Painter, it is not unreasonable to think the Colts end up closer to 8-8.

    And other than Peyton F. Manning and Frenchie (but who pays $40 mil for a no. 2 WR?), the Colts didn’t cut many players that weren’t past their prime or serious injury risks.

    Do I think they are rebuilding? Yes, but I think it’s a good sign for them to be pretending they aren’t.

  13. Since 2000 or so, it seems that some teams are able to reload when necessary (Pats, Steelers, Giants), and though they may occasionally miss the playoffs, those teams don’t go through wholesale changes in the off-season.

    That’s not what happened with the Colts. They had a house, decided they didn’t like it anymore, and have torn it down completely. Sure, they saved a couple of pieces of their favorite furniture, but they hired a new architect and are rebuilding from the ground up.

  14. If they are not rebuilding and they had such a horrible record last year, then there is only one possible conclusion–they did throw the season last year just to be able to get Andrew Luck. Either you are rebuilding off a terrible year or you had reasonable talent all along and threw the season. You can’t have it both ways.

  15. Colts could be a surprise team next year. Not a surprise as in “oh… watch them win 12 games”. but a surprise like “wow they won more than 2 games and upset at least one really good team.”

    Everyone who points out the 3-13 rookie Manning season has to remember that even back then rookie QBs were not viewed as ‘NFL Ready’. Manning was a relatively rare rookie QB who started every game (and got his ass handed to him often). One could argue that Luck is better prepared to enter the NFL than Manning was.

    Also worth noting….. the AFC South could be a very bad offensive division. Only the Texans look strong on O.

  16. Message boards clearly satisfy strong cases of schadenfreude. And until this Colts team wins I expect we’ll hear this ad nauseam.

    But how on this earth someone can compare this team and organization to the NY Jets boggles the mind. Past schadenfreude and certainly mental illness must motivate the post.

  17. After the fourth consecutive loss of the new season, the GM or owner or even the coach will stand in front of the Indy media and say these words:

    “As you all know, it’s a rebuilding process and we know Andrew is going to struggle a bit, but he is getting better and will continue to do so…”

    The only person Irsay and Wayne are lying to is themselves…

  18. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you are rebuilding. It might not sound great to your fans, but it is what it is. The Colts seem to have the right people in place to do it right; so what’s the big deal with the terminology? They’re in a much better spot than Miami, for example- they have a clueless owner, terrible GM, and a milquetoast head coach.

  19. Joe addai? You mean the bust 1st round pick they didnt see enough value in to sign him to a new contract? Then he went unsigned in free agency a long time?

    Dont aim too high now…

  20. Exactly, why would players, and fans want to be anything but upbeat? We all understand, we may be average, below average for a couple of seasons, but in the long run, we will be back. This isn’t a browns, dolphins, situation. We have the future in our quarterback, and why would any of us say anything negative? As a fan o the NFL, I would like to see any team be successful, it just doesn’t happen a lot of times. I hope that the colts and patriots can continue their rivalry, and enjoy some great football…. I will say this much, I would rather be in the colts situation, than 31 other teams out there.. Eventually your franchise will go through this, and it’s coming sooner than later. We are just fortunate enough to get our guy for another 15 years

  21. heracleitus says: May 6, 2012 10:02 AM

    And other than Peyton F. Manning and Frenchie (but who pays $40 mil for a no. 2 WR?), the Colts didn’t cut many players that weren’t past their prime or serious injury risks.
    Yeah, but when cutting players that are past their prime or injury risks involves cutting two out of every three players from your perennial playoff team, that’s called rebuilding.

    More importantly, doing a clean sweep of your front office and ditching your head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, president, GM, drafting philosophy, and defensive scheme is called rebuilding: even if Peyton, Dallas, and Saturday were still on the team, they’d still be rebuilding.

    On the other hand, props to Andrew Luck. He’s a smart kid, he knows what’s going on here, but part of being a great quarterback is being a great press secretary and spinning PR just the way the front office wants. Clearly Luck has a solid grasp on the media portion of being the face of the franchise already.

  22. I actilually laughed out loud when I read the title. You have to be kidding me. I hope they do not considef this team a competetive product. If so they are in trouble. By the way stay of twitter irsay it makes you sound like an entitled rich kid that was handed a football team by daddy…..oh wait

  23. Poor choice of words by Coach P. I understand not admitting to the dreaded “rebuild” and instilling in your players that you have full confidence in them and expect to compete…. but don’t you want them to be themselves?

