Ravens sign Jacoby Jones to two-year, $7 million deal

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After a weekend meeting in Baltimore, Jacoby Jones has signed with the Ravens.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Jones and the Ravens have reached a two-year, $7 million deal.

A 2007 third-round pick, Jones played his entire five-year NFL career in Houston before the Texans released him after the NFL draft. Last year Jones played in all 16 games, starting 10 and catching 31 passes for 512 yards and two touchdowns. Jones has also been a capable kickoff and punt returner.

In Baltimore Jones will likely become the third receiver, behind Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith.

39 responses to “Ravens sign Jacoby Jones to two-year, $7 million deal

  1. Will definitely help the Ravens in the return game but as a receiver is he really an upgrade over Lee Evans?

  2. We lol at this league. We lol…

  3. Reported he was still able to sign the contract even after dropping it multiple times

  4. So you release a guy that can’t catch a pass and overpay a guy that can’t catch a kick?

  5. This one sounds like Redskins signing – too much for too little.

  6. Hmmm… So if you never reach your potential, then make a huge mistake, and lose the game and your job, the team that capitalized on your error will re-hire you for $7 million??

    That doen’t happen in normal businesses, or else I’ve seen a whole buch of folks that are way underpaid.

  7. Ok I’m sorry. I love Ozzie and he’s hands down the best GM in the NFL but this deal is freakin stupid. I have no problem with us signing he him but we definitely overpaid A LOT!

  8. For a guy who made a living catching the football, Ozzie sure has failed over the years in his attempt to land any decent receiver depth.

    Stallworth -fail
    Housh – fail
    Evans – fail
    Jones – TBA

    All these guys were decent for their former team. Begs the question…maybe it’s the guy throwing it.

  9. I’ll wait to see the structure of the deal before I criticize.

    If there is a sizable roster bonus due in 2013, or $5 million in base salary in the 2nd year, then it is a fine deal for a stop-gap player to compete for the 3rd / 4th WR spot and handle kickoff duties.

  10. vincentbojackson says:
    May 8, 2012 7:45 PM

    All these guys were decent for their former team. Begs the question…maybe it’s the guy throwing it.

    The guy throwing it lead your team down the field late in the 4th quarter to go to the super bowl. Put the bowl in the breadbasket of his wr to win the game. Have you conveniently forgotten that?

    Raven fans’ hatred of Flacco is ridiculous for the production he has given them. Dude is the best qb yall ever had.

  11. Another veteran pick-up who can’t catch the ball when it counts AND WE OVERPAID. For all the draft credits Ozzie deserves it also needs to be mentioned that HE IS HORRIBLE AT PICKING RECEIVERS in draft or FA. Torry Smith/Quan and thats IT! Jury still out on Smith….

    I hope I’m wrong but this is shaping up to be a TERRIBLE offseason for the Ravens. Tsizzle was the heart of the defense last year and my gut tells me unless Flacco shows he’s really a top 5 guy the black and purple miss the playoffs. Not to mention we have money to sign jacoby and no money to make RR happy?

  12. its a reasonable contract when you think about it.

    Jacoby carried the Ravens to the AFCCG and has now been compensated accordingly.

  13. As a Texans fan, I say goodbye and good riddance to Jones. He was strictly middle-of-the-road as a return man and horrible as a receiver. When Andre Johnson went out with his hamstring injuries last year, Jones had every opportunity to step up and contribute. He failed to do so.

  14. @vincentbojackson

    I’m about as tired of seeing your asinine comments as I am PFT’s censor policy. Both make no sense at all.

    Which of those WR’s was solid with their former teams? Housh did jack in Seattle, and Evans had one good year, 2008. Stallworth was always a bum who never did anything. Jones can at least return kicks, which is what he’ll be doing IF he earns a roster spot.

    I could see why Pittsburgh would want him though, he doesn’t fit that circus midget mold that Pittsburgh like in their WR’s. Jones actually has good size.

