Kurt Warner responds to critics: I love football, but not the violence

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Two-time NFL MVP Kurt Warner said last week that he would prefer for his sons not to play football, and although he later backed off those comments, he was hammered by former players Amani Toomer and Merril Hoge for giving a bad impression of a great game.

Now Warner has issued a lengthy response on his website, saying that he loves the game of football, but he is concerned that the game has grown so violent that it could leave his sons and other players who play it with serious injuries.

“I am constantly concerned about my kids and the violence of the game of football. I worry about them suffering head trauma and developing any long-term issues as a result of that injury,” Warner writes. “So yes, I love this game and all the things that it taught me and afforded me along the way, but regardless of all that I have a responsibility to my kids. I cannot be oblivious to the risks of the game of football simply because it was good to me. . . . I love the X’s and O’s of the game. I love the strategy of the game of football. I love the competitiveness of playing the greatest team sport in the world, where 11 guys must come together at the same time for the team to have success. I love the chess match within each game, the moves and countermoves and the pressure filled responses that dictate who will be the victor. I love the discipline and hard work that is required to succeed in any sport, especially the game of football. Yet, at the same time I am fully aware of the one aspect that I do not love: the violence.”

Warner says he has a fundamental disagreement with Hoge about the nature of concussions and how to treat them. Hoge says concussions will never be completely prevented, but that proper treatment is of paramount importance. Warner says prevention of concussions should be the first priority. And Warner says Toomer is wrong to think expressing concern about his sons suffering injuries equates to trashing the game of football.

“I don’t know why it is so hard for people to understand how I can BOTH love the game and be grateful for what it did for me and at the same time have concern for my kids in regards to playing it,” Warner said. “Why does it have to be one or the other?”

Warner has spoken a lot about concussions, and he has no intention of stopping.

“I believe I have a lot to offer to fans and players of the game due to my being educated and informed on most things football,” Warner writes. “Therefore, I will continue to passionately share my feelings, both on the areas that I love and the concerns I have, to hopefully generate continual dialogue on how we can improve all things football moving into the future.”

The discussions about brain injuries in football are not going away, and Warner will continue to be a part of those discussions.

100 responses to “Kurt Warner responds to critics: I love football, but not the violence

  1. Kurt Warner sounds like a smart guy. A person should not have to sacrifice future health and well being to play this game.

  2. Agree fully with him. My kids won’t be playing unless a serious change happens.

  3. Warner don’t concern yourself with what Merrill Hoge thinks. There is a reason he won when he sued the Bears for his concussions because he shows obvious signs of long term brain damage

  4. kurt warner is 100% right to say he is worried about what might happen to his kids. toomer and hoge are 100% wrong to criticize. in fact their logic that football has been good to warner so therefore he cannot publicly notice concussions or see the potential harm for kids is so devoid of rational thought that i suspect they just wanted to see their names in a news headline.

  5. Hoge is a complete A-hole and always comes off as knowing next to nothing about football. Kurt is concerned about his children’s health. How can you bash him for that? I love the game and the violence, but I can see where Kurt’s coming from.

  6. I say MAN UP life is a gamble with or without football. Would you have liked it if your parents wouldn’t let you play? It’s their life and their dreams. Who’s to say the problems that seem to be going on with a few players is even related to past football injurys.

  7. Very we put, but Kurt shouldn’t have to explain him self at all. I don’t want my kids to do what I do for a living. Parents seldomly do. Does anybody want to argue about it? I don’t owe anybody an explination as to why, and neither does Kurt. That’s HIS family, not anybody elses.

  8. I think Warner raises a legit debate that needs to be out in the open… making the game safer for future players. Hoge and Toomer responded with your typical tough guy jock attitude that has to stop.

    As a parent if you have zero concerns about your child playing a sport as violent as football, you’re simply not doing your job.

