Brandon Graham has high hopes for 2012

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Two years ago, the Eagles selected defensive end Brandon Graham with the 13th overall pick in the draft.

Two years later, the Eagles have Trent Cole and Jason Babin and they devoted a second-round pick to another pass rusher, Vinny Curry of Marshall.

Graham hasn’t had a sack since November 2010.  He suffered a serious knee injury the following month, he needed microfracture surgery, and he appeared in only three games last season.

But he isn’t down in the dumps, any more.  “I just can’t wait [for this season] because everybody’s opinion will change — even though they’ll still say what they want to say.  What I do on the field will speak for itself,” Graham tells Geoff Mosher of the News Journal.

First, Graham has to get on the field.  Cole and Babin are the starters, Curry is the newcomer, and guys like Darryl Tapp are still on the depth chart.

Graham thinks he still has the faith of the coaching staff.  “They know I’m working,” Graham said. “They see it’s important to me. I just can’t wait to go out there and show them how much this season means to me.”

This offseason, Graham has dropped 20 pounds, from 285 to 265.  And G.M. Howie Roseman says that the addition of Curry doesn’t mean Graham is on the outs.

“I don’t see Brandon Graham needing any more motivation that he already has.  He knows what’s on the line for him,” Roseman said.  “He seems incredibly focused to all of us and in great shape.  And he’s a talented guy and he’s healthy and that’s important.”

It’s more important that Graham begin to fulfill the potential that made him the 13th overall pick in the draft.  Especially as the man taken two picks later — Jason Pierre-Paul — becomes one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, for one of the Eagles’ biggest rivals.  And that’s all the more reason for the powers-that-be to give Graham every opportunity to develop.

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  1. What does this story have to do with Rex Ryan and the total ineptness of the Jets?

    Surely they’ve done or said something stupid since the last Jets post.

  2. IIRC, the Eagles traded up to get this guy. I’m a Seattle fan, and I was worried they had moved up to get Earl Thomas. I was relieved when they didn’t.

  3. Roseman doesn’t exactly have the best track record among GMs in the league.

  4. How is he a bust? He hasn’t had a chance yet due to injuries. If he plays this season and isn’t efficient, maybe you could start to say bust. But waaay too early and waaay too much potential we haven’t had the chance to see yet.

  5. hard for me to call the guy a bust yet as he hasn’t seen the field simply because he has been injured… his time as a rookie before he got hurt, he played well.. big year for him.

  6. They wouldn’t draft Curry unless they knew Graham had busted for sure. Vinny has the length that Graham doesn’t if you know what I mean 😉

  7. 265? Linebacker? There’s no way he comes out of a 3 against good offensive linemen. Well at least not in run supportQ

  8. No one knows what Graham is capable of yet cause of his injury history . If he does turn in to be a decent player the Eagles will have the deepest D-line in the NFL (Cole,Jenkins,Patterson,Babin,Curry,Cox,Dixon,Landri,Tapp,Hunt) . If the Eagles can stop turning the ball over they’ll be dangerous , but after last year thats still a big IF.

  9. Graham was a beast in college . Hopefully a healthy Brandon Graham can still ball in the NFL. This is a make or break year for #54

  10. i love how all you know nothings try and call this kid a bust.

    as a rookie he had just as much production in 6 games then JPP had all year. That injury killed him.

    & how can anyone try to blast Howie Roseman? that dude gets each and every player or draft pick that ANDY REID WANTS.. your criticism is misdirected.

    blast they eagles, thats fine.
    but have some knowledge before you do so.

    or just stick with the “empty trophy case” one liners. they do the trick.

  11. A healthy Brandon Graham coming offthe edge after Cole and Babin have worn an OT down certainly isn’t not intriguing… We’ll see how he does there…

  12. In his rookie year Graham led all rookies in QB hurries. Last year was null and void due to injuries. So this year he comes in healthy and walks into a different defense than his rookie year that utilizes his skill set. I see him contributing being a contributing factor on the best defensive line Philly has had since the gang green days.

  13. He’s a BUST! Already has no knee cartilage. Arthritic before 25.
    Moving on from this bum.

  14. myeaglescantwin: how do you know that Howie Roseman gets the players Andy wants? No one really ha a good understanding of their hierarchy (and it seems to change). Look at that report that had Andy wanting JPP but getting overruled. When the media had Lurie available at his press convergence, they should have been asking how the front office works. Instead they were like: “Why is Andy so mean to us:(“.

  15. And this is why guys like Poe go high in the draft and game tape isn’t the only thing that matters. Had Reid drafted JPP everyone would have called it a reach and a bad pick at the time. No one remember that now. Further evidence of how dumb there draft grades are.

  16. dontouchmyjunk says: May 7, 2012 10:51 AM

    He’s a BUST! Already has no knee cartilage. Arthritic before 25.
    Moving on from this bum.

    Spoken like a truly ignorant negadelphian

  17. That “report” that Andy wanted JPP is false. It was said by Howard Eskin during the 4 for 4 debate on WIP radioin which he was losing an he threw it out there to try to win an argument. Eskin was questioned about it the next day and he said he was contacted by the Eagles and it was TOTALLY BOGUS! Stop saying Andy wanted JPP, he didn’t. They all wanted Graham and they should have taken Earl Thomas. Still havn’t replaced the great Dawkins and now we have no safeties.

  18. Yup! Florio loves his Eagles!!! Never a bad thing to say about them…even when they had a horrific year…it was “Oh, well at least they finished the year strong and…I’m sure that’ll carry over to next year…”

    Love it…

  19. Playing for his career this season. Needs to stay healthy & be productive or he’s gone.

  20. @smushrodriguez

    this is exactly what i mean. It has been well documented that Andy is the ‘say all be all’ when it comes to the Eagles and all moves they make. This has been preached by Andy, Joe & Jeff. Everyone knows Andy makes all the calls.

    If he had wanted JPP, we would have taken JPP. The person that ‘leaked’ that false info has absolutely NO CREDIT IN PHILLY.

    Every move or signing that Howie makes is a direct results of what Andy tells him to do based off of who he wants to get..

    Howie is an accountant and negotiator, not a talent evaluator.

  21. I wish him well but, 6′-2″ @ 265? @ Def end? I wonder if he could be moved to linebacker? This was a very unfortunate choice for Reid. Their is only ONE Dwight Feeny.

  22. old byrd, , i’d have to agree with that statement..

    Andy refuses to believe that size makes a difference in the NFL…

    thats why they have weight classes for pro fighting.

    i mean the small guy might get the best of the huge strong guy in the beginning, but this fight is between 16 & 21 rounds,, no way they last..

    but i think he has noticed that his undersized D wears down towards the end of the season.. thats why he went after the big COX & resigned DIXON.. thats some serious interior size & youth..

    (too bad it took him 12 years)

  23. oldbyrd says:
    May 8, 2012 7:37 AM
    I wish him well but, 6′-2″ @ 265? @ Def end? I wonder if he could be moved to linebacker? This was a very unfortunate choice for Reid. Their is only ONE Dwight Feeny.


    Four of the Pro Bowl DEs were between 260 and 270. For a 4-3 defense that is a typical weight of a DE. Time will tell if it is a very unfortunate choice. At the time of the draft, many had Graham as the top DE.

  24. As an Eagles fan I can only hope he has a good year, but to be honest I’m pretty confident in our D-line without him… But for his and the teams sake why not hope for the best!! 2012 should be a good year for the BIRDS!!

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