  15. Signing and over paying Jacoby Jones is the least the Ravens can do, after the game winning gift he gave them last season.

  16. TSizzleBallSoHard says: May 8, 2012 7:38 PM

    Ok I’m sorry. I love Ozzie and he’s hands down the best GM in the NFL but this deal is freakin stupid. I have no problem with us signing he him but we definitely overpaid A LOT!
    Bro haven’t you learned yet how the contract reporting works in the NFL? The agent gets to release a presser first touting it as a great deal listing the max contract value as the terms. Then a few days later the team/league release the actual contract numbers. I guarantee you that the Ravens are fully protected in this meaning they can release him without losing much. The guaranteed amount will be low. He probably has to hit all kinds of bonuses to get that 3.5 amount per year.

  17. This guy beat out Andre Davis in Houston? C’mon man. Davis should be playing, not this overrated loser.

  18. The article didn’t mention that the contract took 12 hours to sign because Jacoby kept dropping the pen.

  19. Torray Smith should be groomed as the next number one receiver. I think he has #1 potential. Add Bolden and Jones to the mix as well as those 2 solid tight ends and you have a solid receiving core IMO. I’m a steelers fan and this signing makes me worry more than just look at it as a questinable signing. Ozzie is one of the best in the business. 7 mil max looks like a steal for a vet WR.

  20. flsnupe

    It’s funny. All of the Ravens fans say, “The Steelers are old; The Steelers are slow; The Steelers are done.”

    Yet they also never stop bragging about the one game-winning pass that Flacco threw to his receiver who had to pushoff to catch the ball.

    So, basically, Flacco drove down the field on a defense which is apparently old and slow.

    Why do you keep bringing that up?

  21. Oz made the best possible upgrade on the free agent market in that position. What’s not to like. It won’t be $7 mil guaranteed, we all know this. Jacoby serves two roles for the price of one, PR / WR. If he gets hurt, they’re are young backups. If he succeeds, it’s a good signing, and if he underperforms, he’ll be cut. This is strictly a signing for added depth, and a smart one at that.

  22. ravenator..who you trying to convince, yourself?

    Fact is JJ isn’t very good and Oz got hoodwinked.

  23. Come on guys…this guy will rarely see the field as a receiver and the ravens desperately needed a return guy, name someone else with a better track record on the market. If they have the money I have no problem with the signing.

  24. Actually in terms of depth, I’ll go ahead and smile taking JJ over Williams, Doss, a 6th rd draft pick and who else is unproven. It’s a depth signing, and a needed one. There was no “hoodwinked” involved, that would involve another team constituting a trade for value, and unless you speculate the agent as to overvaluing JJ, it’s not all going to be guaranteed. Most likely 1/3 – 1/2 of it will be but, it’s a decent signing none the less.

  25. “Ok I’m sorry. I love Ozzie and he’s hands down the best GM in the NFL but this deal is freakin stupid.”


    You got half of that right.

  26. Wow, what a terrible move. Why draft receivers like Tandon Doss in ’10 who was Indiana’s return specialist and CB Asa Jackson this year who’s main contribution will likely be as a returner, then turn around and OVER PAY Jacoby Jones? All I’ve heard is how the Ravens only have 2 million in cap space and need to get Ray Rice a long term deal, and they WASTE 7 million on the guy who couldn’t develop into even a consistent #3 receiver after playing with one of the best in Andre Johnson for 5 years? Why even bother drafting guys if you’re just going to try to band aid the receiver position EVERY year? The reason why the Ravens “never” draft good receivers: the ones they do draft get buried behind has beens or jokes (see Houshmandzadeh, Evans), now you can add Jacoby Jones to that list.

  27. Jacoby…..a #3 Wide Receiver?
    Uhhh…might as well have given the money to Jacoby Ellsbury.

  28. I hope he’s gotten that “catch a punt with my facemask” thing figured out.

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