Brandon Marshall: Devin Hester will have a bigger year than me

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The Bears traded for Brandon Marshall with the idea that he’d be their No. 1 receiver this year, but Marshall doesn’t see it that way.

Marshall said on ESPN Radio in Chicago today that he believes Devin Hester is poised for a season in which he will emerge as the top receiving threat in Chicago.

“I’ve never been around a receiver, never seen a receiver who runs routes like Devin Hester does outside,” Marshall said, via the Chicago Tribune. “He has all the skills to be a great, a Pro Bowl receiver. Not a punt returner — we all know what he can do there — but a Pro Bowl receiver. Honestly, I think he’s going to have a bigger year than me this year.”

Hester is arguably the best return man in NFL history, but he’s never been able to translate those skills into becoming an elite receiver. Last year he caught just 26 passes for 369 yards and one touchdown. But Marshall thinks this year, with new quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates putting his stamp on Jay Cutler and the passing game, Hester will be in an offense in which he can thrive.

“I just don’t think he’s been in an environment, a situation offensively that catered to him as a player,” Marshall said. “I think with Jeremy Bates and Jay growing and maturing, I think they’ll be able to put him in a better position this year to where he can probably do damage. I’m excited about everyone else, but the person I’m more excited to see is Devin.”

Marshall also touched on the accusation that he punched a woman at a New York nightclub, saying he’s the victim of a false accusation.

“Whenever I step out, the target on my back is pretty much bigger than 90 percent, 95 percent of the guys in the league because of who I am and what I’ve been through,” Marshall said. “So the situation in New York, it’s unfortunate. You never want to see anyone get hurt, but just the allegation of me balling my fist up and hitting that woman is just a lie. . . . When the judicial system takes its course, I’m very confident I will be cleared of any wrongdoing.”

If Marshall is cleared, he can then put all his focus on being the Bears’ No. 1 receiver. Or maybe being the Bears’ No. 2 receiver, behind Hester.

53 responses to “Brandon Marshall: Devin Hester will have a bigger year than me

  1. Everyone knows that Marshall only slaps girls with and open hand. Stop spinning lies media.

  2. Gotta love someone being modest. Hester deserves props as a returner but he is not quite the receiver Marshall is. But like I said, it’s nice to see him be modest. No one usually says a player at the same position on their team is better than them.

  3. Since Hester made the switch to WR:

    2007 – Bernard Berrian lead the team in receiving yards.
    2008 – Hester led in yards. Forte lead in catches. Olsen lead in TD’s.
    2009 – Hester led in yards. Olsen lead in TD’s and catches.
    2010 – Knox led in yards and tied with Forte in catches.
    2011 – Knox again.

    My point is and always will be…When will you have a big year!! (help me out here) There isn’t a #1 WR in the league that has started for four/five straight years and hasn’t gotten more than 750 yards in a season and 5 TDs. He’s headed into another year as, probably, the #2. But, still! They’ve drafted people better than him. Forte catches better, out of the backfield, Knox, Berrian, Earl Bennett, now Brandon Marshall. What am I missing? When is this guy going to wake up.

  4. Notice he never said he didnt hit the woman… just that he didnt “ball up his fist” and hit her.

    That doesnt mean he didnt “open hand” shove her in the face…

    just sayin

  5. Well if he’s suspended for his multiple run ins with the law, then maybe.

    By any stretch, if hester has a bigger year than marshall, that trade was a massive fail.

  6. Unless Marshall gets him killed by spraying bubbly on gang bangers at the club…

  7. Hester should return every punt, kick, and possibly field goal (2006, anyone?) and that’s about it. He has been returning less, especially on the kickoffs, and “receiving” more.

    His involvement as a receiver should be sparse and used to try to throw off defenses, run reverse plays, screen plays, etc. He’s obviously just not there as a receiver.

  8. Gotta give Marshall props for saying something like this about Hester. This is how you push a teammate to become better.

    Glad to see Marshall is making good thus far.

  9. Good call by Marshall, keep propping up Hester as a threat so you’re likely to see fewer double teams, keep the safety honest, etc. Hester is fast, but can’t run routes and QBs won’t trust he’ll be where he’s supposed to be. But keep it up Marshall, someone might believe you.

  10. Roy Williams had more catches and yards than Hester did last year. If this comes true the Bears are in for a long, long year.

  11. I don’t think Marshall truly believes Hester will out-do him this season. Sounds more like a feeble attempt to show some modesty, while quietly hoping he can divert more of the defense’s attention towards the speedy Hester.

  12. Hes right…probly because marshall will be arrested and locked up by week 4.

  13. You mean he’s NOT going to drop a bunch of TD passes and kill a bunch of drives with stupid penalties?

    Yeah, I can buy that.

  14. Hester will have a good year, but not bigger than Marshall.
    Hester will have mismatches with the focus being on Marshall, Jeffery and Bennett. I’ve never been more excited about a Bears O in my life.

  15. Notice he never said he didnt hit the woman… just that he didnt “ball up his fist” and hit her.

    That doesnt mean he didnt “open hand” shove her in the face…

    just sayin
    What’s so wrong with shoving a woman out of your face when she deserves it? Is there a law that says you can’t? Doesn’t everyone want gender equality? She was most likely being a crazy ***** and wouldn’t get away from him.

