49ers working on Alex Smith’s mechanics

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There was a little flirtation on both sides, but Alex Smith wound up back in San Francisco.

That means he will be working with the same offensive coordinator for a second season for the second time in his eight-year NFL career. That means he doesn’t have to spend the offseason learning a new playbook. Greg Roman and the rest of the 49ers offensive staff will use the time to focus on two mechanical flaws in Smith’s game this offseason, according to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com. The belief is that correcting the flaws will make Smith a more accurate passer.

Smith will be working on keeping his front leg flexed while throwing and he will be trying to drop back in a straighter line. Smith goes off center while dropping back, something that the team feels is affecting his accuracy. Smith completed a career-high 61.3 percent of his passes while taking the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game.

Accuracy might also be improved if the additions to the 49ers’ receiving corps — Mario Manningham, A.J. Jenkins and Randy Moss — give Smith better options when throwing the ball. If the mechanical work and the new faces work, Smith should be in line for an even better season than he had in 2011.

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  1. I like Alex, but there are no more excuses. Yes the org stacked the deck against him most of his career. Now he has a great offensive minded coach. The same system in consecutive years and they are sure making a huge effort to load up talent and alleviate coverages on Davis, Gore, and Crabtree…. I have to say the ball is 100% in Alex’s court now

  2. I root whole heartedly for the 49ers but this is a serious WT????

    Speaks to how bad previous regimes were that they neglected the fundamentals of the most important position in football.

    Alex Smith should sue Singletary and Nolan for gross negligence.

  3. These are obviously things that should have been addressed a long time ago. It’s a testament to the incompetence of former coaching staffs who essentially ignored Smith for all those years that this has to be dealt with at this point.

    It’s great seeing some consistency out of the 49ers and I’m very happy none of the coordinators jumped ship when offered jobs in the college ranks. This coming season will certainly be challenging but last season wasn’t a cake walk either, playing five playoff teams and dealing with a horrible travel schedule. With a few more pieces working on offense the 49ers could really be a serious contender for years to come.

  4. Alex Smith will finally be benched in season 2012 for basically being a mediocre QB. The ‘niners will lose too many close ones because Smith is unable to be “elite” when required. —– Plus, ALL the excuses have now been used up. Smith just isn’t that good.

  5. I heard that have actually reached out to a couple of doctors overseas……They are debating whether or not they should go forward with a risky arm transplant procedure. That is the only way his game is improving.

  6. Noodle for an arm, too bad they cant work on that! He’s the best QB in the league at throwing 5 yd swing passes on 3rd and 6 or dump offs to RBs… Niners have great DEF and Special Teams, but will NEVER win with this guy as QB. Great run last year, but potential was reached to its fullest and you can only run so many trick plays to win playoff games!

  7. I love all the haters. Does anyone actually watch football. Is he a great QB, prob not, but far from a terrible one. The deep throws he hit V Davis with in the playoffs (and throughout the season) shows he clearly has enough arm strength and accuracy for this league. Also the dart he hit Davis with to beat NO shows he can fire a short yardage pass at a high velocity too.
    This is his FIRST consecutive season with an actual Off Cord. If he fails, then he fails. But why all the hate for a guy who clearly has heart for the game and loyalty to his team that few others in the league have.

  8. To add on, he restructured his rookie contract to stay with the team because he didn’t want to take the money and run like most other players. He wanted to try and reward the 9ers for their faith, and last year was a glimpse that maybe he’ll be able to. He got to OT in the NFC championship, so all this “they can’t win with him” is BS, they almost did last year and hopefully, he’ll be better this year.

  9. With Harbaugh, he’s Trent Dilfer. Without Harbaugh, he’s Alex Smith. One playoff win in 7 years, and has never thrown more than 18 TD’s in a season. Just a journeyman who kept getting chances becaiuse the 49ers were so inept at getting a real QB.

  10. Mario will be injured on his first catch…..

    per usual… and that was with ACCURATE throws from Eli not getting hit hard…. wait till Mario gets led into a Tackle….

