Eagles sign Mychal Kendricks

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The Eagles have signed the first member of their 2012 draft class.

General Manager Howie Roseman said Tuesday that linebacker Mychal Kendricks, a second-round pick in April, has agreed to a contract. Like all rookies drafted after the first round, Kendricks’ deal is for four years.

Kendricks ran a 4.47 40 at the combine and impressed in several other drills as well. He was also the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year at Cal in 2011. At the time, Kendricks said he thought of himself like Patrick Willis, but he won’t be playing the same position in the pros.

Kendricks played inside in a 3-4 look while at Cal, but the change in schemes to Philly’s 4-3 will likely send Kendricks to a new spot. He should be in the mix at strongside linebacker this summer, a spot where his speed would come in handy in coverage as well as making plays at the edges.

The Eagles have eight other draft picks, many of whom should sign before this weekend’s minicamp.

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  1. I am an Eagles fan, let me just start with that. I’ve never met Kendricks and I’m sure he’s a great guy but right now I don’t like this pick. I think he looks like yet another undersized, fast LB who will get physically dominated by bigger offensive linemen.

    The Eagles, for years, have spent high early draft picks on guys with experience that doesn’t mesh with our system. If Kendricks excelled as a 3-4 inside LB at Cal why put him in an unfamiliar position as a rookie and expect him to start from day one? It’s unfair to him and it’s unfair to our fan base. We tried this same move with Daneil Teo Nesham, it didn’t work. We signed Ernie Sims–he didn’t work.

    I’m a loyal fan so I’m still going to cheer for my Birds and hope that this move works out well but based on past experience I must take a ‘wait and see’ approach.

  2. Best player in the draft. Second coming of Lawrence Taylor. Superbowl for sure.

  3. Kendricks was an absolute steal with the 46th pick . For any hater who points out that he’s to small to play LB in the NFL , be sure to also mention that he was the fastest LB in the draft , has a monstrous 37′ inch vertical , and rocks people with his hits . Add him & Ryans and we finally have a respectable linebacking core .

  4. @asw1028: i would watch all his game tape again , and then watch Zach Browns , Lavonte Davids or any LB in this draft and compare them all . The majority of people who really watched all his games would agree that Mychael Kendricks being available at 46 made this draft an absolute beauty for Philly . Cox,Kendricks,Curry,and Boykins were amazing picks.

  5. @asw1028,
    Don’t panic about his height. Some of the best LBs were shorted than 6ft. (Sam Mills, London Fletcher). He played outside backer for 2 years than moved him tho the middle. Cal played both in 3-4 alignments and 4-3. Eagles believe it or not have 3-4 alignments as well. Speed kills, and this dude has plenty. He’s not one to overrun plays like Ernie Sims, he actually reacts well and punishes defenders. Youtube him if you haven’t done it already.

  6. @asw1028

    I watched him play at Cal. I totally get your concern, and I think it’s valid, but this guy is a solid player, and for the 46th pick, I think the Eagles should get good value if he is used correctly.

  7. This kid is a beast,I love our draft as I see 3 out of the first 4 players we drafted as playing this year and making a impact and that is what the birds needed. Cox andVin Curry and Boykin the db from Georgia who was a steal in the 4th rd,he is also a good return man(go to you tube and what him win a high school slam duck contest,he has big time athletic ability)

  8. He seems like a super athlete and he’s saying and doing all the right things but he is Ernie Simms without the dreads!! Simms was highly touted out of Florida State. Ran a 4.50 forty put up 23 reps on the bench and had a verticals of 38″ Kendrick’s stats are 4.47 24reps and a 39″ verticals. Ernie was a “high motor” guy that always pursued the ball and blah blah blah. He was under sized and couldn’t shed blocks, couldn’t cover a tight end and most of his tackles were made 5-7 yards off the line of scrimmage. The good news is the Eagles only wasted a second round pick instead of using the 7th pick in the entire draft on him. There were 45 picks before him and there’s a reason 31 teams passed on him, some passed on him twice. He played in a weak PAC Ten this past fall. USC was down and honestly Oregon and Stanford really weren’t that good as evidenced in their bowl games. He will be a special teamer and in two years sent somewhere for a fifth or sixth rounder. Ala chris Gocong! Remember how hyped he was coming here??? Don’t believe the hype.

  9. Jenniferxxx

    Your post is exactly the reason why women should not be involved in sports. Mark Twain said “it is far better to appear stupid, thAn to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.”. Those are words you should live by

  10. Lol the next coming of Lawrence Taylor?? I would probally take it easy with that statement and we shouldnt be guaranteeing any super bowls but with that said I think me me Kendrick’s was a good pick-up. He has alot of confidence in himself and wants to prove all the haters wrong and you have to like that as a fan but like every other draft pick you never know what happens until they get on the field

  11. This guy is a great player, as a bay area resident, i’ve followed most Cal games and he is just a seek and destroy type of player.. however, i do think that he would be better in a 34 scheme n a real D coordinator.. Dunno how he will fair on a 43… but good luck to him.

  12. At least she didn’t say the second coming of Mark Sanchez. If the Eagles get half the production from these rookies that is being projected then this draft was a great draft. I just want to keep the lead in the fourth quarter. There were times last season that the birds were impossibly bad and times they were impossibly good. A little consistancy would be nice.

  13. He was Cal’s best player on D and very good but he aint got nothing on the real beast Patrick Willis! Remember when Eagles fans thought they were getting Willis for Samuels like 3 years ago that rumor made me laugh and eagles fans were saying its over now championship that would be like trading a ferrari for a pinto you wish.

  14. Hey lifer,

    Though I agree the Willis for Samuel trade was a stretch Samuel is hardly a pinto. In the right scheme he is the best play making CB in football. How many playoff TDs does Willis have? They play different positions so it’s impossible to compare but in a big game when a play needs to made that will effect the outcome I’d take Samuel all day long.

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