  9. i Cant stand this attack on football… all the little dweebs that were scared to play in highschool etc are now in the media and fully attacking this great sport for Men and the “Men” that played this game that are now suing for a final payout are fueling this.. CAN WE JUST STOP over reacting to everything.. yes its a violent game, yes there will be hits at times that make those people that never played cring and be scared sayin “gosh that would really hurt or i would be dead after that hit”. Yea thats right, and thats why you watch. will will everyone be happy? when there is no football? Please just leave it to the tough men to play the game, we dont need scared little punks in the media dictating what needs to be done or tell us they wouldnt let their kids play.. pleazzz most of your kids couldnt play anyway so just teach them to talk about it.. one thing they should do is make every kid that wants to come into the nfl sign a waiver sayin they cant sue. next i would make EVERY nfl player wear ALL the pads theyre suppose to like knee, hip, tail etc. no more keepin pads out to look cool or improve speed. next i would outlaw Domes and make every field mandatory Grass.. i dont care how messy it would be at times, thats what football is suppose to be, muddy and hard hitting.. there will always be injuries and concussions but full pads, grass, bad weather and improving helmets would go a long way to slow this game down and make it a bit safer…………………..somehow Libs are behind all this:)

  10. I hurt both knees playing high school football and in later years had to have both of them replaced.
    I don’t know if I ever had a concussion since back in the day if you could walk they put you back in the game.

  11. I don’t understand why people feel they have to right to demand change that effects everyone.. even those of us who love the game the way it is. You don’t like the violence, you don’t want your kids to play football, thats fine, more power to you but don’t ruin the game the rest of us love and accept just to suit your needs.

  12. “I am fully aware of the one aspect that I do not love: the violence.”

    People like violence. Violence is the only reason football is as popular as it is. How are baseball’s ratings doing these days?

  13. Nice response to some pretty harsh criticism. Hopefully, this will lead to more intelligent discussions instead of the stupid ignorance that was thrown Kurt’s way this past week.

  14. Very well said Kurt.
    My son is playing in middle school. I’ve decided to make sure he had the best helmet available on the market today by buying it out of my pocket as well as an Oakley visor to protect his eyes . I’ve explained to him… the dangers of head injures & will yank him off the field if I suspect he had one. As a father, there is no way not th think about the dangers of the game.

  15. I think Kurt Warner is spot-on with this response. Unfortunately, this is another instance when a rather basic argument is far too nuanced for many to understand. Anyone can love the game, yet be worried that not enough is being done to protect the long-term safety of the players in this game. It seems that the NFL front office is grasping this problem and beginning to focus. I might be naive, but this strikes me as an issue that could fate the players’ union to failure. It’s the perfect wedge issue for owners to split their membership. That’s troublesome for balance in this league.

  16. zoxitic says: May 7, 2012 9:15 AM

    That’s like saying:

    I love swimming, but not the water.

    You’ve obviously never played Football before….at least not at a competitive level outside of flag or intramural.

  17. Whaaaat?! Hoge and Toomer have a far-out disagreeing opinion?! Get out!
    This shouldn’t even be a discussion. Kurt Warner is a parent first and foremost, if he feels uncomfortable with the idea of his kids playing football, then there is nothing more to say about it.
    Is he really supposed to sit there and say, “Well, garsh, I sure am worried about my kids, but football made me a millionaire, so gotta let them do it, especially if Toomer and Hoge think so?”
    Toomer and Hoge need to go back to bashing Shockey and Tebow, respectively.

  18. Concussions are serious…there should be a program for every team to follow on proper tackling technique…any helmet to helmet blow is automatic suspension…if a concussion happens, a licensed doctor should be on the field to determine player will not continue playing until he’s medically cleared and player signs off on it

  19. People that disagree with Warner are either young and lack understanding or are immature. When you’re young you rag on your parents for being hypocrites because they don’t want you to do things that they did. Young people for some unknown reason can’t seem to comprehend the fact that their parents don’t want them to do something because they have done it and have experienced the consequences and because of their love for you they don’t want you to go through those same things. So as a parent Kurt fears that a serious injury could have major consequences for his children and those fears makes him have reservations of wanting his children play. That is normal parent behavior. But as a good parent should do, he has probably discussed the consequences with them and has given them the freedom to make their own choices despite his fears for their safety. Great parents always show more concern for the wellfare of their child then they did for their own well being. Thats why they always come off as hypocritical.

  20. Andy dude names Merrill who was a second rate rb isn’t worth listening to. And he’s got a bad toupee. What a blowhard moron.

  21. Screw Toomer and Hoge. If you don’t have some level of worry about your kids playing sports (but especially a violent sport, such as football), you probably shouldn’t be a parent.

