Jamaal Charles sees Peyton Hillis as another Thomas Jones

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Running backs Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis had great seasons in 2010.  In 2011, however, disappointment was in the cards for both men; Charles tore an ACL early in the year, and Hillis’ performed was diminished by a bizarre mix of injury and ineffectiveness and, to an extent, delusion.

They’ve combined forces in Kansas City, with Hillis joining as a free agent the team with which Charles has spent his entire career.  In a Tuesday session with the local media, Charles welcomed the addition of Hillis.

“I feel like he’s the same as Thomas Jones,” Charles said.  “He’s going to come in and get all the tough yards and all the power and I feel like that was the same thing when Thomas was here.  I don’t really care, I’m not a selfish player, and I just want to win.  If he can contribute to the team and put points on the board, why not?  I don’t care about how many yards; I feel like every week if we win the game, I don’t have any complaints.  He came in, we brought him in to win games.  We didn’t bring him in to compete with each other, but we’ll compete with each other in a certain way.  But I don’t think he’s on this team, I’m on that team, I want to beat him up.  I want to train with him and be his best friend.”

It’s unclear when Charles will be able to do more than train.  Charles said his knee is at “about 80 percent,” but he added that he has been “running and cutting and jumping” since four months after the injury.  “I feel like I never had the surgery because I feel normal, I feel like I can do everything that everybody else can do and I can do it better,” Charles said.

Charles believes he’s ready to fully participate in OTAs, but that he plans to defer to Dr. Andrews, who performed the surgery.  Until then, Charles will try to remain patient — even though he obviously is anxious to get back on the field.

“I’m hungry,” Charles said.  “I want it this year.  I’ve got the passion for it.  I can be patient.  I just can’t wait to play football, I can’t wait to bring stuff back to this community and show how much we can win.  And I feel like this is a year for us, that we can go all the way because I can feel it.  And me, I feel I can bring a lot to the team this year being bigger and stronger, and I don’t know, maybe even faster.  I can wait awhile.  In my mind, I want to get back out there because I want to see where I’m at, but I feel like I’m already there, so I can just wait.”

Chiefs fans surely can’t wait to see what will happen for a team that nearly won the division despite not having Charles and safety Eric Berry and tight end Tony Moeaki for most of the year.  With a dysfunctional situation between the coach and the G.M. now resolved via the replacement of the coach, the Chiefs could be a lot better in 2012 — one year after they were still pretty darn good despite plenty of adversity and drama.

29 responses to “Jamaal Charles sees Peyton Hillis as another Thomas Jones

  1. Even if I wasn’t a Chiefs fan, I’d want to see Charles return to form. He’s always come across as a great team player.

  2. The Chiefs had some bad injury luck last season, but they weren’t “pretty darn good”. They whipped the Raiders once and were .500 in division, but caught some bad losses elsewhere. I’d be surprised if Chief fans got on here and said they were pretty darn good.

  3. I hope Charles returns to form. He was a bright spot in the Chiefs future, and I enjoyed watching him run the ball. Plus I would love to see the Chiefs destroy the Broncos twice this year.

  4. That’s a refreshing “Team first” attitude that is really lacking throughout the NFL. It’s great to see a player acting this way.

  5. If they get decent QB play and the line holds that could be a fun offense to watch. The 3 backs (Charles, Hillis, McCluster) and Bowe make a formidable threat.

  6. @raiderapologist

    They were “pretty darn good” considering the circumstances. After the first two games, there were Chiefs fans (myself included) who thought they might get the first pick in the draft. Despite all of the injuries and the fact that Todd Haley was desperately trying to get fired, they showed that they had heart and that they weren’t going to just give up every week.

    Seriously, how many people thought they even stood a chance against the Packers?

  7. Depending if your get pre madden Hillis or Bipolar post madden Hillis, it could be a great pickup or not so much. Either way the chiefs are not near a championship caliber team, but will be fun to watch.

  8. Watching Charles run a ball down the Raiders’ sideline his rookie year pulling away made my eyes bug out. He was so fast. Had him on my fantasy team year 2 and he was amazing. Horrible, yet early, season-ending injury last year. Silver lining is that he has had more time to heal and may miss the “healing” curve RBs tend to have the year out of an IR for an ACL. Great, great player.

  9. He “sees”.. meaning he must “sees” through beer goggles. Charles/Hillis will never be the same after their injuries.. Better have a running game with the current QB.

  10. I’ve said it over and over. The chiefs are the favorites in the afc west. Not the broncos with there broke neck qb or the raiders and there total rebuild effort. SD is a worry but hey they have self emploded many times over the last few yrs. So once again mark my words the Kansas city chiefs will win the afc west….

  11. wtfchiefs

    Because the people making the decisions for the Chiefs forgot that Cassel’s one okay season of playing came on a team that featured a great system and Randy Moss.

  12. not a chiefs fan, but gotta love this guys attitude. at least he is saying all the right things. good luck to him and hope he has a good year

  13. I hope we get to see him all 16 this year. The man has kept up a 6.1 CAREER yds/carry avg, and hes been given the ball 499 times. Incredible.

  14. blacknole08,

    Hillis is NOTHING like Mike Alstott.

    Isn’t ironic how most people get mad when people compare black QB’s to other black QB’s but it’s never an issue to compare a white RB to a white RB ?

  15. After Charles’ tremendous 2012, the Texas Longhorns (his alma mater) basketball team played a game in Kansas City at the Sprint Center. I recognized Charles sitting very close to the court, and was intrigued because, as he was relatively new to the scene, I wasn’t sure what kind of a guy he was.

    Sure enough, there was an endless stream of children, autograph seekers, and well-wishers throughout the game – and Jamaal handled each and every one with a shining smile and respect. It was quite the spectacle to see a superstar interact like that.

    I no longer have doubts about the outstanding person Jamaal Charles is. Best of luck, JC.

  16. Roary, the Lions mascot totally wrecked JC’s knee. That’s karma for being whiny wimps and turning Gunther in for commenting on his ex players.

  17. People will never know of Charles greatness because of all the shared carries, but he’s the best RB in the league. The film and stats don’t lie.

  18. @racerx1225

    Too bad there’s no way to know that, because “healthy Darren McFadden” is an oxymoron. A player drafted in the top 5 should play more than a third of every season.

  19. “I feel like he’s the same as Thomas Jones,” Charles said.”

    I’m flabbergasted! Apparently Charles didn’t get the memo issued to all media/bloggers/Tweeters that you’re only supposed to compare white players to white players and black players to black players.

  20. @ lolb23

    If “commenting” means calling the player and his agent, while said player is under contract to another team, then yes I agree with you. Although everyone but you and Gunther still call it tampering.

    @ Racerx

    Hate to pop your bubble but no such thing as a “healthy” DMC. So your argument ends there.

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