Alex Tanney, “Trick Shot Quarterback,” gets Bills tryout


Alex Tanney, a small-school quarterback turned viral video star, is getting a chance to show what he can do with the Buffalo Bills.

Tanney, who threw for 157 touchdowns at Monmouth College but is most famous for this video he posted on YouTube, has been invited to the Bills’ upcoming rookie minicamp on a tryout basis.

Tanney’s “Trick Shot Quarterback” video has more than 1.6 million views, and it shows an impressive array of skills, including his ability to stand at the 50-yard line and hit the goal post in three different spots — right upright, left upright, crossbar — on three consecutive throws. Whether a bunch of “trick shot” throws translates to the ability to play in the NFL is questionable, but the Bills are giving Tanney a shot.

“I’m from a small school,” Tanney told the Associated Press. “And the only thing I’ve ever really wanted was an opportunity to get into a camp. And now I have that in Buffalo.”

25 responses to “Alex Tanney, “Trick Shot Quarterback,” gets Bills tryout

  1. Hey, if Tim Tebow can make it as a “quarterback”, why couldn’t this guy?

  2. Saw the video a few days ago and was very impressed with his arm and accuracy. He looks short though, I’d be surprised if he was 6′ tall. Good luck kid!

  3. That was the first time that I saw that video and I have to say that I was quite impressed. I wonder how many times he missed some of those trick shots though. And when they finally do pull Fitzpatrick, will Tanney be abe to hit a moving target like that in a full speed game?

  4. A youtube user shows this is fake. Look at 00:50 – Nobody on the track. Then at 1:00 there are people on the track all of the sudden.


  5. I went to Monmouth College during 3 of Tanney’s full seasons. He definitely had D1 talent. He is also taller than 6 foot, I can tell you that for sure. His accuracy is pretty remarkable and he has good awareness on the field. Has a great feel for the game. His footwork could stand to improve but he has the skills to at least have a shot in the NFL. The Bills have another D3 standout on their roster, Fred Jackson. He is pretty good wouldn’t you say?

  6. Saw the video- it isn’t fake from the stand point of “:50-1:00 people appeared out of nowhere”…you could see people warming up & running the track…they were off camera & ran into the shot…

    And regardless of how many takes it took, the arm strength & accuracy is impressive.

    Also, if it took all day & TONS of takes, you would’ve seen it in the shadows…

    You can’t fake the sun.

  7. – He’s prototypical size – Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) Weight: 220 lb (100 kg), do some research before you ‘look’ at a video and decide he’s under 6′.

    -Maybe they did some editing, but he does have some great accuracy. Have you ever seen pro quaterbacks do those tire throws in TV comptetion? Not as accurate as this guy.

    – And I guess who ever made the comment abut hitting moving targets didn’t really watch the video? See him hit the guy in the pickup truck running the out route at 60 mph?

  8. joeinoh says:
    May 7, 2012 7:43 AM
    Saw the video a few days ago and was very impressed with his arm and accuracy. He looks short though, I’d be surprised if he was 6′ tall. Good luck kid!

    Tanney is the prototypical NFL QB, 6-4, 225.

  9. If the video isn’t enough, Alex Tanney also holds Div. III records in all-time passing TDs (157) and all-time passing yards (14,249)

  10. The Skins should have taken him in the 7th and spent that 4th on someone else other than Cousins.

  11. Of course, he did not make every shot on the first throw, but he seems pretty accurate, and has some pretty good credentials, even if they are from a Division III school.

    I agree the video makes him look short, but he is 6’4″ per his Wikipedia page:

  12. cakemixa says:

    Hey, if Tim Tebow can make it as a “quarterback”, why couldn’t this guy?

    Spot on!

  13. But is it legal for Bills receivers to run routes in actual games while toting garbage cans?

  14. I liked this guy’s video. Plus he had great stats in actual games, so he’s legit and not some workout freak. I’ll be rooting for the guy to stick with a roster.

  15. Whether or not the kid did this in one take is irrelevant.

    He probably didn’t just make this video, this is likely stuff the kid does for fun. If thats true, and he practices things like throwing through rafters, this kid may have developed some really specially throwing skills.

    Chan Gailey is a master at coaching up QB’s. (Doubt me, look it up). If this kid can play, Chan will know.

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