Buccaneers sign Tiquan Underwood

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A receiver best known for his hair and for getting cut just before the Super Bowl is the newest member of the Buccaneers.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports that the Buccaneers have signed wide receiver Tiquan Underwood. Underwood was waived by the Patriots after they signed Jabar Gaffney last week, a much less dramatic transaction than his first time getting dropped from the Patriots’ roster.

That came the day before the Patriots faced the Giants in the Super Bowl and a few days after Underwood’s distinctive hairstyle made him a hit at Super Bowl Media Day. He signed back on the roster a short time later, a move that also generated fewer headlines than his initial release.

Underwood played in six games for the Patriots last season, catching three passes and contributing on special teams. He was originally a seventh-round pick of the Jaguars where he caught eight passes and returned 26 kickoffs over two seasons.

Underwood played for Bucs coach Greg Schiano at Rutgers, where he was a very productive receiver. The Bucs’ depth chart at the position doesn’t have all the names written in ink so Underwood will have a chance to earn a job in Tampa.

19 responses to “Buccaneers sign Tiquan Underwood

  1. I’m glad he got picked up by somebody. The way the Pats are stacking the receiver situation right now I just don’t see any way he was going to make the team. Good luck Mr. Underwood and take good care of that High-Top-Fade.

  2. He was a loyal trooper to New England and I wish him the very best in Tampa!

  3. I get excited everytime we sign a WR cause we’ve never had much to brag about and then think oh snap we have V-Jax what the hell am I thinking. It’s just weird to have a top 10 WR on the team. Welcome to the team though buddy. We promise not to do you dirty and release you before the wild card game.

  4. I like Underwood. Seems like a good guy and talented young wideout, but Tampa’s WR core is arguably their best position. VJ is the clear #1, with Mike Williams, Benn, Briscoe all fighting for #2, and Parker had a really strong year in the slot last season. If they keep six, he could beat out Stroughter, I suppose.

  5. Belichick could have kept Underwood on the 90 man roster for some depth in case of injury or in case some of the older WRs didn’t produce.

    Instead he released him so he could find a landing spot with another team early.

    Underwood has the potential to be a very good WR but Beleichik knows that holding a player back ultimately makes it tougher to attract other young up and coming players.

    Hopefully this is a win win for the Patriots, Bucs, and of course, Underwood.

  6. as a rutgers graduate and a patriots fan i’m happy to see tiquan catch on with another team so quickly…schiano always got the most out of him at rutgers and i hope he’ll have a really productive career with tampa…good luck buddy

  7. No kidding, jason49er… I don’t understand why Schiano and Dominik think that a group of guys who could never even win the Big East can suddenly win against NFL talent.

    Same goes for Schiano himself, but that’s a different tangent.

  8. Never been more excited to be a bucs fan! This kid won’t play at all this year but it just shows the loyalty and respect that all the players that have played for schiano have for him, and likewise for the coach with his players. If u don’t respect your coach, u won’t play for him, he’s not a buddy, like Raheem was, he’s someone who seems like he demands the best out of his players, all that’s left is for schiano to see how terrible Winslow is and cut ties, then were laughing!

  9. Another person from Rutgers?
    How many does that make now?
    It’s not like Rutgers was a power program…

  10. Let’s be real. Is he signing a bunch if rutgers guys? Yes. More importantly he’s setting his plan in motion with people who knows what he expects

  11. hopefully they wont pick him up and drop him 100 times and then dump him before the superbowl after he gets the team logo shaved on his head. real nice pats

  12. Bucs know what group of players make up their no. 1, 2 & 3 receivers already. Signing this guy serves two purposes, 1) he’s a player who already knows the HC, his system and what’s expected of him within the system, and 2) because of 1, he’s likely to push the above mentioned group and make them better. In essence he’s like a player-coach and that’s a good thing. I’m all for these Rutgers players coming on board and pushing last year’s roster to become Buccaneer Men, the Schiano way! Go Bucs!

  13. There’s roughly 90 players on the Bucs roster right now.6 are from Rutgers.2 were already on the team.So, so far Schiano has brought in 4 Rutgers players who still have to make the final 53 man roster.

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