Seattle signs seven more draft picks

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Bruce Irvin was just the tip of the iceberg in Seattle.

The team confirmed that they reached agreement on a contract with their first-round pick on Monday afternoon, but kept going with the announcement of seven more signings. The Seahawks signed linebacker Bobby Wagner, their second-round pick, and quarterback Russell Wilson, taken in the third, to become the first team in the league to sign their first three selections.

Wilson will more likely wind up as the team’s third quarterback behind some order of Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson. The team’s talked him up a lot, so it seems possible he could be the backup with a big camp. Wagner will be in the mix for snaps at linebacker, although it’s unclear whether he will wind up inside or outside.

The Seahawks also signed their fifth-round (linebacker Korey Toomer), two sixth-round (cornerback Jeremy Lane and safety Winston Guy) and two seventh-round (guard J.R Sweezy and defensive end Greg Scruggs) picks. The only unsigned draft picks are the team’s two fourth-round picks, running back Robert Turbin and defensive tackle Jaye Howard. Given how quickly the Seahawks got the other eight guys signed, it probably won’t be long before they are ready to move on to other things.

14 responses to “Seattle signs seven more draft picks

  1. Pete and company getting work done! I’m excited, looks like the hawks have a bright future ahead. hopefully Irvin can improve pass rush, turbin can become a 1 2 punch with Lynch, and Wilson can compete for qb. I’d feel a lot more comfortable with another wr and te added, but Pete n Schneider I trust have that handled. Go hawks!

  2. It’s perfect! There is not that much to bargain about with the new rookie pay structure. And I just know they’ve got to be telling these guys, “Come on! Let’s get in to camp, get things started, and get ready for a playoff run.” And they’re doing it! Outstanding!

  3. “The Beast” and RB “Turbo” Turbin will make a nice one two punch in the running game.

    Bobby Wagner should be a good signing as well because he has above-average athleticism. Most importantly Extremely quick off the snap……..

  4. nothimagain…I would think that is unlikely THIS year. Dump TJ and you have 3 QB’s with a total of two games played between them. TJ is a good back up for this year. Wilson moves up next and Portis either becomes #3 or someone else is signed next off season.

  5. people/critics can say what they wantabout the seahawks draft, but i know both of those guys from utah st can play

  6. anyone besides me feel like flynn might end up being a bust??? it seems to me that Russell Wilson has the most potential of the 4 current qb’s. I think he will end up being a seahawk all time great.. go Russ

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