  22. Why is he even being criticized? He’s got kids and he knows what’s in store for them.

  23. Ok this shouldnt even be a topic. Football has always been a violent game. Its what the game us about. If your afraid of gettin hurt the dont play. You obviously got a degree in somthin while in college so go do that. Players in the nfl have been playin this game most of their lives and now that your gettin payed millions to do it you wanna cry about it? But its ok to take hits for free in college and high school? Like i said if the big hits and violent nature bother you follow another career path.

  24. You would have to go a long way to find a more articulate and impassioned response from any public figure, much less a sports figure. I think that Toomer and Hoge responded to Warner’s original comments with the same passion, but without the same clarity of thought.

  25. i think kurt warner and jay cutler should get married . there both cry babys and wimpy . lol

  26. toledoohoh….just from your one comment I can tell that your kids would be riding the bench anyway. You have nothin to worry about, let them play.

  27. Hodge and Toomer had different goal when they said what they said then Warner. Hodge and Toomer are rightfully fearful of losing youth football where Kurt is rightfully fearful of his kid being injured. I dont think Hodge and Toomer care about what Kurt does with his kids just dont want him making statements which could hurt the game.

  28. What a joke… if you watch football at the age of 3 you can figure out its not as safe as chess. If you don’t like the game don’t play it. If Warner doesn’t want his kids to play then ok, but to say the game has become more violent is just stupid. It hasn’t. its gotten safer. IMO its becoming way to safe an for the wrong reasons. Most of the players that have head injurys are Oline an Dline guys.. why cause as we know they meet EVERYTIME almopst helmet to helmet. You gonna take Blocking an pass rush away? Have um count 5 Mississippi? ITS FOOTBALL! Its like once people get money they forget about taking risks. What more dangerous playing football or joining the military? Cause I dont see you condeming them for being to violent.

  29. Screw Toomer and Hodge. Why is it that freedom of speech is only permitted by people when the person speaking completely agrees with their own views? It’s the same BS in the political world…the left only recognizes free speach when you agree with the left and the right only when you agree with the right. It’s a crock of #*$&. Free speech is free speech…not only when convenient for the masses. Warner’s kids are set for life. They have loving parents and they are financially set. They’ll be able to attend any college they get accepted to. They have no “need” to play the game to get them out of dispair. They can certainly play it for the love of the game. He never said he wouldn’t let them play…he just voiced his concerns for the longterm affects. Why wouldn’t a parent have those concerns? And why wouldn’t he have the right to voice those concerns? If current and former players want longterm health care then they should LOUDLY express the concerns over longterm injuries. You can hide the injuries AND ask for the longterm care.

  30. daknight93 says:
    May 7, 2012 9:48 AM
    Concussions are serious…there should be a program for every team to follow on proper tackling technique…any helmet to helmet blow is automatic suspension…

    Are you out of your mind? The majority of the helmet to helmet hits are because of the offensive player initiating it. Until the league starts calling helmet to helmet hits both ways – that is calling them against the offense when they lower their head to become a missle or call an offensive player for facemasking when he is giving a “stiff arm” (yeah right…..) then and only then will I take the league seriously about their stance on “player safety”. Until then I (and anyone with any semblance of intelligence) sees this for what it is – favoring the offense so that more points are put up on the board.

    Make it fair to both sides and let the athletes decide the outcome, not some one sided favoritism rules….

  31. Warner’s an idiot for continuing to delude himself because he thinks the Ram’s walk throughs were being taped a la George Halas in the 1950s.

    But on this one, the guy is entitled to his opinion. Other players should just get off his case. If he doesn’t want his kids playing so be it.

  32. Warner should have reamiend a grocery bager and passed on football…maybe focus on a sport better suited to him…like Professional Figure Skating.

    Don’t like contact? Don’t play football, Girly Man!!!

    There’s lot’s of sports to choose from for the limp-wristers of the world, like Kurt Warner.

    I’m really tired of you biting the hand that rescued you from the lucrative Grocery bagging Gig.

    Now Kurt, please go silently into the sunset.

  33. I just think that the game was much more violent in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I mean, Mean Joe Green would try to kill you out there. YOu didnt want to catch the ball around Ronnie Lott. Steve Atwater was a beast. THe list goes on and on. We even had a body bag game. BUt, My thing is this. Not every player has suffered from Post Concussion Syndrome. Sure it happens, But not to the degree that everyone is trying to make it out to be. I played runningback and D end in Highschool and College. I haven’t had one. Maybe I was lucky. So, on one hand I think it’s Kurt being a concerned parent and on the other I think its Kurt being a hypocrite. I guess he wouldnt want his kids to drive either, for fear they might get hit by a drunk driver.

