Bengals’ Carlos Dunlap aiming for double-digit sacks


Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap has a specific goal in mind for the 2012 season: Double-digit sacks.

I haven’t broken the 10 [sacks] barrier,” Dunlap told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The NFL had 16 players record 10 or more sacks last season, so Dunlap’s goal is slightly less farfetched than, say, Chris Johnson saying he’ll run for 2,500 yards. But 10 sacks would represent a career high for Dunlap, who has 14 sacks in two NFL seasons, and it would represent the most sacks for a player on the Bengals since 2006.

Dunlap said the hamstring injury that hampered him late in the season has healed, and now, “I’m just anxious to get out there and put pads on.”

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  1. He must have gotten a shipment of Jerome Simpson’s stash if he thinks he is getting over 10 sacks.

  2. Dunlap is a beast. Zimmer uses a rotation so 14 sacks in two years isn’t bad being he got 9 in his first year and was hurt last year missed games and still got half of 10. If healthy he’ll surpass 10 easily. You guys are sleep on Dunlap thinking 10 is some high unreachable number. He’s the most dominant player on the line besides Atkins. Silly people.

  3. This guy had a hamstring issue all season in 2011 and still was a top 10 guy in QB pressures. 10 or more sacks for a healthy Dunlap should be the goal every season. Bengal haters just keep on hating and you can really hate us when we’re beating your teams A**.

  4. As a Bengals fan my first reaction to seeing headlines for the Bengals during this time of year is always to cringe first. Whether or not Dunlap can achieve his goal isn’t the issue, I’m glad he’s setting goals for himself and not getting arrested. Also, I hope the Bengals realize they are better off without Braylon Edwards

  5. We are def better off without Edwards. Hopefully he picks the big city lights of NY. He thought Cleveland was bad (small city). He’ll hate Cinci.

  6. Carlos Dunlap vs. Sergio Kindle
    Heading into the 2010 NFL draft, each player had a DUI that caused them to slide into the second round. Baltimore took Kindle, and the Ravens and Ozzie Newsome were heralded as geniuses for the second round steal. The Bengals took Dunlap and were chided for being the same old bungles- drafting a player with character concerns.
    Two years later:
    Dunlap – 14
    Kindle – 0
    Flights of stairs fallen down
    Dunlap – 0
    Kindle – 2
    Post draft DUIs
    Dunlap – 0
    Kindle – 1

  7. He got 9.5 sacks as a rookie, so he has the ability. As strange as it might seem, the main things that will help him are getting his stamina up, and improving his run stopping. If he can do both of those, he’ll see much more play time, and he should be able to rack up those sacks. With him and Atkins on the line, it could be a strong year for pressure from the Cincy front four.

  8. Well stated oldschoolomen. But Bengals haters are mostly too stupid to use reason to make judgments. They lazily rely on outdated stereotypes, because its easier than actually thinking. F#$% em! Peace.

  9. Dunlap is a beast…the only thing holding him back has been injuries.. Last year he was almost unblockable at the end of games (before the hamstring injury).

    I was skeptical when they drafted him, b/c the Bengals have never been great at identifying a game changing DE…this kid is the real deal.

  10. Well now he’s jinxed himself.

    IR by game 2.

    When did “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” become the default?

  11. Let’s see…

    Starting DE on a 4-3 defense.

    I would sure HOPE you’re aiming at double digit sacks.

    This reminds me of a Chris Rock stand-up routine about people bragging about how they’re doing something that they’re SUPPOSED to do anyway.

    “Hey man…just got out of jail. And I paid my child support. Ain’t I the best!?”

    “The other day, I paid my rent. WORD!!!”

    “Yo dawg…Last week, I was using toilet paper to wipe my…”

  12. Pro Football Focus rated Carlos Dunlap the best DE in the NFL last year. Believe it or not, we have some great football players here in Cincy. The mainstream media may not care about our team, but you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot of us this year.

  13. Michael David Smith’s stat “The NFL had 16 players record 10 or more sacks last season” is incorrect – the correct number is 17.

    Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it would be nice for a journalist to check his facts correctly.

    For reference:

    1. Jared Allen 22
    2. DeMarcus Ware 19.5
    3. Jason Babin 18
    4. Jason Pierre-Paul 16.5
    5. Terrell Suggs 14
    6. Aldon Smith 14
    7. Chris Long 13
    8. Tamba Hali 12
    9. Connor Barwin 11.5
    10. Von Miller 11.5
    11. Julius Peppers 11
    12. Chris Clemons 11
    13. Trent Cole 11
    14. Antwan Barnes 11
    15. Cliff Avril 11
    16. Andre Carter 10
    17. Mark Anderson 10

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