Jaguars, Josh Scobee making no progress on contract

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The Jaguars and kicker Josh Scobee haven’t been able to find common ground in their discussions about a long-term contract.

Jacksonville placed the franchise tag on Scobee when they weren’t able to come to terms on an extension before the deadline for using the tag, which would pay Scobee $2.88 million. Scobee hasn’t signed it and his agent tells Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union that there haven’t been any constructive talks about a deal.

“On both sides of this equation there are really good people. There are good people on the Jags side. There are good people on Josh’s side,” said Ken Harris. “I have to give Josh a ton of credit. He had me convey invitations to them on three different occasions to sit down, for he and I and their top brass to sit down together and talk, and that hasn’t come to pass.”

Scobee made 92 percent of his field goals last season, the highest percentage of any kicker who also handles kickoffs. Scobee hit 12-of-14 tries from 40 or more yards.

Ganguli reports that the contract the Raiders gave Sebastian Janikowski has been part of the issue between the Jags and Scobee. Janikowski signed a four-year, $16 million contract in 2010, but Harris said that Scobee isn’t exclusively using Janikowski’s deal as a comparison in negotiations with the Jaguars. According to Harris, Scobee’s demands don’t land him in the top couple of spots when it comes to annual salary although that doesn’t seem to have swayed the Jaguars all that much.

12 responses to “Jaguars, Josh Scobee making no progress on contract

  1. When I saw this post about the Jags’ kicking situation, I figured the PFT staff was looking for an easy excuse to use the name Long Ding in an article. I read all the way through it and was shocked that there wasn’t a mention of Long Ding. Poorly played Alper. LONG DING!

  2. Theyll get this done – and the great Colt killer will nailing field goals for four more years in jax.

  3. This is where reality gets lost.
    “He’s making X in Oakland.”
    “Well fine, Oak will pay that for a kicker. We think that is overkill. We would not have paid what Oak is paying him either.”
    “Yes, but Oak set the market and I’m better than him.”
    That’s what doesn’t make sense to me in football contracts. Team A overpays (or justly pays) one player and everyone decides that ‘sets the market.’
    It should set the market for what THAT team is willing to pay for that position in relation to that teams need, the value they place on that position, and the contract status of the player in question.
    I feel the same way about slotting of draft picks.
    Hypothtical example….
    If Wash is willing to pay a premium to get RGIII signed right away, and Indy is not as concerned about getting Luck signed ASAP. Then it would make sense for RGIII to maybe sign a ‘bigger’ contract. Indy should not have to match and premium Wash agrees to.

  4. I find it hard to believe that Josh & Gene won’t get this ironed out before the season. However, in fairness to Josh, it should be before training camp opens up. There should be no doubt that Josh is our guy. Kinda hard not to get this down when you pick a kicker in the third round.

  5. Second best player on the team is a kicker! Thats all you have to say about that franchise!! and to get better lets draft a punter ( a punter!) in the third round.! We dont need no stinking linemen, linebackers, wide receivers, DBs, !! we need a player who is kicking the ball to the other team!! brilliant !!

  6. They spend an early 3rd round pick on a punter, and aren’t throwing money at a good placekicker? Yeah, this makes sense.

  7. Considering the fact that this admin was dumb enuff to waste a 3rd round pick on a punter Scobee should high out til they make him the NFL’s highest paid player.

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