Chargers cut Travis LaBoy


The San Diego Chargers announced on Monday afternoon that they have released outside linebacker Travis LaBoy.

LaBoy signed with the Chargers as an unrestricted free agent last year and started 14 games, but the Chargers have now apparently decided to go in another direction. A defense-heavy draft that saw the Chargers go with South Carolina linebacker Melvin Ingram in the first round made LaBoy expendable.

A second-round draft pick of the Titans in 2004, LaBoy played four seasons in Tennessee and one in Arizona, then missed all of 2009 before returning for one season in San Francisco. The 30-year-old LaBoy now becomes an unrestricted free agent.

21 responses to “Chargers cut Travis LaBoy

  1. Hello Travis, this is Reggie, woulkd you like a chance to EARN a spot on the raiders roster?

  2. Good, because he was lousy. Our pass specialist, Antwan Barnes, was superior to LaBoy even against the run.

  3. This moves scares me a little because that means A J still things Larry English can be a factor. He is doing a hell of a job being a GM again. I just hope he is not makinkg moves just to make them now.

  4. San Diego is taking the REBUILD plunge to the bottom of the AFC West.

    The Raiders will win the AFC West with Travis LaBoy playing in Oakland for 2012 .

  5. Karlos Dansby Kevin Burnett and Travis Laboy. That would be a soilid LB core

  6. 14 starts and two sacks, huge loss for San Diego. If they hadn’t made the mistake of hiring Manusky to run the defense LaBoy would’ve been wasting a roster space on another team last season.

  7. Dallas could use him as a pass rush specialist backing up Spencer. Victor Butler is ok, but LaBoy would be a good 1 year option.

  8. @lunarpie: are you talking about the Raiders who haven’t posted a winning recored in nine (9) straight seasons? Including seven straight seasons w at least eleven (11) losses, an NFL record!?!

    Raiders fan never ceases to amaze me. smh

  9. LaBoy has some pass rushing skills, Oakland can definitely use his depth and he’ll get 2 shots this year to get some pay back on the Chargers. Go get him Reggie!

  10. @sourdough: Yeah, the same RAIDERS teams that won more games then the chargers in the same span of time. This is just another move that will come back to bite AJ and the chargers. How good/great players has he run out of town? Let’s see: Harrison, Seau, Brees, Tomlinson, Sproles, Turner… the list goes on. The chargers have never won a game that mattered. By my count the RAIDERS habe won at least three. Keep kidding yourself charger fan. Do not forget, nobody remembers regular season wins. It’s championships and tradition that count, both areas the chargers are lacking. Shake yourself charger fan, your franchise is no better then the falcons or seahawks- 0 for 1 in the only game that matters. Lol- powder blue fans never cease to amaze me.

  11. He will end up with the colts, as a DE in their. 3-4D, manusky is there

  12. Good….its time for LaBoy to make his own way and become laMan.

  13. No, we’re talking about the DisChargers, who haven’t won a damn thing, ever.

  14. mullman7675 says:
    “Yeah, the same RAIDERS teams that won more games then the chargers in the same span of time. ”


    Now you know why the raiduhs are giving money back to their local schools.

  15. Joetoronto,

    EXACTLY! Never won anything!

    Philip Rivers is a nymphomaniac and his best days are behind him. Hope the Super Chargers drafted a QB….

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