Minnesota Senate flip-flops on user fee issue


For the second time on Tuesday, the Minnesota Senate has added an amendment to the stadium bill, and then dumped it.

It happened earlier in the day with the omission — and then the resurrection — of language nullifying the portion of the Minneapolis City Charter that requires a referendum before more than $10 million in municipal money is given to any sports facility.

Now, according to Pat Kessler of WCCO-TV, the Senate added a deal-killing “user fee” to the bill.  And then an hour later they removed it.

Apparently, the Minnesota Senate behaves like a 14-year-old girl picking out a pair of shoes.

The ultimate question is whether they’ll ever pass the bill.  And then whether they’ll change their mind an hour later.

30 responses to “Minnesota Senate flip-flops on user fee issue

  1. Now you all understand what caused Jesse Ventura to go a little crazy and drop out of government.

  2. HOW BOUT THAT UNDERCOATING, WE MAY HAVE FLIP FLOPPED, BUT THE UNDERCOATING IS GUARANTEED…poor al franken, you had no idea of how much stupidity you were in for…or maybe you did…what crap, what idiots…stupider than the guy who is still reading this post…fudgenark!

  3. majbobby says:May 8, 2012 11:44 PM

    Hey LA hope you will like Adrian Peterson et al playing in your new football team.

    Sounds like you’ve been playing the MN legislature drinking game. Every time a legislator says something preposterous, you drink and make a comment on PFT.

  4. believe me… the Vikings already have a backdoor plan if this goes down the tubes. No responsible business puts all their eggs in one basket.

  5. Hey Florio , your attempt at “fairness” in your flip flop theme is very obvious. Let’s pick an old irrelevant buffoon for liberals and Romney ? Let’s use the biggest flip flop liar in history -” all Obamacare senate & house debates live on c-span” ? NOT “I will put an end to earmarks” NOT “hiring of former lobbyists in the white house will end” NOT “I will end all no compete govt contracts” NOT “I promise unemployment will never dip below 8% ” NOT – there is pages of them , so Florio the biggest flip flopping liar in history is right under your nose . Can you guess who ? Of course it’s Bush’s fault

  6. Or 34 year old girl picking out a pair of shoes. The 14 year old girls are quicker.

  7. The tug of war debate is what happens in politics. Morons like you would never understand that when the 2 minute warning sounds the MINNESOTA Vikings will stay in Minnesota.

    The jokers and trolls on this site make me laugh thinking they will move. Get real or go to bed kids.

  8. All of Minnesota is watching, and we look like idiots.

    Get this through the Senate, finalize the actual in committee details wed-thur. Full vote on Friday for Minnesota People’s/Viking Stadium, Gov Dayton could sign bill into law by next Monday.


  9. Elections come with consequences. This one came with Tea. Either way, Minny needs to correct some things on November.

    My kingdom for a true Republican..

  10. I’m guessing maybe this would be the republicans doing this? Because the GOP in aggregate routinely acts like nothing so much as a pathological narcissist stripper ex-wife/girlfriend with borderline personality disorder features …

  11. I really thought the Vikings & Minnesota would get this done but the longer this drags out the more it points to them moving in a different direction !! & I really hate to say that.

  12. Max says: May 9, 2012 12:20 AM

    LA KNIGHTS here they come!


    Not from Minnesota there dummy!

  13. The Sendate passed the bill late last night. Now it goes to committee where it will be refined and then pass again. Then the Governor can stand on the steps of the capitol, claim victory and mention how his counterparts tried to kill this duck but failed.
    Thus, the repubs totally screwed this thing up, did the right thing in the end and will get zero credit but all the blaim. Bright!

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