Steelers get Chris Rainey’s contract done

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Chris Rainey left this weekend’s rookie minicamp with a better sense of the Steelers offense as well as a new four-year contract.

The Steelers announced that they reached agreement on a deal with the former Florida Gator that they selected in the fifth round of the draft. Rainey was one of the combine stars thanks to his speed and agility, skills that have led him and others to suggest he could play a Darren Sproles-type role on offense and special teams in the NFL.

His Sproles-type size — Rainey is 5’8″ tall — helped send him to the fifth round. Rainey also was arrested for stalking while in Gainesville, although the charges were dropped when he agreed to take part in a pre-trial diversion program. Those two things knocked him down the draft board, but that could be a blessing for the Steelers if Rainey winds up giving them a jolt of energy in the years to come.

Rainey joined nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu as draft picks signed by the Steelers already. Picking up those two players in the middle rounds is part of the reason many pundits have given the Steelers high marks for their work during the draft.

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  1. Steelers really liked Baron Batch too last year, shame he got injured, I only see them keeping one or the other however. Hope Batch gets a chance.

  2. Eagles fan taking a shot at Rainey. That is precious considering the S.O.B. and dog killer/ex-con you’ve got at QB.

  3. Rainey will confuse and spread the opposing defenses, allowing him to rip off large chucks of yardage coming out of the backfield, running a route, or returning a kick – triple threat – for opposing defenses. Good luck guessing what play Todd Haley has dialed up before the snap with #22 on the field. Only suggestion – Chris lose the beard, it weighs you down.

    Black and Gold Forever !!!!!

  4. Would worry a little about durability at this size. He’s 180lbs. Closest in measurables to Sproles (who had durability concerns before proving them wrong) but about 30lbs+ lighter than MJD or Rice.

  5. The only reason those charges were dropped we’re because they carried a significant penalty and he would’ve had to miss the football season if convicted. All of the defense attornies, prosecutors, and judges in Gainesville went to the UF law school. They take care of their own.

  6. Baron Batch AND Chris Rainey – crazy! Suddenly the Steelers have got lightning in a bottle again.

    Fast Willie who??

  7. Im really looking forward to seeing what this kid can do!! If he is anything like Darren Sproles, it would make for a fun offense to watch.

  8. Thanks for reporting the facts PFT. He dated a woman and they broke up. He sent her an inappropriate text. She read it but didn’t call police because she didnt feel threatened. Another woman called police and he was arrested. The ex-girlfriend told police she didnt feel threatened, didnt want charges pressed, and knew he sent the text because he was upset. He realized he messed up paid the consequences.

    Not saying he isn’t an idiot for sending the text, but you implied he was stalking her…hanging outside her house and following her around. That wasn’t the case at all, but I guess the truth doesn’t get as many posts.

  9. @rexismybff

    Fast Willie who??

    Fast Willie Parker – longest TD run in Super Bowl history, that Fast Willie.

  10. “Charges were dropped so why must you bring them up? SMH”

    Accusation is enough for me..steelers sign him so he’s ok. Better believe if the bengals signed him it would of been blown up

  11. Congrats, Chris, and welcome to the Steelers.

    Rainey had a fight with his girlfriend of three years, left her house, and texted her a lunatic death threat. How they got “stalking” from a single threatening text is a mystery. But there was no history of abuse, she dropped the charges, and they reconciled. He was suspended five games, put on probation for six months, and attended an anger management program. After he completed all the requirements, the charge was removed from his record. And all this happened a couple of years ago, not last week. He hasn’t had any issues since.

    But yes, I’m sure PFT will bring it up every time his name is mentioned from now through retirement and his obituary. Their motto is never let a screwup be forgotten if there’s a chance it will generate an extra page click.

  12. t8ertot says: May 7, 2012 12:50 PM

    “Charges were dropped so why must you bring them up? SMH”

    Accusation is enough for me..steelers sign him so he’s ok. Better believe if the bengals signed him it would of been blown up


    Accusations is enough for you? Seriously? I just pray that you are never accused for something you didn’t do.

  13. I don’t think he can be the third down running back because his size will make it hard for him to pick up blockers. That is a mandatory skill for the role, on any team. At camp last year, Batch was excelling at this before he went down, and the current third down back, Moore, also excels at this. Steeler backs in general got a lot of practice helping their o-line pass block.

    I can definitely see him at a slot receiver though, someone they can move around a lot, run their bubble screens with, or inside screens, or just send on a fly pattern, really a lot of stuff. With his speed and size, the Steelers need to get him the ball in space. Rainey in the open field should give defenses nightmares.

  14. Oh yeah I’m sure this signing is making the other teams in the NFL shake in there boots, boy.

  15. It’s unbelievable how anxious people are to look at the negative in everything. People make mistakes and change. Give this young man to grow from his mistake and hope they he becomes more valuable than bad in his community. Mr Rainey do ya thing and ignore the haters! Go Steeltown!!

  16. Steeltown is actually Stinktown while you know who is the first string quarterback.

  17. Anytime there is an article about the Steelers, there will be a few posts insulting Rothlisberger – often using the word “rape” or some variation. It is as pathetic as it is boring. It amazes me how tiny a life some readers of this site must have.

    Ray Lewis was involved in an incident where a man was murdered – yet Steelers fans don’t bring it up on every friggin article about the Ravens.


  18. @crosberger: Unfortunately the whole “RayRay is a murderer!” does get thrown around. The good news is that there are enough trolls here for everyone.

    Welcome to sports forums. 🙂

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