  34. daknight93 says:May 7, 2012 9:48 AM

    …any helmet to helmet blow is automatic suspension…

    Ok so what happens when EVERY player is suspended? Helmet to helmet blows occur on EVERY play along the line. With tackling, even with perfect form you are going to hit helmet to helmet at times.

    Mandatory mouthpieces and knee pads would be an easy first step to reduce concussions.

  35. That statement contradicts itself. Football by its nature is violent. Ipso facto, Kurt Warner doesn’t love football. He, like most other retired players trying to get theirs, is a punk that wants to bash the game that made him into what he is.

  36. The best a helmet can do is prevent fractures, preventing the concentration of a sudden significant force/impact on a small area. No helmet alone can stop the sudden force/impact which causes the concussion. Tackle football is what it is, injury prevention can evolve but has limits in this specific style of sport in its current form. The best that can be achieved is to reach those limits – when the limits become no longer acceptable, then the entire game itself must change – or be eliminated.

  37. Rogers 419 – there was a story on hardball talk last week – local baseball ratings are higher than ever.

  38. All im going to say is, I rather live till 55 years retire at 35 living like a baller and able to provide to my fam and myself anything with i want vs living 80 years struggling with a grocery store job bagging groceries/stocking shelf’s until im 70 years old.

  39. You know what gets me? That a couple of ‘nobodies’ caused this uproar. Merrill? The only thing he’s known for are bad hair plugs, worse analysis, and big ol’ knots in his ties (maybe only looking big ’cause he’s so damn small). And Amani? C’mon, man! Toomer is the queen of petty quarreling. Neither of these coneheads qualify to even hold Warner’s jock, much less pass judgement on his opinion of what is/is not safe for his family. Next thing ya’ know, the sports shows will roll Sapp out there for a learned perspective!

  40. So as a parent, my Son comes up to me and says dad, I really want to play football. Do I say no? It is too dangerous. Dad, I was watching a basketball game and watched metta world peace knock a guys head off, and Derrick rose tore his acl. Good point son, it’s still too dangerous. How about playing some catch? No dad, the other day in my game, the pitcher hit me in the neck with a pitch, and it hurts. I guess my point is, that there are risks everyday in every sport, job, and even going to school. I respect Kurt Warner’s thoughts about it, but as a parent, I expect to be informed, and fully understand. That includes doing MY part to understand. How many parents are just too uninformed….. That is the question. Or how many parents won’t take the time to get properly informed?

  41. Everybody who’s ever seen football, let alone played it, knows it’s a violent sport, where people will injured. The issue is, whether the NFL sold it’s soul to the devil, concealing information potentially injurious to the players, while not providing the best equipment to prevent those injuries. Anybody thinking Warner is bashing the sport, may have had too many concussions themselves. He’s right to be concerned with injures. Like any other employer, the NFL is required to provide a safe work environment. That is all relative, and comes down to whether they provided information and equipment that was the best available at the times involved. Their own records will prove or disprove it. Personally, I think we will learn that the NFL sacrificed safety for profit they gained by “big hits” and fewer expenses on state of the art equipment.

  42. “grown so violent”.

    Those sissies of the 50s 60s and 70s. How dare Jack Lambert say he played hard.
    What a joke… if you watch football at the age of 3 you can figure out its not as safe as chess. If you don’t like the game don’t play it. If Warner doesn’t want his kids to play then ok, but to say the game has become more violent is just stupid. It hasn’t. its gotten safer. IMO its becoming way to safe an for the wrong reasons.
    You two need to distinguish the difference between what the writer wrote and what Warner actually said. Because the part about the game becoming more violent was a poor interpretation of what Warner said. All he said was “I am constantly concerned about my kids and the violence of the game of football”. He never said it has become more violent. The writer wrote that either because he is stupid or wanted to make it a bigger story or give the story more intrique. Whenever you read things, you can’t take the writers interpretation as the truth. Because more often then not, they stretch the truth or outright get it wrong.

