For T.O., path back to NFL surely doesn’t go through Dr. Phil


MDS mentioned earlier today receiver Terrell Owens explanation to Dr. Phil that the future Hall of Famer squandered $80 million while playing.  And the episode of Dr. Phil’s show featuring T.O. is currently residing on my DVR, and I’ll inevitably decide to watch it.  Probably.

But for a guy who claims to continue to hold out hope for playing in the NFL, why is he going on a show like Dr. Phil’s?  It won’t help persuade a team to sign Owens; it will if anything have only the opposite effect.

Owens’ willingness to appear on the program possibly arises from his desire to find a way, no matter how desperate or sad or ill-advised, to remain in the spotlight.  And that’s all the more reason for the NFL to find a way to help its players transition to a post-football existence that ordinarily entails far less cash — and even farther less fame.

With the fame long gome, T.O. apparently is settling for notoriety, and he’ll undoubtedly continue to take whatever of it he can get.  Hopefully, he’ll realize at some point that he doesn’t need it, and he’ll find a path to relevance and fulfillment that doesn’t involve smiling into a camera or talking into a microphone.

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41 responses to “For T.O., path back to NFL surely doesn’t go through Dr. Phil

  1. not seeing this as an NFL problem. does every employer have an obligation to help it’s employees ‘transition’ to their lives post -retirement? this is a guy that had 80 million resources to help him ‘transition’ to post-NFL. wtf.

  2. If you couldn’t tell by now, TO just wants attention. He’s always wanted attention… which explains his antics through out the years. He’d prefer for it to be in a praising manner, but he’ll settle for being notorious.

  3. If you take every WR that makes the 53-man squad without T.O. in the league there’s at least one WR position that a team could improve by bringing him into that spot. Ain’t no way he’d be the worst WR in the NFL.

  4. I think T.O. just suffers from depression. The only thing that’s kept him happy is the limelight. Honestly, I liked him here in Cincinnati. I thought he seemed like an ok teammate and one heck of a difference maker on the field, even at 36 years old. He could probably still do it at 38 if some team gave him a chance. Still, he needs to address the depression. I’d hate to see another Seau situation.

  5. Sounds like he’s Dez Bryant’s financial advisor blowing $80M in such a short time. Obscenely irresponsible behavior.

  6. Not a big fan of TO but sounds like he needs help. Cracking on the guy is not going to help! Look what just happened with Seau……

  7. I certainly hope I am wrong, and wish T.O. the best in his future but if I had to choose one person that i thought would be the next to commit suicide….it would be T.O.
    all the signs are there

  8. Owens had fame and plenty of it. Yet, being narcissistic, he still wanted notoriety on top of it, even if he had to play the buffoon to gain it. Now his flame has gone out. Does anyone care?

  9. I’m not saying I want T.O. to kill himself….

    But I am saying if I had to choose between him and Junior Seau, it would be a remarkably simple choice.

  10. posted this late to other TO article:
    I recall thinking when T.O. blew up his spot in Philly during the aftermath of “I’m not the one who got tired” post 2004 Superbowl soap opera;

    If this guy could just work his issues out, he and McNabb could be a solid, bordering on great, tandem for the next 3-5 years.

    Had Owens handled things differently (Not called out his teammate in an interview, fired his agent, hired Rosenhaus, gone after “outplayed my contract” money and worst of all claiming what (IIRC) turned out to be phantom injuries during the contract dispute.

    T.O. would have made (and would still be making) plenty of money in endorsements in Philadelphia, as the WR savior the city had begged for since the Reid-McNabb era began. The guy was a media darling, shooting MNF opening skits with one of the Desperate Housewives… in a shower no less.

    I don’t know if I could name a sports figure whose self-destructive on and off the field behavior I can chalk up simply to chronic immaturity like Owens.

  11. Outside of buying a state, I honestly don’t see how its possible to burn through 80 million dollars in the amount of time that he did. Then again, my tastes are probably a little simpler than his…

  12. What a troubling story. He is not exactly what anyone would call a role model, but I believe there’s always a chance for redemption. I hope he finds a way out of his own misery soon.

  13. Unbelievable talent – check. Major disconnect from reality – check. An apparent lack of common sense – also, check. I find it hard to grasp how this man has travelled the roads of life that he has, and has not gathered any common sense along the way. The ladies that raised him had more sense – why did it not rub off? He has been making a total fool of himself for as long as I can remember. And decision making – Hey, fuggetabout it!

  14. He was my favorite player for the longest, but he is the perfect example of the guy that burned every bridge, lost it all and has no one to turn to. If he gets another shot it will still not change his sititution. If he can’t live off 80 mil how can he live off the vet min.

  15. TO needs to develop a second passion because his playing days are over. There are just too many young recievers out there that teams would rather go with because they a.)have more upside, b.) are not divas, and c.) play special teams. He has the personality to make it as a broadcaster or analyst so he should focus on that. The 80 millions he threw away will never come back but at least he can make a nice living.

  16. TO’s has spurned help every step of the way. Can’t say I have much sympathy for him at this point. I do feel sorry for the children that he’s not accepting financial responsibility for. They’re the ones that will bear the brunt of his lack of awareness and poor decision making.