    They have enough pressure on them. You don’t want the next Dallas Clark. You want Fleener to be himself and be Coby Fleener. You don’t want him trying to fill Dallas’ shoes.

    In every interview I’ve seen so far, Luck has said he’s not trying to fill Peyton’s shoes. He’s trying to be the best he can be. He’s trying to be the best Andrew Luck out there.

    Different situations, but as a Packers fan, I’m very pleased Rodgers took the same route. He’s the best Aaron Rodgers he can be and not someone trying to stand in Brett Favre’s shoes.

    Wear your own shoes kid, he// with what the coach was trying to say!

  24. I don’t understand this new(?) phenomenon in sports, politics and other areas which seems to involve denying facts everyone knows to be true…as if they can be spun into something else. Whether it’s the Colts rebuilding (can I get a “duh?”) or someone denying unemployment is higher now than when Obama took office (a fact, whether or not one thinks he’s to blame), it seems easier to me to just acknowledge the point and move on. “Yes, we’re obviously rebuilding…but that doesn’t mean we won’t succeed sooner rather than later.” What’s wrong with that?

  25. The vikes werent rebuilding when yhey drafted ponder and signed mcnabb… 4 games in they finally realized they rebuilding… WAKE UP COLTS… Ur not just rebuilding, ur replacing an old and cracked foundation…

  26. For a team that’s supposedly not rebuilding, they sure done some remodeling and upgrades. I think they can be an 8-8 team if luck starts out hot.

  27. I hope Indy becomes competitive again. But Luck is not an automatic second coming of Peyton Manning. Don’t forget many a first round high pick QB has turned out to be complete busts.

    And once in a while all teams miss a Tom Brady who went as a sixth round draft choice. It can go either way.

    So good luck Indy fans, and Redskin fans, hopefully the #1 & #2 picks live up to all the hype.

  28. Earlier someone mentioned that there are certain teams that don’t have to rebuild each year, that they just reload.

    I agree, but the three teams you mentioned have Big Ben, Eli, and Brady for QBs. Fully developed top notch QBs, that fact has a lot of weight to it.

    Now other teams that were pretty sound (Miami comes to mind) but had a QB problem just couldn’t get off the ground. Also for years the Bears had a great team and no QB and that caused their problems.

  29. If they are NOT rebuilding then they are not running their team correctly.

    You need to rebuild every so often.

    Sometimes it may take a new coach and some new blood.

    Sometimes it takes new coach, GM, QB, back up QB, starting RB, starting AND back up TE, slot WR, starting C……

  30. You play to win the game and every year is a new team.
    No player should ever consider any season a rebuilding season.

    God help the Colts if the management takes that view though.

  31. They had better be rebuilding. That team sucks worse than the 0-16 Lions. Luck is going to be a bigger bust han Ryan Leaf and all you colt fans will be crying in your cheerios when Irsay takes the team to LA.


    The colts suck

  32. “Colts insist they aren’t rebuilding”

    Yeah…OK….. and ….

    * Rosie O’Donnell is a hot sexy chick.
    * All politicians are honest.
    * Pac Man Jones is a model citizen.
    * My wife’s breasts did not get saggy after having children.

  33. People who say Manning was the team are just plain stupid. I don’t care what their record was last year. The team was riddled with injuries. Guys that strictly were on special teams were thrusted into starting positions on defense. Even with that they managed to lose 7 games by only one score.

  34. Tonyromoisterrible is a doosh and has no clue as to what he is talking about. Move along son and let the adults talk football.

  35. OK, not rebuilding.
    Got it.
    My confidence in my team (Colts) to win it all is completely restored. LOL

  36. One of the closest relationships Peyton Manning maintained over the last decade was that with offensive coordinator, Tom Moore. Working together, they constructed one of the most dominant and pressure-inducing offenses in the NFL. Fourteen years after Manning came into the league, Andrew Luck will do his best to step in and fill the shoes of a legend that absolutely transcended the game.

    Tom Moore seems to think he’s perfectly capable of doing just that.

    In an interview with Michele Tafoya, Moore gushed and gushed about the Stanford quarterback and his immense qualities. Over the course of three weeks after the 2011 season concluded, Moore took Luck under his wing and began reviewing film with him for three to four hours per day.

    After their sessions of dissecting film, what were Moore’s impressions of his “lucky” experience?