  11. There has always been something a little off about Alex Smith. There have always been excuses and external reasons for him not to succeed. When all the dust settles after this year I think he needs to be held accountable for all the success or failure he achieves. Either get some actual credit for what he does, or he needs to move along and back up an AFC team for 10 more years.

  12. 49ers working on Alex Smith’s mechanics

    After Hairbow threw Smith under the bus, kissing manning’s butt, he’s lucky he has any quarterback. Back-punching d-bag.

  13. @goldrush36

    Well said. This is it for him. We’ve seen the potential (GIants regular season game, Saints playoff game). The team spent most of free agency and the draft picking out weapons for Smith. And he finally has the same coaching staff to work with.

    I’m rooting for him, but after this year, that’s it.

  14. Alex Smith did not lose the NFC championship game, Kyle Williams’ two turnovers during punt returns led to 10 points for the Giants.

    After the game Jacquian Williams, who forced the fumble in overtime that led to the winning field goal, told reporters, “The thing is, we knew he had four concussions, so that was our biggest thing, was to take him out of the game.”

    Biggest game of the year, Harbaugh put in a deer.

  15. You guys dissin on Smith’s arm need to get together and get your stories straight.

    Either he’s got a noodle arm(I laugh at your stupidity) or he’s skipping 5 yard Passes.

    He does skip the occasional Pass I give ya that but he doesn’t do it all the time. Every QB has a bad throw or two though. If you try tellin me that Smith does it all the time I’m gonna laugh my butt off. Look at how many attempts he has vs Completions. Then look at all the damned drops by what the 9ers tried to call Receivers last year.

    Thing is there really is no story here. EVERYONE was in OTAs’ workin on their mechanics. I’da been worried about this if Smith was the only player doing so. It’s pragmatic of this Coaching staff to operate as though everyone is flawed whether their flaw is minor or critical. If Smith’s flaws were critical, no way in hell they bring him back for his 8th, 9th and possibly 10th season. Critical flaws cannot be fixed.

    What’s a critical flaw? Can’t throw a spiral at the Stick no matter how far you’re throwing the ball. i.e. Shaun Hill. Dude as big as that should be able to. Critical flaw? Can’t make Defenses account for the deep ball threat cause dude couldn’t throw but one deep pass a game. Those are critical flaws. Smith has an arm. His accuracy is decent but it’s not great. Shouldn’t matter. Had we had the Receivers that make the other QBs’ in the league look good, Smith would have had a better year. The guys this team fielded for the bulk of the season couldn’t fill the uniform of any of the top Receiver Corps in the league. And you blame Smith? Shut the eff up.

  16. Sea you either are the biggest tard on the net or you’re a Shehawk fan. You know as well as I do that if they did let Smith go before Sheattle went out and overpaid for the Packers backup that Smith would have been heavily pursued by them. Only reason they got the guy they did was cause the 9ers had heavily invested in him to make sure he went nowhere.

    Manning called THEM driving up his stock. He had zero interest playing for the 9ers behind a sieve Line throwing to nobody Receivers. They didn’t even think they were a viable option for Manning til he called em.

    So run your mouth some more little man, we’ll see your ugly a55 threads on the field this coming season. They about to get another makeover courtesy of the 9ers. Faithful baby! Anything less is lip service.

  17. I’m rooting for ya Alex, but there are no more excuses. You have weapons, a solid D, and some consistency. Last shot this year I think. Because honestly, I’d even be inteested to see what Kaepernick has in the tank with some of there weapons if Smith can’t produce.

  18. Niner fans will be making excuses for Smith even after he retires.

    Which isn’t that far down the road.

  19. Simply…If all the negative comments that have been said on this post were to be accurate. The Niners would have not been 13-3. Beating 5 playoff teams including the eventual Super Bowl champs did not happen. Completing over 61% percent of his passes just a dream. #2 in TD/Turnover ratio? No.. not Alex Smith…

    I’m now led to believe Alex the noodle arm QB did not actually beat Drew Brees in the playoffs thanks to all your hate!

    Oh wait! Is that Alex Smith the no good QB according to the wanna be talking heads on a NATIONAL Nike AD commercial??

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