Deion Sanders’ wife ordered to stay away from his home


A judge ruled on Monday that Deion Sanders should remain in his Dallas-area home, and his wife must stay at least 500 feet away at all times.

Deion and Pilar Sanders have been going through an ugly divorce, and Deion has taken some of the ugliness public by writing about it on Twitter. After Deion wrote on Twitter that Pilar had attacked him, she was arrested for assault. Pilar claimed that Deion was the instigator in the confrontation in their home, and Deion was later charged with misdemeanor simple assault. The judge in their divorce, however, found that there has been no family violence.

After Monday’s ruling, Deion went back on Twitter and wrote, “The Truth was told baby! I’m doing my dance with my old falcon uniform on with my Gold jacket over it and some cleats! Lol.”

A custody hearing is scheduled for May 15. The judge has said the couple’s three children has been in the middle of their disputes and that they need counseling.