  43. Oh did he just wake up one morning and realize the game of football was violent??? Whatever, he had and made the choice to go from bagging groceries to playing football making millions not his parents, so why then should he make the decision for his own kids? Shouldn’t they if they want to be able to play the game? I swear these type players are really sickening, just go away already…

  44. @ninerdynasty says: May 7, 2012 11:01 AM

    All im going to say is, I rather live till 55 years retire at 35 living like a baller and able to provide to my fam and myself anything with i want vs living 80 years struggling with a grocery store job bagging groceries/stocking shelf’s until im 70 years old.

    That’s a very selfish attitude. Seau and Duerson never saw their children become adults, and will never know their grandchildren. I would bet that their kids would rather their father be alive and bagging groceries than a dead former baller.

  45. Oh and btw it’s a game Kurt, guess your kids won’t be joining the military either it’s more violent than football…so if everyone felt they should prevent their kids from doing what they choose who would be police, fireman, military and any and all other dangerous occupations? You can’ t live their lives…they have to do that themselves!

  46. If anyone should know the price of injuries is Merrill Hoge. He got is bell rung so many times, he should know better.

    I will not let my son play football, no matter how much he begs me. It’s too fast and violent now from we played in HS. Anytime you’re seeing a 12 year old carried off the field with a concussion, it’s too much.

  47. This is the problem I had with Amani and Hoge, they did not fully understand the context. DP asked Kurt if he would discourage his kids from playing, not forbid them to play. He has never said he would not allow them play, just maybe not encourage them. I did many things my parents weren’t exactly encouraging about.
    Besides, not every kid is cut out to play football and maybe his aren’t and maybe he just realizes that. The guy gets to make his own decisions about his kids’ well being and happiness.

  48. All the mouthbreather defensive players who always spout about the softening of the NFL and the babying of QBs ought to take a few blindside hits while they’re standing upright. And the hits have to be from beasts that outweigh them by 75 pounds. Think they’ll be so tough then?

  49. renaissanceman87….

    Actually you don’t drown every yime you swim…you do touch the water though…I would say it’s like deep sea diving without the threat of bends. If you take the necessary steps to protect yourself the threat or it’s effects are greatly reduced.

  50. I’d imagine Warner’s IQ is higer than Toomer and Hoges combined. I fail to see where he’s being hypocritical. He made a lot of money with the game. He admits as much, but as a parent, he’s concerned for the health of his children, as any decent parent should be. He knows the risks, he knows the rewards.

    He capitalized where most don’t and still have to assume the risks.

  51. This goes hand in hand with the fact that the NFL supposedly is making all these changes to the game in the name of safety, yet they fail to make the simple adjustment of mandating safer helmets.

  52. I loved the violence when I played. Granted, I wasn’t a QB or WR, so I had every opportunity to dish it out as much as I got it. I can understand those guys with the targets on their helmets being concerned.

    But I also think that “violence” in the sense that Warner and everyone else is using it should be clearly defined. There is violence on every single play, but much of it is away from the ball (and off camera) so the media isn’t concerned with it. Who cares if a pulling guard drills an unsuspecting LB on a counter? Is Warner just advocating for better protection of skill position players, or is he saying there should be less violence in the the tackle box? If it’s the former I can abide, but I’d get pretty bored watching the latter. No one wants to watch fat boys pillow fighting.

  53. There are a number of high-profile jobs where a parent accepts whatever accolades it provides, but would be concerned about their children following in their footsteps. Police officers rarely want their kids to follow them, even though the kids sometimes do. My uncle was an Air Force fighter pilot in Vietnam – knew the hell of war firsthand, and hoped his kids never had to see it… and yet his oldest son ended up in the first Gulf War in 1990 as an Army Airborne specialist. How many times have you heard a porn star being interviewed saying “yes, I made good money having sex for a living, but I don’t ever want my kids to get in the business”? Football is no different. A parent will always want their kids to do better intellectually, if not monetarily. Warner probably would like to see his kids become physicians, attorneys, or entrepreneurs instead of football players. That’s what any good parent wants. That’s not trashing or disrespecting the game – it’s showing foresight.

  54. msjakeman2 says:

    Who’s to say the problems that seem to be going on with a few players is even related to past football injurys.

    Check the stove, msjakeman2; your irony is at a slow boil.

  55. Every year players get bigger, faster and stronger… except their brains, bones and joints do not…. it’s a real problem for all of us who love the game, but don’t want to see other human beings crippled for life.

