Can Vilma win suspension appeal?

Mike Florio addresses The Saints’ Jonathan Vilma’s suspension appeal, the reactions in Minnesota to public money building a new Vikings stadium, the intentions behind former Falcon running back Jamal Anderson’s concussion lawsuit.
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2 responses to “Can Vilma win suspension appeal?

  1. Two teams are lined up, and before the ball is snapped, the ref throws a flag and says, “Number 57 was thinking about killing the quarterback, one year suspension.”

  2. In a way, it wouldn’t matter all that much to the Saints. He’s 30 years old, oft injured, and not the same player he was two years ago. Besides, they’ve already replaced him with a younger Loftin who was ATL’s leading tackler for the last couple of years.

    The N.O. Defense will almost certainly be better next year than last. And the offense, with the same players, and coaching staff, won more games than any other team over the last three years, while making the playoffs each of those years including a SuperBowl Championship and shattering numerous long-standing NFL records along the way – yes that offense, will be back in tact.

    Plus they’re more highly motivated to win now than ever before. A reasonable person has to conclude that next year should be a great year for them. Look out, NFL.

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