Ravens sign Ryan McBean

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Ryan McBean, the free agent defensive lineman whose restricted free agent tender was rescinded by the Broncos in April, a month after news broke that he would be suspended six games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing substances, has found a new team.

The Ravens announced today that McBean has signed.

McBean is filing a lawsuit alleging that the NFL improperly handled his drug test. If the lawsuit fails, he will be suspended from the end of the preseason until the day after the Ravens’ sixth game.

Depth on the defensive line was a need for the Ravens after the Colts, coached by former Baltimore defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, signed away two of their defensive linemen, Cory Redding and Brandon McKinney.

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  1. How about seeing how he does in his losing effort to fight his case, then consider signing him. Last thing we need is a guy to ride pine til week 7. We already have Suggs hanging out til week 12 or so!

  2. Ha ha ha. They would have been better off signing Steely McBeam off the Steelers. At least he would be eligible to play the first 6 games.

  3. This is not meant to be the greatest acquisition of all-time. With their salary cap issues, he was probably cheap and will change his ways once he’s around Ray-Ray, or he will be a good blocking dummy as the real team practices in the pre-season.
    The Ravens do have their problems going into the new season; but of course the Steelers fans already have the Super Bowl locked-up.

    and Squealers fans wonder why they are so hated, even in Pennsylvania…
    can you say…obnoxious? !!!

  4. Steeler fans are only hated in Pennsylvania by the Filthadelphia fans. Other than them, Pennsylvania is all Steelers. I’ll bet there are just as many Steeler fans in the Baltimore area as there are Raven fans. The whole country is for the Steelers. The world is for the Steelers. God is a Steelers fan!

    And, BTW, we only have the division won at this time. We still have to play the playoff games to get to the Super Bowl.

    Here We Go!!!!

  5. PFTcensons suck…


    The ravens swept the division, it belongs to them. Keep thinking you have this division won, it’ll only make your disappointment greater come December or January. Hey on the bright side, you most likely won’t face Tebow IF you make the playoffs saving you the embarassment of getting Tebowed twice in two years.

  6. If this were the Steelers signing a guy about to be suspended, the forum would be full of raven fans chirping about how the Steelers are “criminals” and “cheaters”…yet I doubt the Steelers would have signed McBean for even the league minimum based on his suspension.

    I think both the Ravens and Steelers are very similar, save for one big difference- The Steelers work alot harder to remove bad seeds from their team than the Ravens, who on multiple occasions have BROUGHT IN bad seeds.

    Yes, Ben is still the QB. but dont think for a minute that he was thisclose to being tossed, even with 2 superbowl rings and arguably being a top 5 QB in the league. Would the Ravens have even considered doing the same? based on their track record, I doubt it.

    In comparing the two teams recent histories, There have been lots of examples of Ravens behaving badly, and when it comes to murder and felony drug charges, the ravens have every team beat.

    Just for fun, lets review them, shall we?

    Of course there is Ray Lewis. (murder, plead guilty to obstruction of justice)

    But did you remember Terrell Suggs? (Charged with felony aggrevated assault in Phoenix, charges later dropped- so luckily for tsizzle everyone who isnt charged with a crime never has the crime brought up again…just ask Ben Roethlisberger. )

    Donte Stallworth was a classy signing.(murder-plead guilty to manslaughter- signed to Ravens AFTER doing time and being suspended a year.)

    Bryant McKinnie suspended for 4 games in ’08 (Fred Smoot’s sex boat anyone?)

    Sergio Kindle- DUI, yet remains with the team for some reason…its not like he’s a productive player..LOL.

    and these blasts from the past-

    Jermaine Lewis currently charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest, and has a court date pending.

    Gerome Sapp (DB): Misdemeanor assault outside bar, ironically filed by former Raven longsnapper Joe Maese. Charges were dropped after Maese refused to testify.

    Steve McNair (QB): McNair was a passenger but the owner of a vehicle being driven by a drunk friend.

    BJ Sams (KR/PR): DUI (for the second time in 14 months).

    Corey Fuller (DB): Gambling and gun charges for holding a high stakes poker game at his home.

    Jamal Lewis (RB): Federal charges of conspiracy to possess cocaine w/ the intent to distribute.

    Chris McCallister- DUI (2003) Marijuana possession (2000) did not get cut until 2008 and is now broke.

    Cornell Brown (LB): Possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

    6/15/01: Chris McAlister (CB): In Las Vegas’ airport, he was charged with a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace after getting into an argument with a flight attendant over seating arrangements. (this one is just funny)

    Leon Searcy (OL): Charged w/ domestic violence.

    Even coaches arent cleared. OL coach Andy Moeller has been arrested THREE times, yet still has a job with the Ravens.

    So why do I bring this all up? Not because I necessarily care about most of these incidents…but just to point out to ravens fans that before you criticize other teams, maybe you should criticize your own team for not keeping to the same high standards of signing players with good character that you insist upon other teams.

    Or maybe, the ravens think that all their superbowl MVPs need to first beat a murder rap? just wondering what the team’s strategy is here…

  7. @mikemyditka

    Wow way to name a bunch of players who played a season or two for the team then got busted…

    You still have a rapist and a wife beater (Harrison) on the team, oh and a team full of juicers from the 70’s. Don’t believe me, ask Mike Webster. Oh wait he’s dead from complications of steroid use. Don’t throw stones buddy.

  8. “Pennsylvania loves the Steelers” ?? HA,,,geographically they have a strong base but there is deep hatred within as well. Its not just Eagles fans either. Many dislike the brash in your face white-trashedness of Steeler nation.

  9. @mikemyditka

    You sound like a damn fool. “remember that guy who played on your practice squad? He stole a candy bar when he was 12!” And really going to bring up guys who played 1 or 2 years with us? Or guys who got arrested AFTER leaving here?How about we focus on the team today, not in the past or else I can join in with @randallflagg52 and knock the juicers from the 70s.

    Today, we’re looking at Ray Lewis who is the most well respected player in the NFL, yet the most polarizing to fans. Hate him? Guess what? Ray mentors players on every single NFL team, including the Steelers. Suggs incident was what 8 years ago? McKinnie was on a boat 4 years ago, guilty by association. Since then has kept his nose clean. Kindle had a DUI and I’ll give you that, but please name a team w/o one.

    Will I compare?? No bc I’m not obsessed with the Steelers, and not going to spend my time researching like others seem to think is worth their time… BUT I will say to accuse us of being a team of criminals? Yikes.

  10. Yes, PA and the nation love the Steelers. Biggest fan base in the country. Every watch a Steeler game played in an opposing city? I remember watching a game in Baltimore with what seemed like a half stadium of Terrible Towels flying around.

    The only people in PA who dislike the Steelers are the “santa snowball throwing beagles fans” you, and your mama. Even Michael Vick and Andy Reid are Steelers fans.

    I’m gonna go now and recount how many Super Bowl rings we have

  11. @pitt4059 <———- MORON.

    I've gone to every Ravens home game for the past 4 years. Everytime we play Sh*tsburgh it's about 80% Ravens, 10% Steelers, and 10% you can't tell. Needless to say, last season opener, it only lasted until about half time when the towels went from waving to wiping away tears.

    Enjoy 3rd place in the division again this year with your ancient injury prone D and your quarrelsome QB/O-Coord. situation. No rooki O-linemen will be saving your team, sorry.

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