AEG unveiling 3D fly-through of Farmers Field on Tuesday

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Come Tuesday morning, there’s a chance that the Vikings stadium bill will be sleeping with the fishes of one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.  If so, the folks who want to build a stadium in downtown Los Angeles will be ready to swoop in.

They’ll be doing it with the debut of a 3D fly-through of Farmers Field.

The video will be unveiled at 8:30 a.m. PT, and it will be available for public inspection at at 11:00 a.m. PT.

Standing alone, the fly-through will do nothing to nudge the stadium closer to completion.  But it will help to create the perception of momentum, which could as a practical matter be incredibly useful to the project.

24 responses to “AEG unveiling 3D fly-through of Farmers Field on Tuesday

  1. Sounds like the Vikings will get their new stadium in Minnesota.

    Socialism American Style – tax everyone to buy something for a billionaire.

  2. Awesome looking stadium for a bunch of perennial losers as well as a pathetic football team.

  3. Sad time to be a Vikings fan, the odds looked stacked against them. We faced a somewhat similar situation here in New England but thank god we had a local owner like Robert Kraft who wanted to keep the team here in Mass.

    Looks like Matt Kalil will only have to look at a one year rental before moving home.

  4. So how does this look if the Vikings get their stadium deal done? Like a lonely girl looking for a prom date!

  5. Welcome to the NFC west Vikings, you come at the perfect time!

    I was starting to get worried about Fisher’s rebuilding project in St. Louis, but that’s Green Bay’s, Chicago’s, and Detroit’s problem now.

    Much rather take the questionable reach at QB and see many, many epic battles between the enforcer Patrick Willis and the great one Adrian Peterson.

  6. I’m not sure why the Minnesota legislature feels its not necessary to offer adequate support for the Vikings to stay. Stadiums have been opened recently including my Chiefs Arrowhead (nearly 500 million retrofit) which had collaboration between the owners and the taxpayers. People in kc, NY, Dallas etc realize that you build the infrastructure people get jobs during construction as well as the massive boosts to the economyand tax base when the facility is used. Although no one thinks it’s good to move the Vikings to LA, why the hell would Zygi turn down a turn key deal in LA for a Minnesota legislature plan that keeps changing plans and prices and locations. Basically to cover their butts in an election year

  7. Typical for a state that always votes for liberal presidents. The Lakers, he Northstars now Vikings… Dear China, please invade Minnesota so at least they can move a little to the right and logical side. Nothing worse than commie sucking capitalist bashing freeloaders.

  8. steelerhypocrite says:
    May 7, 2012 9:51 PM

    >>>Awesome looking stadium for a bunch of perennial losers as well as a pathetic football team. <<<

    The browns got out of Cleveland and turned the corner almost immediately, won a super bowl within 4 years & have been the steelers biggest rival ever since!! As a steelers honk, just think if you guys got to play the Browns twice as well as the former Browns twice!?!? You're 4-0 before the season even starts!!!

    The Vikings deal will get done though, they'll get their new stadium, from what I understand it's a tax that's already in place, just a simple reallocation of funds being matched by Zygi Wilf dollar for dollar!! Too many long term jobs & major venue bookings for the twinn cities to pass up!!

  9. I don’t know why people like to forget that L.A. sucks for football. When it comes to the NFL, every football team in L.A. has failed! Every football team in L.A. has failed! Every football team in L.A. has failed! Don’t take my word for it, look it up. I don’t give a flying eff or a walking one whether Minnesota keeps their team, but at least they appreciate football up there. Why drag your team off to L.A. and have the broke a$$ state of California pay for a stadium to have a team come in and leave in five years.

  10. Its up to the Vikings and the NFL to approve the Minnesota stadium deal now. Now, we get to speculate between the next 2 teams with leases up. Both Oakland and Buffalo lose their leases next offseason. Buffalo has already started talks with the county and NY state is throwing money at the city to put towards a stadium renovation. My money between those 2 is Oakland.

    Congrats on the deal passing the state Minny!

  11. QUESTION ?……..What happens if someone wants to file suite on behalf of the ood people of Minn. because the Mlps City Charter Law was bypassed and no public vote was taken ??… legal minds please respond ! Thank you …have another !

  12. The “NFL in LA” fools don’t have a clue. No NFL team is moving to LA. You are being used, eff’ed and not even kissed.

  13. I’m interested in seeing how AEG envisions the new downtown stadium. It’s going to be beautiful.

    This news really has nothing to do with Minnesota (one is not dependent on the other), but whatever …

    And yeah, mediasloppy is correct – a lot of trolls on this thread.

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