  56. pixelito says:
    May 7, 2012 10:16 AM
    Kurt Warner is alot more intelligent than most former players.
    Not to mention a lot more intelligent than many of the faux macho men posters on this thread.

  57. @coltsluckdynasty–

    You conflate systemic risks and accidental risks and think that by doing so you’ve made a point.

    Metta World Peace knocks a guys head off… no matter if it was accidental or intentional, it’s not part of the normal course of a basketball game.

    Derrick Rose tears his ACL… from a jump stop. A jump stop. Freak. Accident. First, we’re not talking about ACL tears. That is the sort of injury that can happen in any sporting activity (see: Mariano Rivera), and requires nothing more than the athlete moving the wrong way.

    Pitcher hitting a batter in the neck… See the MWP point, above. Is it an accident or intentional that the batter was hit? The point is: it doesn’t matter, because neither indicate a systemic risk to playing the game of baseball. The purpose of the pitcher is not to try to hit the batter, but to get the pitch past the batter through the strike zone.

    Yes, there is risk (of the freak accident or physical assualt/retribution variety) in every sport. But don’t equate that to the systemic risk of the way football is played. Football requires full speed collisions, and in some cases helmet to helmet contact is allowed. Comparing that to Rose blowing out his ACL is laughable.

    Yes, a parent should be informed; but a parent should also be able to use common sense, reason, and logic, too.

  58. To eliminate the risk of head trauma, I propose we use Matrix-style simulators for players AND fans. We get all the violence we crave for without the accompanying risk!!

    If that technology’s too far out, in the meantime, we could extend the season to 162 games and play it on Madden! Just need more realistic graphics!

  59. This is hysterical that a former player cant say anything without the players and fans getting butt-hurt. hahahaha…. the destruction of that league is well under way. The players and fanbase are exactly the same.

  60. Warner said what every intelligent parent out there is thinking. The only reason this is even an issue is because Merril Hoge is a tool prone to knee-jerk reactions and crazy comments. I hope it’s just his schtick and he’s really not as ignorant as he usually sounds, but, then again, maybe he took too many blows to the head.

  61. zoxitic says: May 7, 2012 9:15 AM

    That’s like saying:

    I love swimming, but not the water.


    It’s more like saying:

    “I love swimming, but I hate chlorine.”

    I don’t have any problems with what Warner is saying. He’s expressing a valid opinion intelligently.

  62. I believe the “Rule of Holes” applies here.

    When your are in one, put the shovel down and stop digging…


    The rule of holes does apply, but it goes more like this:

    When you express an opinion and A-hole’s disagree, just ignore them.

  63. It’s incredibly ironic that Warner’s two biggest critics on this topic seem to be the poster children for brain damage. Warner’s contributions to the game of football trump Toomer and Hoge combined, and then some.

  64. I’m so tired of you fantasy football tinker bells. You never played football and don’t understand the game. You play fantasy football and think you know what your talking about. Sissies all of you.

    Kurt is entitled to his tinker bell thoughts. As are Toomer and Hodge.

    Stop being so soft

  65. easyeddie says: May 7, 2012 12:41 PM

    pixelito says:
    May 7, 2012 10:16 AM
    Kurt Warner is alot more intelligent than most former players.
    Not to mention a lot more intelligent than many of the faux macho men posters on this thread.

    Oh god here we go with the metrosexuals coming out of the wood works…

  66. For those of you that are calling Warner a “girly man” (and the like) for stating his opinion, you are complete, utter morons.

    Warner understands that the game is violent. He suffered multiple concussions throughout his career and played through them! He understands the risks that this poses for his kids, if they want to follow the same career path that he did. With all that, he did not say that he would prohibit them from playing, he said he would “…prefer for his sons not to play…”.

    Lastly, this whole thing began only because he stated his opinion, and he did that, as well as responding to all of the criticisms from others, in an extremely classy way.

  67. Im just glad Warner finally stuck up for himself. Toomer and Hoge were silly for trashing him, especially Hoge saying Warner is “uneducated and irresponsible”, which is just about the opposite of what he is.

  68. @mikebrownschangepurse

    You do realize that you don’t play pro football right? You sound like someone wo plays call of duty and then goes around preaching about the toughness of soliders. NFL players are tough, but no one thinks that because you said so.

  69. Hoge sued his former team doctor for the ill effects he suffered from concussions. More than a little hypocritical to bash Warner for not wanting his kids to risk the same type of suffering.

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