  16. I actually agree that Hester should have his best season this year. Not because he’s better, but because Marshall + Jeffery should take up a lot of attention and leave Hester with the 3rd or 4th best cover guy on a lot of his snaps

  17. eddie royal is better than both of them but we’ll never see it again – instead of signing with the skins where shanny knows how to use him, royal went to the chargers

  18. LOL ! Keep in mind he is “openly, mentally ill” I will guarantee this guy will cause more harm than good. He was targeted 58% of all passing downs by the Dolphins and had some serious drops ( 2 easily could haveen been game winning TD’s). He put up ProBowl numbers and where did that Miami? Good riddance… The days of the #1 Diva Receiva is over. The new NFL is about Committee, spreading the ball around to Seam TE’s, Speedy RB’s on delay and swings and the new hybrid Fullback/HBack/TE. He should expect double teams and when he isnt getting enough targets the Bears should expect trouble in Huddle. Finally, Bears Fans should expect sorry for having so much hope on a Bum! Not slamming the Bears (actually like them if I had to pick a Team in the NFC North), but it is reality. I gave my ” New Marshall in Town” Teal/Orange T-Shirt to the Goodwill a long time ago.

  19. to you people bagging on hester as a reciever have you watched the offenses he has played in? under ron turner his #1 play was a wide reciever screen,not a couple of times a game but every pass thrown to him. now explain how he is suppose to make big plays when the defense knows the play is coming and has 5 guys there waiting for him? under martz it was not much better but hopefully this is the year the bears run a real offense and not one that has not worked since 1999 and only on turf. he should have a good year with teams concentrating on Marshall and jeffert. I don’t think he will lead the team in cateches though,that will belong to bennent who catches everything Cutler throws to him and should be open allot with the outside guys covered.

  20. Hester can be very dangerous on offense. He’s never been utilized correctly. I doubt he’ll put up numbers better than Marshall, but I’m hoping it’ll be his best year. I hope it’ll be everyone on The Bears best year.

  21. If Bates is calling the plays all you Chicago fans better be ready for the “Sluggo fade to the sideline” timing routes every time you have 3rd and short. Never seen anyone have so much faith in such a low percentage play, but time and again he did this during his short stay in Seattle. PC finally got fed up and showed him the door.

  22. Brandon Marshall will lead all NFL receivers in one stat column… drops. He dropped 3 TD’s against the Jets in one game last year. I’m guessing they don’t check for stickum in the Pro Bowl. I’m glad Marshall and that traveshamockery they call the Pro Bowl are out of Miami.

  23. Hester will probably have a better year, mostly b/c BM will miss a handful of games due to suspension

  24. notreallyakickboxer said:

    What’s so wrong with shoving a woman out of your face when she deserves it? Is there a law that says you can’t? Doesn’t everyone want gender equality? She was most likely being a crazy ***** and wouldn’t get away from him.
    Are you serious? Your username should be “not really a man”. A real man would never lay even a finger on a woman, ever…period. Sounds like you’ve had your ass whooped by a lady and you are spiteful. I wish we could get together and talk. Then by the end of our conversation, you will never be able to lift you arms, to be able to touch a woman. Would you want someone to shove your daughter (I doubt u would ever have one)? I still can’t believe someone actually wrote this.

  25. Most of the readers on this site are happy to give Marshall a Mulligan every time he strikes a female. What with him facing his mental illness so courageously and all. What a joke.

  26. >>> tebowsgonnagitya says:
    May 7, 2012 7:28 PM
    Unless Marshall gets him killed by spraying bubbly on gang bangers at the club… <<<

    For making humor out of a mans death!!! And making it seem as though Brandon Marshall was responsible!!! Something he has always taken responsibility for and is likely a huge reason for his history of mental instability!!! Have you ever mouthed of to the wrong guy & got your buddy shot & killed?!?! Please send me the specifics so I can make a big joke out of your involvement in his death!!!

  27. @mfclock

    Eddie Royal had one decent season, his rookie one. Since then the only thing he’s been notable for is enraging whatever fantasy football nerds took him in their draft.

  28. Funny how everyone just talks about Marshall’s drops but since he’s been in TE league he is SECOND in Receptions and 5th in yards. Why is everyone ignoring that? I don’t care if he drops some balls since he’s going to make up for it and the proof is in the stats. Also Cutler lobbied for the Bears to get Marshall, Cutler knows how to work with this guy. Also it’s going to be Tice calling the plays, not Bates. Bears are going to be good this year. I think Hester will have a big year since he won’t be the go to guy anymore and won’t have #1 cb’s covering him.

  29. oh please; this is just Brandon Marshall doing lip service to make Hester feel like he is still relevant to the Bears.

    Fact is; Hester has no hands, runs poor routes and is gun shy – with the addition of Jeffery and Marshall in Chicago and Bennett in the slot, the WR experiment in Chicago is officially over – amen.

    Hester will be riding pine or out of the league in two more years – mark it.

  30. All this Hester bashing as a receiver is total crap. be honest people, the Bears organization is as much to blame as anyone for Hester’s lackluster WR career.

    Even further honesty would help you all recall that our offense has pretty much stunk it up all togather. Well finally get to see Hester as a WR, not Hester as someone being thrown into that #1 position because Angelo sucks at drafting WR’s.

    Hester has been a product of poor drafting and a lack of offensive creativity, finally this year he will get a more meaningful 20-25 snaps as part of a receiving core and not, “Oh please Devin, save the world by yourself!”

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