Bob McNair plans contact extensions with Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith

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Coach Gary Kubiak and General Manager Rick Smith led the Texans to their first playoff berth in 2011 and they should be cashing in with new contracts shortly.

Owner Bob McNair said Monday that he plans to start working on contract extensions for both men in the near future. Both of them have contracts that expire after the 2012 season, but McNair said that he doesn’t feel a “sense of urgency” and that there’s no timetable to get the deals done. McNair made it clear that he has no doubts about continuing forward with either man.

“We’ll start working on that,” McNair said, via the Texans website. “I think they’ve done an outstanding job. I’m pleased with ’em, and if that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be extending ’em.”

McNair said he would likely start by negotiating with Kubiak, who has coached the team to a 47-49 record in six years as their head coach. Smith assumed his post in 2006 and signed a four-year extension after the 2008 season.

10 responses to “Bob McNair plans contact extensions with Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith

  1. This time last year there were protests because Kubiak wasn’t fired.

    What a difference a year makes.

    Still, I think anyone with half a brain knows last year’s turnaround had more to do with Wade Phillips and a defense-heavy free agency and draft than anything else.

    Knowing McNair, he’ll hide behind those facts to keep his buddy Kubiak in town…. which is why the Texans may never win the Big Show.

  2. Rick Smith and Kubiak (with Phillips input the last two years) have done an unbelievable job acquiring talent the last few years, they definitely have us headed in the right direction, hope all 3 stay for a while.

    As for Kubiak specifically, while he’s certainly not a top 5 coach, he’s turned into a darn good one. His first couple years on the job, and ever as a head coach, he had a pretty pitiful group of guys on the whole. He’s gotten better with time, as the talent has, and now we are young and legit. In a league where patience is a luxury most franchises don’t extend to their coaches or GM’s, it looks like Mr. McNair has done us Houstonians a solid.

  3. They should both give Wade 20% of whatever deals they get. IMO, the jury is still out. That Rick didn’t even sniff Payton Manning is a mystery.

    We gave up an awful lot this offseason and have barely replenished. Granted the Texans look like the odds on favorite to win the division, but only due to decline of other three teams in it.

    Schaub is a bad foot accident away from missing another year, and Arian is going to run behind a revamped left side of the line.

    We’ll be lucky to be .500 or slightly better. Hardly grounds to extend two men that have taken six years to get their act together.

  4. This is a little premature. I would wait until Gary gets his overall record over .500 and makes the playoffs this season. It is hard to justify an extension for one playoff appearance in six years. I am a Texans fan and remember last season being do or die for Gary but he still has not proven much.
    He still needs to find a #2 wide reciever. They should sign Terrell Owens with the Jacoby Jones money to a non guaranteed contract like the 49ers gave Randy Moss so he can compete with Kevin Walter for the #2 wide reciever so the winner gets the spot, one guy gets cut and the Texans save 2 million dollars.

  5. I’ve heard that players really like playing for Kubiak and Smith has improved our cap condition. They have made the tough moves this offseason and deserve an extension. Solid move.

    Have no fear jsratx, we really haven’t lost that much. Sharpton was taking Ryans job before he was injured and the Texans won all year without Mario. Replacing the right side of the line is easier than the left, we saved some cap space, and we can try out a few younger players. Barring injury (esp to Schaub), we shouldn’t take a step back next year.

  6. Kubiak stated “it’s about damn time we start planning to get contact extensions. We haven’t had our own contact extensions since we got here. After our playoff birth, all I asked was for own contact extensions, glad he came through”

  7. Dear jsratx,
    Our left side of the line is solid and returning, it’s our right side that will have the unproven starters, fyi

  8. Def premature, given A chance to improve our receiving corp, they flopped. Hard to get to the next level with only one good receiver

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