  17. I say its the media’s fault. They can’t let the guy get a break. Yea, he was destructive in his past, on and off the field, but the last few years he hasn’t been a problem. Yet, the media is looking to create the old T.eam O.bliterator. He’s working to clear his name on and off the field and he’s trying to be honest about it. But, the media won’t leave him alone.
    IF he signs with someone the media will be all over it and Sal Palantonio will have a field day. They just can’t let him be.

    This media circus loves to milk a train wreck for all its worth and when he dies (heaven forbid it be too soon) they’ll be the first one to ask “Why didn’t anyone help him?”

  18. He should have zipped his trap many many moons ago. Not trash the Eagles org and qb, get paid all of the money that was in his contract, and catch bomb after bomb from a strong armed qb. But he’s crazy, so that wouldn’t work.

  19. TO is stupid.. stupid for squandering his money..stupid for letting whoevere he entrusted in running his financial affairs..and stupid for coming out and saying he lost 80 million

  20. Remember, this is the same braniac who, after getting into a quarrel w/ his coach and was sent home, pulled his weight set onto his front (burned out, even though it was once farmland) lawn in order to get attention. He endeavours to make a spectecle of himself, pure and simple.
    And we are fools or ghouls to continue to follow what is becoming a very sad, sad story.
    He had the talent to be one of the all-time greats. He had Jerry Rice as a role model, literally. If he had 1/10 of Jerry’ s character and devotion to a team, then he woulda been the best ever. I dont think anyone will top Jerry Rice now.

  21. no way do i feel sorry for this d-bag, million dollar talent with a 10 cent brain. maybe he can move in with drew rosenhaus, they are surely 2 of a kind hahahaahha

  22. Maybe T.O. could call Jeff Garcia, beg forgiveness for insinuating that he was gay, and see if Jeff needs a handyman to help around his house.
    I have no sympathy for this clown, he’s disrespected everyone he’s come in contact with.

    I feel bad for the kids that he brought into this world…I can’t use the word fathered because that doesn’t apply to him. Unfortunately the cycle of abandonment continues.

  23. I don’t care what anyone says T.O. still has value for any team in need of a WR. Look at his last season in the NFL 9 TD’s, 983 yards and 15 catches of 20+ yards, Long catch was a 78yard TD. All of that on 14 games. He would of broke 1000 again of he didn’t miss the rest of the season. Also that is pretty good number for also have Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson on the other side of the field.

  24. My dad worked for a company and was making $80,000 a year as a director. 20 years ago the company was bought out and he was let go. He had a wife, 2 kids, and a mortgage. The company didn’t care. They didn’t call him to see if he was okay and they didn’t offer him training or even offer a good reference.

  25. Agreed!!!

    There’s a big reason why character is a huge issue for teams, judgement!!!!

    Terrell Owens has never been handcuffed, but many the things that he has Don has created an investment for the teams he has claim form. If you keep opening up your mouth at the wrong time, perform and text that upset people in the NFL, or do anything that I cannot listen off the top of my head you have poor judgment.

    NFL owners like smart people in their locker rooms. T.O. can talk all he wants about how he did not have a father that could have helped him with social skills or that his grandmother told him to be politically incorrect, but following tasks and forms of behavior bad majority of the people in this country can do is very simple.

    Let’s face it people, Terrell Owens is not a smart person!!!! Today is the first time in a long time where I can say that I am embarrassed to be a Terrell Owens fan!!!

  26. I just had a nightmare thought. What if T.O. married Kim Kardashian and had descendants who craved publicity as much as both of them combined? There just aren’t enough TV cameras in the world to handle that scenario.

  27. I used to have 25,000,000 reasons why talking about T.O. was entertaining but now I have 0.

    Folks, he tore his ACL as a veteran and showed in Arena Football his speed and agility suffered for it. He WAS an NFL great on-field.

    He also allegedly has tried to commit suicide twice now and I’m sure some of you are trying to yuck it up but puing Seau into this and making light of suicide is not cool. Just don’t go there, fellas.

    I sincerely hope he’s not the next Favre drama story that won’t go away. Try to rise above PFT, please!

  28. The truly smart folks would NEVER lump Junior Seau together with TO – Junior had way too much class and was a true professional on the field, and a true gentleman off the field. So, zero confusion there.

  29. Just watched it. Don’t bother. Owens obviously wanted another few minutes of air time. He didn’t discuss squandering his fortune. The women were well-behaved and less interested in discussing money than why Owens only sees his kids once a year. His father was absent from his life; now he’s absent from theirs. He pouted a lot and teared up occasionally. Every time you thought Dr. Phil might say something useful, he went to commercial instead. It was embarrassing. Next he’ll be on Celebrity Rehab.

  30. T.O. Could have been great in Dallas if he just kept his mouth shut and did his job. He’s a great takent that appears to have gone wasted.

    I still think that he did try and kill himself a couple years back. Get the guy some help and hope people learn from Seau.

  31. comparing T.O. situation to the Seau sad story is just wrong. I hope it was in jest. as big of a dbag as he has seemed at times no one should wish such a sad end to anyone. his kids, who apparently don’t get much fathering from him still don’t deserve to lose their the man who helped make them. hope he figures something out to keep him going… outside of the nfl. and hope one day his kids will get a father out of him

  32. The amount of scrub WR in this league, and T.O. could still beat out half of them. He’d instantly make any team better. And there are a lot of teams looking for a #1 WR, or at best a decent #2.

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