    “He’s the real deal. If you draft him you never have to worry about anything. You know he’ll be prepared. You know he’ll be in shape. You know he’ll study. You know he’ll practice hard. You won’t have to worry about anything. And you’ll know he’s going to go home and spend two-to-three more hours working on what you talked about.”

    When asked for specific qualities that make Luck, well, Luck, Moore specifically pointed to Luck’s great intelligence:

    “Number one, he’s very intelligent. He’s extremely intelligent. Second, he’s from a football family. In the classroom, he has the things you’re looking for. He has recall. You go over something on Monday, and on Friday when you put in the tapes he has instant recall. If I was still coaching I’d love to have him because he can do the things I like to do: audibles at the line of scrimmage; no-huddle. He has a great awareness of what’s happening.”

    Yes. Unless you’ve never seen Luck play a snap in your life, this might just fall into the “more hype” category. However, when the man who has worked with arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time, for basically his entire career, speaks this highly of another prospect, it should carry a little more water and only further cements the excitement that comes with drafting Luck.

    This guy has all of the tools to be great. Now, he has to “just do it”, if you will.

    Furthermore, with the selection of Luck, there should be no doubt that he’s going to be the starter from day one. However, the question remains: Will he be ready? Moore certainly thinks so and also believes that Luck doesn’t need a veteran (Byron Leftwich) to come in and serve as a “mentor”.

    “The first day of the first practice. That’s what we did with Peyton. I told Kelly Holcomb, ‘Go stand behind me. Peyton’s taking the snaps.’

    Andrew Luck doesn’t need a mentor. I’ve never bought into the theory that you learn by watching. I think all that stuff is really overrated. Is he going to make mistakes? Yeah, who hasn’t? But I know Andrew’s a strong enough person that he’s going to handle the comparisons [to Manning], and he’ll handle it perfect.”

    There’s also been a lot of insane speculation that the Colts could/should shock the world and select Robert Griffin III. While this is about as likely as being struck by lightning on a winter day, I guess stranger things have happened. I mean, who seriously thought the Polians were going to get axed? It’s a completely different situation, but I’m just saying.

    If Griffin’s name were to be called on April 26th, I wouldn’t start pounding on the floor of my man cave with tears pouring from my eyes. I do like RG3 a lot, but just not as much as Luck. And according to Moore (and the rest of the world, besides Merril Hoge), Luck is without a doubt “Mr. Numero Uno”. More specifically, Moore mentioned that he’d draft him and “would never look back.”

  37. Croghan, no one expects greatness right out of the gate. Just wait till next offseason when Colts have the most available coin. 40 million of dead cap this season. Next seaso….all gone.

  38. tonyromoisterrible says: May 6, 2012 1:41 PM

    They had better be rebuilding. That team sucks worse than the 0-16 Lions. Luck is going to be a bigger bust han Ryan Leaf and all you colt fans will be crying in your cheerios when Irsay takes the team to LA.


    The colts suck
    Colts fans, can I apologize to you on behalf of everybody in the greater DC area? Really. Unfortunately there are jackasses like this in every fanbase. I wrote a paragraph the other day taking some dumbass Colts fan to task for hoping Griffin would be a bust. I explained that the Colts and Redskins are in the same boat right now: bad teams hoping trying to get back on track and return their franchise to greatness. They’re not in the same conference, there’s no historic rivalry, and therefore there’s no reason to bash each other, or our aspiring franchise quarterbacks.

    Tonyromoisterrible: What are you thinking dude? We’re doing pretty good right now, there’s no reason to go rag on other franchises that may or may not also be in rebuilding mode right now. Plus, if any team needs a giant PR boost, it’s DC: haven’t you noticed the inordinate number of Washington haters there are out there? Between our name/logo, unlikeable owner, and win/loss record over the last decade, the Redskins need all the good PR they can get: no need to create Washington haters out of Hoosiers with little to no opinion on the NFC East.

  39. When the other coaches in your division are Mularky (0-0), Munchak (9-7), and Kubiak (47-49), you don’t really have to rebuild.

  40. Pirate freedom makes a good point, if you go into a season claiming to be in rebuilding mode then how is that gonna motivate players to get better. You should play every game with intention to win and if you lose, you can say well we tried and we put all our heart and soul into this game. Like Edwards said, “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME” and if you don’t intend to play your hardest or have the mindset to win, then “GET OUT”!

  41. The Colts now have the best qaurterback in the afc south. That is if shwab or what ever his name is in houston. He is better then all the other quarterback’s drafted by other team’s in the afc south. He will soon be better then matt too

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