No indication D.J. Williams plans to settle his lawsuit against the league


Given the news of defensive lineman Ryan McBean settling the lawsuit challenging his six-game suspension with a difference-splitting three-game suspension, the obvious question becomes whether Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams will do the same thing.

There currently are no indications that Williams plans to or will be settling.

Of course, that could change if the NFL offers something like a one-game suspension or no suspension and a fine.  For now, though, Williams plans to keep fighting the outcome of the in-house appeal of his suspension.

The thinking in league circles is that McBean settled because no team would have signed him to a contract while he had an active lawsuit pending against the league.  Whether that perception is accurate, the reality is that he signed with the Ravens only after settling the lawsuit against the league.

I’ll have more to say about the McBean settlement and the Williams non-settlement during PFT Live, including how this situation possibly relates to the Saints’ bounty investigation.

6 responses to “No indication D.J. Williams plans to settle his lawsuit against the league

  1. Williams’ Terms of Settlement: Another Saints player gets suspended and James Harrison is fined. Williams is free to go

  2. I would love to see an NFL team sue an active player for breach of contract once they get suspended for drugs/PEDs.

    Players should be sued for doing things (like drugs) that hurt the team, and thus could affect the value and revenue of the team itself.

    Then the player would be forced to pay for his defense attorney and maybe that will be enough to show these players who is boss.

  3. Someone with the screenname of “warrenmoon” should NOT be making a comment sympathetic to the Steelers.

    And good on DJ. He should fight this all the way.

  4. You’re right, dryzzt23. I mean…if only the NFL had a way to penalize players for breaking the rules. Ideally, something that cost them money and prevented them from participating. Let’s meet later today to figure out what we’ll call it.

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