Ryan Grant not visiting Detroit

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Last week multiple reports said that free agent running back Ryan Grant had received a contract offer from the Lions and would visit Detroit this week. But now the visit is off.

John Clayton reported on SportsCenter that Grant isn’t visiting, although the reasons Clayton cited were contradictory. Clayton first said the reason Grant wouldn’t visit the Lions was that they weren’t offering him enough money, then said it wasn’t just about the money, then said again that the visit was called off because the Lions weren’t offering enough money.

“It now looks like it will not happen because they could not come to at least a close enough monetary agreement,” Clayton said. “To Ryan, it’s not a matter of just the money. Ryan wants to make sure it’s the right situation, as far as, if he has the chance to compete for the starting job, if he does have a chance to compete if he can make the right type of money with that. More so than anything else, they just couldn’t come to at least a close enough money agreement that he would make that trip.”

Whether the reason Grant isn’t visiting is the money, his concern that he wouldn’t get a chance to compete for the starting job, or some combination of the two, Grant remains a free agent. The 29-year-old Grant started 14 games for the Packers last year, finishing with 134 carries for 559 yards and two touchdowns.

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  1. Grant’s solid. Great guy, good player. He’s not a concussion risk, not coming off injury and he’s not a guy who’s gonna get arrested.

    Imo, if he goes to Detroit, he will get a chance to start, one way or the other.

  2. we REALLY needed that 500 yards he contributed as a “starter”. Starks should of been starting from day 1 in GB, this isn;t HS where you have to let the Senior start over the sophmore just for clout

  3. Lions will use the hot hand, and if he can stay healthy he will play a lot, but there wont be a promise you will play all game. You produce or sit.

    Last year many backs sat that is why Stafford threw for over 5K yards. Not because they couldn’t run, but because injuries put them on the sidelines. That don’t mean this year will be a repeat. See ya Grant!! You should have at least came in for a visit

  4. Scott “the gator” Anderson from 97.1 the ticket in detroit literally just read this post over the air verbatim.

  5. thehatefulnerd says: May 8, 2012 12:43 PM

    Grant’s solid. Great guy, good player. He’s not a concussion risk, not coming off injury and he’s not a guy who’s gonna get arrested.
    That’s probably why the Lions don’t want him that bad, he’s not a pot head.

  6. Martin Mayhew’s philosophy is “right player, right price.” Apparently, Grant may have been the former, but not the latter.

    Perhaps, he will have better luck finding a starting position in the CFL.

  7. Grant reportedly asked the Lions for “Barry Sanders” money until he was told that Barry only made $500,000 in 1990.

  8. if he can’t get a chance to start in detroit, i dont know where else he will. its not like theyre loaded at RB.

    dudes a solid player, but not a guy you give a ton of money to and build the offense around

  9. lolb23 says:May 8, 2012 12:52 PM

    Good job Mayhew. Millen would gave given him 5 years/40 million.

    Mutt Millen once signed a rusty toaster to a
    3 year/$15 million contract.

  10. No point in breaking the bank for a 29 year old role player.

    Good luck finding that guaranteed starter job for big bucks, Grant. You may want to check out the recent market for veteran RBs and give Mayhew a ring. I’m not sure we even need you but at least he’s willing to give you a chance…

  11. Good call Grant. One good season in the last decade doesn’t make the Lions a good team. No matter what their fans say.

  12. It’s sad, but running back depth gets paid the minimum. In Grant’s case that’s $825,000. I doubt he’s going to see any offers for more.

  13. Ted Thompson knows talent. If Grant isnt producing at a level that is in line with his expected compensation, Ted wont sign him. Sure, Ryan is a good dude and has not presented any character issues, but what matters in the NFL is what you do with your opportunities on the field. Ryan is past prime as far as running backs go. He should definately consider a smaller role with a smaller contract if he wants to suit up on fall sundays.

  14. Here’s a thought…who cares! You need the sproles or rices in the NFL. The running back position has changed. This coming from a Vikings fan if I could trade AP for Ray rice I’d do it in a heartbeat! Need someone with hands!!!

  15. 974 career carries, history of injury problems, not terribly productive last year…

    No thanks.

    Go Lions.

  16. He definitely lost a gear after breaking his leg/ankle vs Philly a couple years ago… but he is still a solid player, is smart, and has enough left in the tank to be on any roster.

  17. Grant would be smart to talk to ex-Packer exec Reggie McKenzie in Oakland. There is no established number 2 in place there and McFadden has been injury prone. Grant will need to have a solid 2012 before anyone let’s him step in as a number 1.

  18. He’s 29, that’s rapidly approaching old age for a RB.

    He needs to face up to the fact that he’s a depth guy now, and those are the only types of offers he’s going to get. Assuming Green Bay doesn’t want him back, Detroit (with one guy whose concussion prone and another who can’t get over the chronic) is probably his best option.

    Suck it up and make the visit, or you’ll find yourself waiting for a camp injury and getting the veteran minimum.

  19. Wow, not a lot of Grant love.
    I hope he is back in Green Bay.

    After missing all of last season, he came back and looked a little weak in the 1st half. 2nd half looked like he was real close to 100%.

    TD numbers don’t matter, GB scores at will inside the redzone. Kuhn had like 6 total TD’s

    Grant: 134 carries, 559 yards. Long: 47 yards. 268 recieving yards on 19 catches

    Starks: 133 carries, 578 yards. Long: 17 yards.
    216 recieving on 29 catches

  20. @jjackwagon… yes you are… and it’s not one good season… so far, back to back and more coming. Stay tuned… that is if you actually watch football.

    In Detroit, we don’t need any more limpers, gimpers, or whimpers… bring on the future and we’ll roll with what we have as things mature.

    Go LIONS!

  21. “…then said it wasn’t just about the money…”

    It’s about the money.

  22. Grant is like 100 other guys trying to make an NFL team only he’s 29 and not 21.

    He has no upside any longer and he’s a guy that needs lots of carries to be productive only that production isn’t going to be very good. He isn’t a 3rd down threat, doesn’t block particularly well, isn’t good in space and is nothing but a slasher as a back.

    I think I could find quite a few similar talents as UDFA this year. Hell Ted Thompson seems to be content to sit with Brandon Saine, a 2nd string college player, over Grant.

    And I would agree. I like Saine better than Grant. Ryan just doesn’t have a lot of marketability.

  23. Grant would have zero chance at being a starting runningback for the Lions. It would be rare that he would get the ball. With the Packers he would share at least half the carries.

    Not that I want him back with the Packers, I never have liked him as a Packer runningback. But he has his good games at times.

  24. I hear one day that we signed the guy and a couple of days later now i hear he did’nt even make the trip is this guy on are roster or not.

  25. Grant can sit out this season and collect no paycheck……..Maybe at age 30 he feels he will be have more value. How many backs could rush for 500 yards with the Packers? Lots

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